Puerto Rico Web Design and SEO

 Web Design + Technical SEO = High Rankings

We are a Puerto Rico Web Design and SEO Company and we build websites that are visible and that increase your Online Inquiries. We are the only web design company with a Money-back Guarantee and that shows just how confident we are of our services.

Puerto Rico gets searched on Google 1,220,000 times every month. That’s a lot of searches. When you break that down per industry there are even more searches. When we build your website we make sure that it targets those keywords that your website starts getting inquiries from the get-go. To give you a better example of what Users search for, here are Puerto Rico’s Top keywords searches:

  • puerto rico / 1,220,000 monthly searches
  • san juan puerto rico / 90, 500
  • puerto rico resorts / 22,200
  • puerto rico vacations / 14,800
  • puerto rico vacation / 12,100
  • hotels in puerto rico / 18,100
  • where is puerto rico / 14,800
  • things to do in puerto rico / 22,200

Puerto Rico Web Design for Real Estate

If you are a Real Estate Company in Puerto Rico, here are the keywords your website should be targeting. Remember, if your website isn’t on the first page of these searches, we can definitely help you.

  • puerto rico real estate / 9,900 monthly searches
  • real estate puerto rico / 2,400
  • homes for sale in puerto rico / 2,400
  • houses for sale in puerto rico / 2,400
  • real estate in puerto rico / 1,600
  • puerto rico homes for sale / 1,900
  • homes for sale puerto rico / 1,000
  • puerto rico houses for sale / 720
  • rincon puerto rico real estate / 590
  • puerto rico real estate market / 480
  • property for sale in puerto rico / 720
  • houses for sale puerto rico / 590
  • condos for sale in puerto rico / 590
  • houses in puerto rico / 1,000

Puerto Rico Web design for Hotels 

If you belong to the hotel and accommodation industry in the Puerto Rico, below are your keywords.

  • puerto rico hotels / 40,500 ave monthly searches
  • san juan hotels / 27,100
  • puerto rico resorts / 22,200
  • hotels in san juan puerto rico / 18,100 
  • all inclusive resorts in puerto rico / 18,100 
  • all inclusive puerto rico / 14,800
  • hotels san juan puerto rico / 9,900
  • san juan puerto rico hotels / 9,900 
  • rincon of the seas / 8,100 
  • intercontinental san juan / 8,100
  • ponce hilton / 8,100
  • old san juan hotels / 6,600

Notice the brand searches such as “intercontinental” and “hilton” are pretty high and thats why its worth investing in branding and quality customer service.  But for the hotels that do not have that International recognition, note that the highest search volume is not a brand but a keyword, “puerto rico hotels” and its gets 40,500 monthly searches!  Thats huge and if you can attract only 5% of that traffic you would be doing as well as the brands. 

Puerto Rico Web design for Restaurants 

If your business is a restaurant in Puerto Rico, it would be advisable to be on the first page of these keyword searches: 

  • san juan restaurants / 5,400 ave monthly searches
  • old san juan restaurants / 4,400
  • best restaurants in puerto rico / 2,400
  • restaurants in san juan puerto rico / 2,400
  • dave and busters bayamon / 2,400
  • best restaurants in san juan / 1,900
  • dave and busters pr / 1,900
  • burger king puerto rico / 1,900
  • dave and busters puerto rico / 1,600
  • marmalade san juan / 1,600 
  • best restaurants in old san juan / 1,300
  • red lobster puerto rico / 1,300

If you own a restaurant in Puerto Rico, these are the top keywords that you have to be mindful of.  Being visible for them means an increase in online traffic and an increase in offline reservations.  

If your business would like to be on the first page of your industry keywords, we can definitely help!  If you don’t see your industry here and  would like to have your keywords, please get in touch.