SEO Content Writing

Content writing is one of the foundations of a solid SEO Campaign.  Without quality content, it will be very difficult to increase your website ranking.  The content we provide will also include LSI and TF-IDF.  

SEO Content Writing

Great content increases site visits. Aside from having a proven track record of building Search Engine Friendly and User-Friendly websites, we also have a track record of having the most #1 positions on Google in the US and the Caribbean. A major reason behind that is because of our SEO Content Writing.

Our SEO content writers can create new content for your website, or modify existing content so that they meet both user-query and search-engine requirements.

Our SEO Content Writers have years of experience creating, editing and proofing text to ensure it is grammatically correct and search engine friendly. We use keywords that are specific to the client’s industry. Content is sent to the client for final approval.

LSI in SEO Content Writing

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.  Recent changes in Google’s search algorithms and other search engines have focused on the unique language styles and words that different industries use. For example, if you are a bridge engineer, you use terms common in your industry. When internet searches are performed, Google prioritizes search results that use industry-specific language.  Google has one objective, one goal, and that is to provide the most accurate answers to user query.  Google’s algorithm, including Rankbrain’s AI, comprehend natural language.  Because of this, the SEO Content Writer must be well versed in the industry-specific terms and terminologies.

SEO Content Editing for existing websites

If you have existing content, we can edit it by integrating your keywords and ensuring your content is search engine friendly.

  • Keyword research and keyword integration
  • Analyzing site to make sure each page is useful and relevant
  • Integrating LSI keywords
  • Ensuring content doesn’t have any keyword stuffing penalties
  • Re-writing your content to make it SEO friendly

SEO Content Writing for New websites 

We have some of the most amazing SEO Content writers in the world although please note they are not inhouse.   Once you are ready for your project to begin, we prefer to use your inhouse writer, if possible.  If you don’t have a writer, thats when we can introduce our content writers to you to see who would be a good fit for your project, budget and timeframe.

If Client want to provide their own content,  we encourage it. The best content in the world is not because of grammar but of subject matter knowledge.

SEO Content Writing Budget and Requirements

Depending on the content writer you choose, budgets can be anywhere between $100 to $300 per page, minimum of 500 to 700 words.

The more senior content writers tend to charge more since they have the knowledge, industry experience and content writing knowledge.  Depending on the agreed contract, a writer should be able to provide atleast 500 words for the homepage and a minimum of 700 words for the internal pages.  The content writer should also be able to provide the following

  • All content is unique
  • No duplicate content
  • All content uses keywords
  • All content uses LSI keywords
  • Content is researched thoroughly
  • Content provides more info than competitors
  • Content is easy to read and understand