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We are the #1 SEO Company in the US and Caribbean

Baltimore SEO

WOWebsites provides Baltimore SEO Services to local businesses  — as a Digital Marketing Agency our focus has been building websites that are Search-Engine-Friendly and User-Friendly.  In fact, we are the only Company that integrates Technical SEO for no additional cost.  That is simply unheard of in the SEO Industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is enabling your website to be highly visible on the Search Engines.  We do this by focusing on the three foundations of SEO — Content, Links and Technical SEO.  We provide SEO Campaigns that enable your website to rank highly and target searches.  More importantly, when we create landing pages for organic searches, our objective is to ensure that it answers User-queries.   

“Content is King”  and in 2020, “Content is still King!”  A lot of Business Owners don’t take content seriously, which is unfortunate.  If you write quality and relevant content — thats such a powerful tool.  In SEO, knowing what keywords to use in writing your content as well as understanding Latent Semantic Indexing is all you probably need to do well for Search Engine Visibility.  More than Search Engine requirements, your content is what Users read to make an informed decision.  Always make sure your content is well-written, educational as well as information and lastly, make sure it answers User-query.

Our core services include SEO, Web Design and PPC.  We are an Online Marketing company and the only SEO Company that builds Websites with integrated Technical-SEO features. Below are SEO Services that we provide for local businesses, Small Business owners and Organizations.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Baltimore SEO Services

Keyword Research

We find out what Users are searching for when looking for your services and we integrate this information into your website. When we launch your website, your website will be categorized correctly and depending on your Online Competition, there is also a good chance of your website showing up on the first page. We will integrate your long-tail, major and evergreen keywords into strategic pages.

Website Architecture

This is one of the most neglected part of SEO simply because Developers will mostly leave it up to the Clients to make their own Navigation. Thats a big mistake because Navigation should be done professionally and have the User in mind. We have been building our Client’s Website architecture and siloing pages that target high Keyword Difficulty.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is still so relevant in 2020.  We will ensure that all pages have a keyword-rich site navigation, titles, headers, meta description and content.  Having a keyword-rich landing page essentially lets the search engine crawlers know that your page is targeting that keyword.  Just one word of advise, don’t overdo it!

Technical SEO

We are the only SEO Firm to build Websites with integrated Technical SEO features. This is a foundation of any Optimized website and thats why all our SEO projects are successful. Technical SEO includes canonical pages, breadcrumb navigation, semantic structuring, content audit, 301 redirects, 404 errors, Server errors, etc.

Link Building — Search Engine Optimization still relies on links in 2020 but smarter links.  We need to see what links your competitors have that you can request for as well.  We need to also ensure that your website’s internal linking structure is optimal.

Content Management — one of the foundations of SEO is content.   We will inform you how to write effective content that is keyword-rich as well as includes semantic language pertaining to your keyword.  We will also let you know what keywords to target per page and advise on best content strategy.

SEO Strategy — Having an SEO Strategy will help keep your website on track.  Its important to adopt a strategy during an SEO Campaign so that after the campaign, your Marketing Team can easily implement online marketing strategies that continues to help search rankings.

SEO Consultation — We also provide SEO consultations during the course of the campaign to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Discussions on SEO Strategies, updates to the SEO Campaign, SEO Audits and Competitive Analysis, are some of the topics of discussion.

Part of building a website is knowing where to categorize the website properly.  Once the Search Engines categorize your web page, then it’s easy enough to start ranking for them.  The first step in categorizing your website properly is integrating your keywords.

 Top Keywords for Baltimore SEO

Below are keywords for the Baltimore SEO Clients.  Did you know that “baltimore,” the keyword, gets 368,000 average monthly searches.  Just imagine if your website was on the first page of that search result?  It would increase your visibility to 368,000 Users.

Below are the top keywords for Baltimore:

  • baltimore / 368,000 monthly searches
  • baltimore inner harbor / 14,800
  • inner harbor / 12,100
  • baltimore harbor / 12,100
  • baltimore light rail / 8,100
  • hampden baltimore / 4,400
  • mount vernon baltimore / 2,900
  • baltimore zip / 1,300
  • baltimore this weekend / 1,000
  • inner harbor baltimore md / 1,000
  • hampden md / 880
  • baltimore to do /590

Keywords for Baltimore SEO Clients in Real Estate

If you are in the real estate industry, did you know that the highest keyword is “baltimore real estate” and it gest 1,900 searches every month? That’s about 63 inquiries per day. Just imagine if your website gets 63 inquiries per day! That is a lot of clients. Below are the other keywords for the real estate industry in Baltimore. Bear in mind that if we build your website, we will ensure that it shows up for your keywords:

  • baltimore real estate / 1,900 monthly searches
  • houses for sale in baltimore county /1,300
  • redfin baltimore / 1,000
  • houses for sale in baltimore maryland / 1,000
  • realtor baltimore / 480
  • cheap houses for sale in baltimore / 390
  • commercial real estate baltimore / 390
  • loopnet baltimore / 260
  • baltimore county real estate / 260
  • keller williams baltimore / 210
  • land for sale in baltimore county / 210
  • single family homes for sale in baltimore county / 90

If you notice the last keyword is long, that’s called a “long-tail” keyword and they are probably more effective in conversions because long-tail searches and indicative of Users who know what they want already.

Keywords for Baltimore SEO Clients in the Medical Industry

Baltimore is where Johns Hopkins is located and it is the best teaching hospital and biomedical research facility in the entire United States. But there are also other medical-related searches, if you are a Medical Doctor or a Medical Professional in Baltimore, below are the top keywords within the Medical Practitioners Industry.

  • best dermatologist in baltimore / 210 monthly searches
  • gastroenterologist baltimore / 170
  • endocrinologist baltimore / 140
  • primary care physician baltimore / 140
  • primary care physicians baltimore md / 110
  • best gastroenterologist in baltimore md /90
  • doctors in baltimore md / 90
  • gastroenterologist baltimore md / 90
  • baltimore doctors / 90
  • best spine surgeons in baltimore md / 50
  • family doctor baltimore / 50
  • allergist baltimore md / 50
  • greater baltimore colorectal specialists / 50

To compare, below are the searches for Johns Hopkins:

  • john hopkins / 201,000 ave monthly searches
  • johns hopkins hospital / 74,000
  • jhh / 49,500
  • my jhu / 33, 100
  • johns hopkins mychart / 22,200
  • jhu blackboard / 22,200
  • johns hopkins acceptance rate / 18,100
  • jhu sis / 12,100
  • johns hopkins medicine / 6,600
  • johns hopkins community physicians / 5,400
  • wilmer eye institute / 5,400

Keywords for Baltimore SEO Clients in the Restaurant Industry

If you own a restaurant in Baltimore, below are your keywords. Bear in mind that if your website shows up for these searches, it means an increase in Online traffic. If the Users like your online presence you will also see an increase in offline traffic as well as revenue.

  • baltimore restaurants / 22,200 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in baltimore / 14,800
  • baltimore inner harbor restaurants / 9,900
  • fells point restaurants / 9,900
  • fogo de chao baltimore / 6,600
  • brunch baltimore / 5,400
  • best crab cakes in baltimore / 4,400
  • harbor east restaurants /3,600
  • seafood restaurants in baltimore / 3,600
  • best brunch in baltimore / 3,600
  • baltimore harbor restaurants / 3,600
  • charleston baltimore / 3,600
  • little italy baltimore restaurants / 2,900

If you own a restaurant in Baltimore and would to get a website that works for you and helps increase your offline traffic, please get in touch. We have a money-back guarantee if we don’t increase your search engine position.

If you don’t see your industry here and would like to get your keywords, please contact us. We provide industry keywords, SEO Audits as well as an initial SEO Consultation, at no cost.