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Alexandria SEO

WOWebsites is an Alexandria SEO Company. We are a Digital Marketing Agency and provide Online Marketing via SEO or PPC.  Whatever industry you belong to, we will ensure that your website gets higher ranking than your competitors. Never worry about your online presence again.  It is our job to ensure that your website is highly visible and receives qualified inquiries.

We are the only SEO and Web Design Company that integrates Technical SEO into our Web Development projects without the additional cost.  Check out our Simply Better Website package.  Ask about our Money-Back guarantee!  

Below are the Alexandria SEO Services that we provide, please note that the services are provided within the confines of an SEO Campaign.

Alexandria SEO Services 

  • Site Audit —  this is the first step into understanding all the issues of your current website.  It also gives us a glimpse of your online competition and their strengths
  • SEO Strategy — after getting the results of your Audit, we will meet with you to discuss your SEO Strategy.  Our only limitation is budgets 🙂 
  •  Keyword Research — we will research your keywords and all permutations there of so we know what pages to build and what keywords to target 
  • Site Architecture — We will provide a new website navigation for you to approve and also, we will also provide all the reasons why your site architecture is so important
  • Technical SEO Integration — We integrate all the technical SEO requirements into your website, this ensures your website gets indexed and categorized properly as soon as its launched 
  • Landing Page Optimization — we pick five keywords and create five landing pages for them. In this way, we are addressing User-Intent 
  • Link Management — we audit your external links and ensure that each one is beneficial to your website. We fix your internal linking structure.
  • Bounce Rate Management — we ensure that your entire website has a low average bounce rates so that we know your Website is attracting new clients and not turning them off.

An SEO Campaign always has to know what keywords they are targeting.  Below are some keywords for top industries in Alexandria, VA.  If you don’t find your keywords, get in touch. We provide keywords at no cost. First hour of SEO Consultation is always free.

Keywords for Alexandria SEO Clients in the Real Estate Category

If you are a Real Estate Agent in Alexandria, here the keywords you should be vying for:

  • homes for sale in alexandria va / 390 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale in alexandria va / 390
  • condos for sale in alexandria va / 260
  • alexandria va real estate / 170
  • alexandria real estate / 140
  • city of alexandria real estate / 140
  • townhouses for sale in alexandria va / 110
  • redfin alexandria va / 110
  • alexandria homes for sale / 70
  • single family homes for sale in alexandria va / 70

Keywords for Alexandria SEO Clients for Medical Professionals

If you are a Medical practitioner in Alexandria VA here are some important keywords to target for your website and business

  • pediatrics of alexandria / 390 ave monthly searches
  • dermatologist alexandria va / 390
  • dentist alexandria va / 390
  • alexandria dentist / 260
  • alexandria dermatology / 260
  • alexandria children’s dentistry / 210
  • eye doctor alexandria va / 140
  • all pediatrics alexandria / 140
  • podiatrist alexandria va / 110
  • alexandria pediatric dentistry / 110

If you are a Medical Professional in Alexandria VA and would like to know what your keywords are, please let us know and we can provide them free of charge, our initial consultations are always free.

Keywords for Alexandria SEO Clients in Restaurants

If your business belongs in the restaurant industry in Alexandria, it might interest you to be present on the first page of these keywords below…

  • old town alexandria restaurants / 4,400 ave monthly searches
  • restaurants in alexandria va / 1,900
  • alexandria restaurants / 1,600
  • restaurants in old town alexandria va / 590
  • best restaurants in alexandria va / 590
  • bastille alexandria / 590
  • rustico alexandria / 590
  • whole foods alexandria / 590
  • chart house alexandria / 590

Please note that these are moving monthly averages.

Keywords for Alexandria SEO Clients  for  Hotels and Accommodations

  • hotels in alexandria va / 22,200 ave monthly searches
  • old town alexandria hotels / 5,400 
  • hilton alexandria mark center / 5,400 
  • hilton alexandria old town / 4,400 
  • westin alexandria / 4,400 
  • hampton inn alexandria va / 2,900 
  • embassy suites alexandria va / 2,400 
  • hotels in old town alexandria / 2,400 
  • crowne plaza old town alexandria / 1,900 
  • hilton alexandria / 1,900 
  • hotels near alexandria va / 1,900 

There are so many people who are looking for your service online and it is a priority for your business to be seen first.  It is also a priority for your website to be as visible as possible in as many keyword permutations.  As Web Design and SEO experts, our job is to ensure this!