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Antigua Web Design for Businesses located in St. John’s. WOWebsites is the #1 SEO and Web Design Company in the Caribbean.  Our strength is in building Websites for Tourism-based Companies such as Real Estate, Scuba Diving, Accommodations and anything that needs to be visible on the Search Engines. When we build your website, it will have Search Engine Friendly features that enable it to be optimized.  

WOWebsites is the only Web Company that integrates Technical SEO in all our packages, including our Basic Package that starts at $5,000 — as soon as we launch your website, we guarantee, it will be higher than your previous website, or your money-back! 

Below are the top searches for Antigua and Barbuda.  Whatever your industry, we know we can help! 

Antigua Web Design for Real Estate Companies

If you are a real estate company based in Antigua, bear in mind that your website needs to be visible for the following keywords:

  • antigua real estate / 1,300 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale in antiguq / 480
  • property for sale in antigua / 390
  • real estate antigua / 390
  • homes for sale in antigua / 260
  • property for sale antigua / 210
  • land for sale antigua / 260
  • antigua homes for sale / 210
  • property in antigua

Keywords for Barbuda real estate

  • barbuda real estate / 90
  • antigua and barbuda real state / 110

Plus many, many more keywords, if you want a complete list, please contact us. The goal of your website is to be visible on over 100 keywords and permutations. Ensuring that your website is visible for a range of keywords will make sure that you get more inquiries. If you are only present on a few keyword searches, your website is not doing its job.

Antigua Web Design for Scuba Diving and Watersport Companies

If you are an Antigua Company that’s in Snorkeling, Diving, Watersports and other activities, here are the keywords that your website should be visible for

  • antigua snorkeling
  • antigua scuba diving / 170
  • antigua water sports / 20
  • snorkeling in antigua / 210
  • diving in antigua / 170
  • excursions in antigua / 140
  • antigua diving / 260
  • scuba diving antigua / 210
  • scuba diving in antigua / 90
  • antigua snorkeling beaches / 10
  • best snorkeling antigua / 40
  • best snorkeling in antigua / 70
  • long bay antigua snorkeling / 20

If you want to know what your keywords are, please email us at and we will help your website increase search engine traffic.
For other Small Businesses in Tourism who want to know what their keywords are, please contact us and let us know how we can help.