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As a Local SEO Agency based in Northern Virginia, our focus is to enable your Brand to be highly visible. Aside from visibility we also ensure your website is User-Friendly and has high conversion rates


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WOWebsites is an Alexandria SEO Company. We are a Digital Marketing Agency — as well as the #1 SEO Company in Northern Virginia. As an Internet Marketing Services provider, our focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns. We also offer Optimized Website design and development. Whatever industry you belong to, we will ensure that your local business gets a higher ranking than your competitors. Never worry about your online visibility again. We have one job, and it to ensure that your website is highly visible and receives qualified inquiries.

We are the only SEO and Web Design Company that integrates Technical SEO into our Web Development projects without the additional cost. Check out our Simply Better Websites package. Ask about our Money-Back Guarantee!

Below are the Alexandria SEO Services that improve your online presence. If you have any questions about our SEO Campaigns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Alexandria SEO Services

Site Audit

This is the first step into understanding all the issues of your current website. It also gives us a glimpse of your online competition and their strengths. Most of the information on the site audit will be about Technical SEO but a lot of data will also show details of content management and backlinks profile.  All important SEO metrics 

SEO Strategy

After getting the results of your Audit, we will meet to discuss your SEO Strategy. During your strategy building, we will discover which keywords and keyword groups best describe your product or service — then we can refine your target market. Everyone wants to be #1 but if you have time and budget constrains its more effective to pin point your strengths so you can rank higher for keywords that really matter

Keyword Research

 We will research your keywords and all permutations there of so we know what pages to build and what keywords to target.  There are many different types of keywords but we will be focused on your evergreen keywords (or long-tail) as well as major keywords that highly convert.  During the course of your SEO Campaign we will also discover the keywords of competitors and even branded keywords and decide if we want to target them

Site Architecture

 We will provide a new website navigation that targets specific keywords for your local business. A website’s site navigation is so important because Users browse websites intuitively.  Also your site architecture determines your internal linking and thats so important in Optimization.  When you pre-plan your entire websites architecture, you can be sure that there will be no orphaned pages.

Technical SEO Integration

 We integrate all the technical SEO requirements into your website, this ensures your website gets indexed and categorized properly as soon as it’s launched.  Technical SEO includes breadcrumb navigation, SEF-URLs, duplicate content management, thin content management, semantic structuring, canonical pages, content auditing, XML sitemap, crawl budgets, etc. More info can be found here.

Landing Page Optimization

We will create landing pages for. every major keyword that we are targeting based on the SEO Campaign.   Our main focus is addressing user-intent for ever keyword.  We also keep in mind all the E.A.T. and Search Quality Raters Guidelines when creating landing pages.  An interesting way to help LPO’s have high conversions is by limiting the amount of actions the User can do on the site.  We will ensure these actions directly convert.

Bounce-Rate Management

We ensure that your entire website has a low average bounce rates so that we know your Website is attracting Users.  Lowering the bounce rate of a land page increases your conversion rates.  One of things we also do is ensure that the site performance is always optimal.  Page speed is so important for bounce rate management.  Another aspect is page readability. Ensure your content is easy to read and have fonts that are also easy on the eyes.  

Link Management

We audit your external links and ensure that each one is beneficial to your website.  Link building is still at the core of SEO.  A competitive analysis will provide links that your competitors have and those which you can actually acquire as well.  We will also do a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your backlinks.  Although its important to remember that Search Engines really don’t care about the high number of backlinks, instead they care about unique C-blocks.  A thorough link analysis will reveal link manipulation of any sort.

An SEO Campaign always has to know their keywords.  Below are keywords for top industries and local business in Alexandria, VA.  If you don’t find your keywords, get in touch. We provide keywords at no cost. We also provide and initial SEO Consultation at no cost.

Top Keywords for Alexandria, VA

  • alexandria va / 60,500
  • alexandria virginia / 33,100
  • old town alexandria / 27,100
  • charthouse alexandria / 6,600
  • alexandria virginia county / 6,600
  • old town alexandria waterfront / 5,400
  • old town alexandria va / 4,400
  • alexandria usa / 2,900
  • alexandria va brunch / 2,900
  • brunch old town alexandria / 2,400
  • alexandria brunch / 2,400
  • food alexandria va / 1,900

Keywords for Real Estate in Alexandria, VA

If you are a Real Estate Agent in Alexandria, here the keywords you should be vying for:

  • homes for sale in alexandria va / 390 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale in alexandria va / 390
  • condos for sale in alexandria va / 260
  • alexandria va real estate / 170
  • alexandria real estate / 140
  • city of alexandria real estate / 140
  • townhouses for sale in alexandria va / 110
  • redfin alexandria va / 110
  • alexandria homes for sale / 70
  • single family homes for sale in alexandria va / 70
  • zillow alexandria va / 4,400
  • homes for sale alexandria va / 4,400
  • houses for sale alexandria va / 3,600
  • alexandria va condo for sale / 1,900
  • alexandria va real estate / 1,600
  • alexandria va houses / 720
  • alexandria virginia condo / 720
  • townhomes for sale alexandria va / 590
  • realtor alexandria va / 590
  • alexandria va homes / 590
  • homes for sale old town alexandria va / 390

Keywords for Medical Professionals in Alexandria, VA

If you are a Medical practitioner in Alexandria VA here are some important keywords to target for your website and business

  • pediatrics of alexandria / 390 ave monthly searches
  • dermatologist alexandria va / 390
  • dentist alexandria va / 390
  • alexandria dentist / 260
  • alexandria dermatology / 260
  • alexandria children’s dentistry / 210
  • eye doctor alexandria va / 140
  • all pediatrics alexandria / 140
  • podiatrist alexandria va / 110
  • alexandria pediatric dentistry / 110

If you are a Medical Professional in Alexandria VA and would like to know what your keywords are, please let us know and we can provide them free of charge, our initial consultations are always free.

Keywords for Restaurants in Alexandria, VA

If your business belongs in the restaurant industry in Alexandria, it might interest you to be present on the first page of these keywords below…

  • old town alexandria restaurants / 4,400 ave monthly searches
  • restaurants in alexandria va / 1,900
  • alexandria restaurants / 1,600
  • restaurants in old town alexandria va / 590
  • best restaurants in alexandria va / 590
  • bastille alexandria / 590
  • rustico alexandria / 590
  • whole foods alexandria / 590
  • chart house alexandria / 590
  • old town alexandria restaurants / 27,100
  • alexandria restaurants / 22,200
  • alexandria va restaurants / 18,100
  • charthouse alexandria / 6,600
  • best restaurants in alexandria va / 5,400
  • best restaurants in old town alexandria / 3,600
  • restaurants in old town alexandria va / 3,600
  • best alexandria restaurants / 2.900
  • alexandria va brunch / 2.900
  • alexandria blackwall hitch / 2,900
  • brunch old town alexandria / 2,400

Please note that these are moving monthly averages.

Keywords for Hotels and Accommodations in Alexandria, VA

  • hotels in alexandria va / 22,200 ave monthly searches
  • old town alexandria hotels / 5,400 
  • hilton alexandria mark center / 5,400 
  • hilton alexandria old town / 4,400 
  • westin alexandria / 4,400 
  • hampton inn alexandria va / 2,900 
  • embassy suites alexandria va / 2,400 
  • hotels in old town alexandria / 2,400 
  • crowne plaza old town alexandria / 1,900 
  • hilton alexandria / 1,900 
  • hotels near alexandria va / 1,900 
  • alexandria va hotels / 14,800
  • apartments in alexandria va / 12,100
  • apartments in alexandria / 6,600
  • hilton alexandria mark center / 5,400
  • apartments for rent alexandria va / 5,400
  • hilton alexandria old town / 5,400
  • old town alexandria hotels / 4,400
  • embassy suites alexandria / 2,400
  • old town alexandria apartments / 2,400
  • hampton inn alexandria virginia / 2,400
  • hyatt centric old town alexandria / 1,900
  • embassy suites alexandria va / 1,900

There are so many people who are looking for your service online and it is a priority for your business to be seen first.  It is also a priority for your website to be as visible as possible in as many keyword permutations.  As Web Design and SEO experts, our job is to ensure this!