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San Diego SEO

SEO Expert and Consultant in San Diego CA

The location keyword, “san diego” receives an average of 823,000 searches per month according to Google’s Keyword Planner.  Just imagine if your business received the same amount of searches…

WOWebsites provides SEO Services in San Diego, California.  We are a result-oriented, SEO-Focused Digital Marketing Agency.  Our top priority, more than higher rankings, is increasing your online revenues.  We’re really good at making money for our clients.  In fact, we are so confident in our abilities to increase your online revenues that we have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our service, please let us know and we will give you your money-back no questions asked.  Thats unheard of in our industry.

Below are the SEO Services that we provide.  This is not a complete list and if you are looking for a particular service not listed below, please email us.

Website Audit

 The audit provides a blueprint of your entire website. It gives us a glimpse into your current online rankings and it lets us know who your competitors are. Most importantly, it helps us determine your SEO Campaign and how to move forward. There are so many details in an audit that help propel your SEO Campaign.

Site Architecture

One of the most important aspects of SEO is creating a website navigation that works well for Users as well as Search Engines. They also all need to be connected. No page should be orphaned.

Technical SEO Integration

The reason why monthly seo packages don’t work is because your entire website needs to have Technical SEO integration. Without Technical SEO, it will be much more harder to get your website visible.

Content Management

When building out your website, its important to note that your content is as important as the technical aspect of your website. We will help you build your site content so that every page targets a keyword.

Link Management

Understanding how links help your website succeed is important in SEO. We will audit your external and internal links to ensure that all your links are helping increase your website ranking.

Page Speed

Google now uses mobile page speed as a ranking factor and because of that, we ensure that your website loads on a mobile device within 3 seconds. Thats right, 3 seconds or less.

Keywords for San Diego SEO

The first step in an SEO Campaign is know what keywords to target.  Below are the top keywords for San Diego.  Google Keyword Planner is the tool that I use for these sample location keyword research.  When doing a keyword research request from a client, I generally like to use more than one tool for precision.  More info here.

Here are the top keywords for San Diego

  • san diego / 823,000 ave monthly searches
  • seaworld san diego / 201,000
  • balboa park / 135,000
  • la jolla / 90,500
  • hotel del coronado / 74,000
  • la jolla cove / 74,000
  • san diego california / 60,5000
  • old town san diego / 60,500
  • coronado island / 49,500
  • mission beach / 40,500
  • san diego zoo tickets / 40,500
  • airbnb an diego / 49,500

Interesting to note that the brand, “airbnb” is in the top 12 top searches for a major city.  Its not surprising!

Keywords for San Diego SEO Clients in Real Estate

  • houses for sale in san diego /18,100
  • san diego homes for sale / 14,800
  • san diego real estate / 9,900
  • homes for sale in san diego ca / 2,900
  • realtor san diego / 2,400
  • new homes san diego / 2,400
  • mobile homes for sale san diego / 2,400
  • la jolla real estate / 1,900
  • land for sale san diego / 1,900
  • la jolla homes for sale / 1,900
  • zillow san diego ca / 1,600
  • san diego real estate market / 1,600

The top keyword receives over 18k searches per month, thats wild! That volume is definitely at the top of real estate searches and comparable to larger cities in the East Coast.   If you are in the real estate industry and would like a free SEO Consultation, please reach out.

Keywords for San Diego SEO Clients in the Restaurant Industry

  • san diego restaurants / 40,500 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in san diego / 33,100
  • la jolla restaurants / 22,200
  • little italy san diego restaurants / 14,800
  • downtown san diego restaurants / 12,100
  • san diego restaurant week / 12,100
  • best breakfast in san diego / 9,900
  • coronado restaurants / 9,900
  • fish market san diego / 9,900
  • old town san diego restaurants / 8,100
  • liberty station restaurants / 8,100
  • north park restaurants / 8,100

If you are in the restaurant industry, pick your keywords strategically and target the users who are looking for your restaurant category and location.  If you need help, we provide an initial free SEO consult as well as keyword research.

Keywords for San Diego SEO Clients in the Accommodations Industry

Below are the top keywords for San Diego Hotels and Accommodations, included are brand searches

  • san diego hotels / 201,000 ave monthly searches
  • hotel del coronado / 74,000
  • hilton san diego bayfront / 33,100
  • hotel coronado / 33,100
  • la jolla hotels / 22,200
  • marriott san diego / 22,200
  • hard rock hotel san diego / 18,100
  • san diego hotels on the beach / 18,100
  • manchester grand hyatt san diego / 18,100
  • cheap hotels in san diego / 14,800
  • downtown san diego hotels / 14,800
  • pendry san diego / 14,800

If you don’t see your keywords above, please get in touch.  We provide keywords at no cost.  We also provide an initial free SEO Consultation.

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