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Stamford Search Engine Optimisation experts can improve website rankings on Google and other search engines helping so that businesses can stand out in an ocean of competitors.

Why do you need SEO?

  • Search Engine Visibility: If you want Users to find your website when searching for products or services
  • Local SEO Expertise: Aside from ranking highly on the Search Engine Results Pages, it is vital for local businesses to rank in local searches for more added exposure to local customers
  • Customer Acquisition: Successful businesses in Stamford that rank highly should also be able to convert highly. We integrate both SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Branding Advantages: Its so important for your Clients to recognize your brand and having high visibility has branding advantages over competitors

So what is SEO? Short for Search Engine Optimisation, it is the practice of maximising your website and content pages ability not only to be accessible, but also to be crawlable in order to be considered the most relevant and trustworthy result for the query by the spiders. In order for you to be categorised and indexed to the highest degree, these spiders simply look for signals in your website pages and report back according to the guidelines of the search algorithm. You want them to decide that your website and relevant content page are the best result for the person searching for your services in Stamford. SEO done right makes this happen.

When somebody enters keywords and terms relevant to Stamford and your content, for the spiders to even consider your page as a top suggestion it has to be crawlable and free of obstructions, so they are able to explore it fully and not miss what you feel is a perfect match for the end user. As Google has a 92.06% market share I will focus on them for now. Google’s intention is to make sure they can give the searcher the best possible results for their query in an instant so the algorithm is updated extremely often to make it as close to authentic human interaction as possible. You can’t just park your website on the web and leave it, the goalposts are forever moving. So how are you supposed to win if the rules of the game keep changing?

While I get that to some that all sounds very complicated and mysterious, but there really is no secret to SEO. Stamford websites can rank highly on Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing quite easily if they simply adhere to the published rules and updates to the algorithm. Now although the list of criteria for ranking your website higher on the search engines has over 200 items to consider, the most important factors are:

  • Technical SEO: Creating a strong foundation and optimising a solid infrastructure within your website to attract and welcome the search engines
  • On-page SEO: Otherwise known as on-site SEO, this is the process of optimising your website content to attract the search engines and end user with matching keywords and phrases
  • Off-page SEO: Otherwise known as off-site SEO, this refers to any actions taken outside of your website that increases your search engine rankings and domain authority: your relevance to the subject of the search

Our Stamford SEO team understands that you want to get more business and we know how to help you get it. We know how to get your business onto the first page of Google. That’s why we keep up to speed with these updates so you can focus on your business.

Search Engine Optimisation for Stamford

SEO means that it’s just not enough to just have a website; you could have the most beautiful website in the world with the coolest visuals and the fanciest features known to man yet still be one of the 90% of pages that gets ZERO traffic from Google. With a staggering 1.7 billion websites online, sadly too many people believe they can just launch one and sit back, relax and wait for the traffic and money to roll in. That’s just not going to happen. It is astonishing to encounter this belief in 2020, but hey that’s why we’re here! In a nutshell, what good is your website if it’s neither getting traffic nor custom?

How your website will benefit from SEO:

  • Improved recognition and indexing by the search engines
  • Increased search engine ranking
  • Increased visibility to the end user
  • An increase in traffic
  • An increase in leads
  • Increased sales

Let’s say you are looking for an SEO agency in Stamford; you type those terms into Google and before you can say ‘Burghley Park’ those amazing spiders have scoured the web to find a list of search optimisation companies they feel match your desire and oh look bless them they even ranked them in order of relevance and authority.

But hang on I hear you say, some of these SEO companies aren’t in Stamford! and some aren’t even in the UK let alone Stamford, Connecticut! Yep that’s true. However by using SEO to optimise their sites and content for the search engines they’ve been able to get your attention. So how can we do this for you? How can we get your website scoring higher rankings on Google when people are searching for *insert your business, product or service* in Stamford? SEO services we provide are listed below.

SEO Services:

SEO Audit

  • This is where we start our SEO campaign. It’s a bit like an MOT so we need to take a look under the trunk as it were and check how well your website is indexed and linked by the search engines. We’ll test it against best practice and the latest updates to the algorithm and let you know what is needed to get you to where you want to be.

Keyword Analysis and Research

  • Still the most basic signal that Google ranks for, the success of your SEO campaign depends greatly upon your choice of keywords. In order to deliver the kind of traffic and customers you want it’s crucial we get these right so we will conduct a thorough investigation to understand which keywords terms and phrases are the most relevant to your business.

SEO Link Building

  • Now you’ve passed your MOT and investigation, link building is the next crucial element for online success. This is the process of creating backlinks from other sites with the goal of increasing your authority and to drive referral traffic. Links give you link juice which just like petrol in your car, boost your website’s visibility on the web. The key here is quality over quantity, you can’t just buy links or go against the guidelines else your site can be penalised. You have to earn them by being authentic

Website Architecture

  • We build websites with the end user and the search engine spiders in mind, first and foremost. We make it as smooth and easy as possible for both of them to find your content and site ahead of your competitors. Your site is organised according to how best they both access your site and absorb it in order for them to take the most positive action for you, from the ranking to the sale.

Local SEO

  • Especially now due to Covid-19, more people are trying to reach you online than offline. While your website is open to the rest of the world, we also need to make sure you rank higher in your local area so let’s make your website more findable online and your business more findable in real life.

Mobile Friendly 

  • 63% of Google searches are done via mobile so it’s crucial your site is mobile friendly, especially now that Google uses your mobile site by default for indexing and ranking. We make sure your site is easy on the eye and user friendly with simple navigation to ensure they stay with you and not jump elsewhere.

SEO Business Start up Kit

  • If you are looking to start a business and want a powerful yet simple and cost effective solution for your lead generation and online authority, we are the only SEO company to integrate technical SEO in our website packages at no extra cost.

Content Marketing

  • If you want to consistently rank highly on the search engines and increase sales it’s important to have regular and fresh, quality content that satisfies the end users query. We can help you to write content that your new customers are looking for.

Competitor Analysis

  • We can provide you with information on your competitors website and online presence, and show you how you compare with regards to strengths and weaknesses. We can then offer you solutions to enable you to improve your position and take the lead.

Why SEO is essential for your business

Think about your own behaviour and mindset when you search for something. Now of course the prime real estate when it comes to eyeball attention and click-through action is the top 3 listings underneath the paid ads. From #4 to the end of page 1 it’s still pretty nice when it comes to results, but as you may know from your own searches, you’ve got to be pretty determined to go beyond page 2. Added to the fact that the vast majority of content doesn’t even rank in Google (a recent study revealed it to be 90%) and therefore gets zero traffic, it is now clear why so many businesses are serious about improving their SEO.

When a potential client searches for a term relevant to your product, naturally you’ll want them to find you first. As most people click on a link they find on the first two pages of their search results, the higher you appear the more chance you have of gaining that visitor. As many thousands of people are searching for terms relating to your product everyday, being more visible can make a massive difference to your business and bottom line.

How you will benefit from our website SEO services:

  • Higher conversion rates: An optimised site means visitors are more likely to stay and become customers
  • Value for money: SEO means minimum wastage, you are targeting those looking for you
  • ROI: Trackable and measurable results are provided by SEO
  • It’s always on: While your bricks and mortar may be closed, your website is open for business 24/7
  • Greater brand awareness – higher Google rankings mean more traffic and more exposure


  • How much does an SEO campaign cost?
    That’s not something we can say off the bat, we can’t just give you an SEO quote just like that, no true SEO firm or SEO specialists could. First off we would have to dig a little deeper and understand your industry, your intentions and of course your site and backlinks.
  • I want to be number 1 on Google, can you get me to the top of Google?
    As Google is constantly updating, there’s no way we can make promises. However we can say with confidence that we can get you to the top but it will take time and patience, anyone offering you a quick fix is to be avoided!
  • Why should I choose a local Stamford SEO company to do my SEO?
    Because you’ll get looked after by a local guy who understands Stamford, talks straight and wants you to get results and be happy. Yes there are cheaper alternatives and there are others more expensive. We are in the middle; offering affordable SEO in between the cheap but unfamiliar foreign agency (who may get great ranking but the English just doesn’t flow right) or a costly local SEO agency that sucks up all your budget.

How can I do SEO for free?
If you have the time and patience or you can’t afford to go pro, there are many free and helpful resources. My favourite is Moz.

The start of any SEO Campaign is keyword research. Below are the most popular searches for Stamford, UK.

Keywords for SEO Stamford Clients in Hotels

  • hotels in stamford lincolnshire / 480 searches per month
  • stamford uk hotels / 320
  • accommodation stamford uk / 50
  • hotels in stamford england / 40
  • hotels near stamford lincolnshire / 30
  • hotels near stamford uk / 20
  • b&b stamford uk

Keywords for SEO Stamford Clients in Real Estate

  • houses for sale stamford lincolnshire / 390 searches per month
  • stamford lincolnshire property for sale / 110
  • houses for sale in stamford lincolnsire / 40
  • houses for sale stamford uk / 20
  • stamford uk real estate / 10

Keywords for SEO Stamford Clients in Restaurants

  • restaurants in stamford lincolnshire / 170 searches per month
  • stamford uk restaurants / 110
  • pubs in stamford lincolnshire / 70
  • pubs near stamford lincolnshire / 40
  • sushi stamford uk / 30

For any questions, or if you would like your keywords. Please contact us. We also provide a free 30-min SEO Consultation at no cost.