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St. Lucia Web Design

If you own a small businesses in Castries, St. Lucia and need Web Design services, look no further. We are a St. Lucia Web Design company and our focus is on ensuring your website is visible on the Search Engines. Our core strength is ensuring that your website shows up for relevant searches for your industry. As an example here are the top keywords for St Lucia:
Top Searches for St. Lucia

  • st lucia / 246,000 ave monthly searches
  • saint lucia / 60,500
  • st lucia resorts / 27,100
  • st lucia hotels /12,100
  • st lucia accommodations / 3,600
  • hotels in st lucia /4,400
  • where is st lucia / 6,600
  • st lucia island / 4,400
  • st lucia all inclusive / 9,900
  • things to do in st lucia /4,400
  • st lucia airport / 9,900

If you owned a directory, a media company or a web portal, these are the keywords that you should target.

St Lucia Web Design for Real Estate Websites

If you own a Real Estate Company in St Lucia and need a website, please note that your website should be search-engine friendly and show up for these keywords below:

  • st lucia real estate / 1,600 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale in st lucia / 590
  • property for sale in st lucia / 390
  • homes for sale in st lucia / 320
  • st lucia homes for sale / 480
  • real estate st lucia / 480
  • st lucia property / 210
  • st lucia real estate for sale / 210
  • st lucia property for sale / 320
  • houses for sale st lucia / 320
  • cheap and for sale in st lucia / 210
  • st lucia homes / 20

… and so much more! Your real estate website should be able to show up for all these keywords and permutations thereof. Since we build websites that have technical SEO integrated, you have a good chance of getting top positions. If the online competition is really high, we might need to polish it off with an SEO Campaign.

St Lucia Web Design for Hotels and Accommodations

If you are in the accommodations industry here are the keywords your website should be visible for:

  • st lucia resorts / 27, 100 ave monthly searches
  • st lucia hotels / 12,100
  • st lucia all inclusive /9,900
  • hotels in st lucia / 4,400
  • all inclusive st lucia / 3,600
  • st lucia all inclusvie resorts / 4,00
  • hotels st lucia / 1,900
  • accommodation in st lucia / 1,300
  • sandals st lucia / 33,100
  • saint lucia hotels / 1,000
  • vest hotels in st lucia / 1,000

…and many, many more. Its interesting to note that “sandals st lucia” has more keywords than any other keyword for accommodations and it has a very low competition on Adwords. If we had a client in the accommodations industry in St. Lucia we would probably recommend to position their website to show up for these searches via Adwords.

St Lucia Web Design for Small Business

If you own a Small Business in St Lucia and would like to increase your online revenues, look no further. We specialize in building websites that are Search Engine Friendly and User-Friendly. We will ensure that Users find your website within searches and find the page suited to answer their search queries. For more information please get in touch and if you are ready, start here.