SEO Strategy

Ensuring your entire Organization understands and follows SEO strategies and guidelines to ensure optimal Search Engine capabilities and User expectations

SEO Strategy

Having an SEO Strategy is the secret of a successful SEO Campaign

First, what is an SEO Strategy?   A strategy, like its definition, is the roadmap of meeting an objective even when bound by budgets and time-restrictions.  In Search Engine Optimization, there are many limitations.  The limitations are because of Google’s search quality guidelines as well as algorithmic requirements.  How your campaign can get around these restrictions without breaking the rules, and in the least amount of time, is your SEO Strategy.  

Some important considerations when creating an SEO Strategy: 

  • Industry standards 
  • Industry competition
  • Target Market background 
  • Target Market research 
  • Keyword Research
  • User Query
  • User Experience 
  • Search Funnels  
  • Search Intent

Creating an SEO Strategy

Every strategy for every company is going to be different.  There are no two companies that can be the same unless background, budgets, and circumstances are exactly the same.  An SEO Strategy focuses on three main aspects: 

  • Onpage SEO — this is content that visible to the User and Search Engines.  How SEO Professionals optimize on-page content can be strategic when it comes to ranking and visibility.
  • Offpage SEP — these are links that point to your website.  How SEO Professionals find, audit, manage these links are an entire strategy that takes a lot of time, commitment and patience. 
  • Technical SEO — Since we are Technical SEO experts, we ensure that your wesite is technically sound.  Our strategy is to perfect this foundation so we only have to focus on the other two.  

Getting Developers, Marketing and Sales Involved in Strategy

During an SEO Campaign, everyone working on the website must understand the goal and purpose of all landing pages on the website.  The SEO Professional must make sound recommendations whenever any pages are done, any code is written and online sales and marketing materials are published so that all pages that make up the entire website are working together, cohesively, to achieve the same goals: higher visibility and higher conversion rates.