Barbados Web Design

Barbados welcomes approximately 1 million tourists per year. The tourists come from the UK (40%) and the US and Canada respectively. Tourism-related businesses who have websites that are visible on the first page of their keyword searches will get the most bookings and have the higher revenues compared to other businesses who are not on the first page. When we build your website, our focus is to make sure it show up on the first page of search results so that your website makes money for you.

If your Business is located in Bridgetown, Barbados and you belong in the Tourism Industry such as accommodations, real estate, scuba diving, water sports, land activities, restaurants, cafes, things to do, etc. — you will need your website to compete with other businesses online. When we build your website, you can be sure that it will be powerful enough to compete for online visibility. The websites we build, make money for you. They don’t just look pretty.

Open Source Web Developers 

We are Open Source Web Developers and we primarily develop websites using PHP.  We use Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  For eCommerce we use Magento.   We prefer using Open Source because it’s practical for SMBS to use the platform.  Its also fast and conforms to Search engine standards. 

Barbados Real Estate Web Design

Every month there are approximately 2,900 searches for “barbados real estate” — what would it mean for your Real Estate business to be on the first page of that keyword search? It would mean more inquiries, more sales and an increase in revenue. Those are the types of websites we build: websites that make money! Here are the other keywords for the Barbados Real Estate Industry:

  • barbados real estate / 2,900 monthly searches
  • houses for sale in barbados / 1,300
  • property for sale in barbados / 1,000
  • real estate barbados / 880
  • barbados property / 720
  • property for sale barbados / 720

There are approximately over 10,000 keyword searches and permutations so you can imagine the kind of traffic your website will be experiencing once its visible to a whole range of keywords. That’s the goal whenever we build your websites: to make money!

Barbados Scuba Diving Web Design

If your business belongs to the Scuba Diving industry, you want to get on the first page of “barbados diving” which gets approximately 590 searches per month. Here are the other keywords for the Scuba Diving Industry. Bear in mind that when we build your website, our goal will be to show up for these searches.

  • barbados diving / 590 monthly searches
  • scuba diving in barbados / 210
  • scuba diving barbados / 480
  • diving in barbados / 320
  • scuba barbados / 110
  • diving barbados / 480
  • barbados dive sites / 70
  • shark diving barbados / 10
  • eco dive barbados / 90

Watersports Web Design

For other Small Businesses that belong to the Watersports Industry, here is an idea of where your website should be visible:

  • barbados snorkeling / 590
  • best snorkeling in barbados /110
  • catamaran barbados / 590
  • catamaran cruises barbados / 390
  • swimming with turtles barbados / 320
  • barbados turtles / 140
  • boat trips barbados / 90
  • water sports in babados / 70
  • water activities in barbados / 20
  • barbados water activities /110

It may not seem like a lot but if you add all the keywords for one industry, it doesnt go below 5,000 searches per month which is substantial for any small business.

Small Business Web Design

Whatever industry you belong to, whether tourism-related or Small Business, if you need your website to be visible on the Search Engines, you will need a professional web design so you can get free traffic from the Search Engines. That is our every objective and our goal is always to make money for you.