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WOWebsites is an Fort Lauderdale SEO Agency thats been serving local business for over 12 years.  Our focus has been building Websites that are Search Engine Friendly and are User-Friendly.   We are the only Professional SEO Company that integrates Technical SEO into all our Website projects.  This results in websites with higher rankings and high conversion rates. We understand that your business needs to rank well in order to get Quality Inquiries and there is a direct correlation between both. 

WOWebsite’s core services include SEO, Web Design and PPC.  We strongly recommend understanding the correlation between each.  Search Engine Optimization is successful when a web design project integrates Technical SEO at the beginning of an Web design project.  An SEO Campaign cannot be successful without a solid foundation.  In the same breath, a PPC Campaign cannot be successful with Optimization.  All three services rely on each other for support.   

As a Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing Company, our focus is on User-Intent.  Understanding User searches and providing landing pages that adheres to User-Intent is our primary objective.

Fort Lauderdale SEO Services

We provide SEO Services to businesses in Fort Lauderdale.  Below are just some of the SEO Services we provide

Keyword Research

We discover what you keywords are and what your competitors keywords are. This includes determining the keyword difficulty of each major keyword.  Its also important to knowing all your long-tail keywords, seasonal keywords, competitor keywords, regional or location keywords.  Its also important to determine the User-Intent behind each keyword.

Landing Page Optimization

We build each page on your website with a target keyword in mind.  There are no accidental landing pages. Things that we take into consideration when building your landing pages are the following:  keyword relevant page, consistent experience throughout the website, intuitive landing pages, ensure that the user’s focus is on the product or service, repeatitive call to action if landing pages are long. 

SEO Strategy

 We make sure that your pages are well equipped to be Sales “Closers,” meaning your page should be able to convert 24/7 — thats one SEO Strategy.  Your main SEO Strategy will reveal itself in the initial findings of your SEO Campaign.  An SEO Strategy helps us focus on the primary goal of your online presence.  Aside from being #1 in your industry, an SEO Strategy takes budget and time limitations into consideration

Google's Algorithm Updates

When you sign up for an SEO Campaign, we will integrate all the necessary requirements of all of Google’s algorithm updates.  There has been so many updates in 2019 and the most notable ones include RankBrain (User Experience), Mobile-First Indexing and Mobile Speed, Brand Marketing, E.A.T. and the Quality Raters Guidelines.  The latest algorithm update, BERT, is about natural language processing.  

Site Architecture

You can always tell a website was done professionally through its website architecture. Easily one of the most neglected aspects in Web Design.  This is also the part of SEO that starts at the Web Design level.  Website navigation should be keyword-rich and provide informative landing pages. This intrinsic multi-layered menu is better created not by the Web Developer but by an SEO Professional with a deeper insight into User behavior and industry standards 

Technical SEO

We are the only SEO Company that integrates SEO during Web Development.  Technical SEO includes the following domain preference, robots.txt, structured data, canonical urls, 301 redirects, 404 pages, mobile pagespeed, desktop pagespeed, AMP, XML sitemap, breadcrumb navigation and more — all of this ensures that your website can easily be crawled and indexed by the search engines. 

The first step of a Successful SEO Campaign is knowing your keywords.  Below are the top keywords for Industries found in Fort Lauderdale.

Keywords for Fort Lauderdale SEO Clients in the Accommodations Industry

  • fort lauderdale hotels / 165,000 ave monthly searches
  • fort lauderdale beach hotels / 49,500
  • marriott fort lauderdale / 14,800
  • hilton fort lauderdale /14,800
  • westin fort lauderdale /12,100
  • w fort lauderdale / 12,100
  • w hotel for lauderdale / 12,100
  • hotels in fort lauderdale fl / 12,100
  • cheap hotels in fort lauderdale / 9,900
  • conrad fort lauderdale / 8,100
  • hampton inn fort lauderdale  / 8,100
  • sonesta fort lauderdale / 6,600

Keywords for Fort Lauderdale SEO Clients for the Restaurant Industry

  • fort lauderdale restaurants / 33,100
  • best restaurants in fort lauderdale / 12,100
  • fort lauderdale beach restaurants / 8,100
  • brunch fort lauderdale / 4,400
  • fort lauderdale airport food / 3,600
  • fort lauderdale airport restaurants / 3,600
  • seafood restaurants in fort lauderdale / 3,600
  • fort lauderdale restaurants on the water / 2,900
  • boatyard fort lauderdale / 2,900
  • italian restaurant fort lauderdale / 2,900
  • louie bossi fort lauderdale / 2,400
  • las olas fort lauderdale restaurants / 2,400
  • best brunch fort laudersale / 2,400
  • el camino fort lauderdale / 2,400
  • yolo fort lauderdale / 2,400

Keywords for Fort Lauderdale SEO Clients in the Real Estate Category

  • fort lauderdale homes for sale / 4,400 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale in fort lauderdale / 4,400
  • fort lauderdale real estate / 3,600
  • houses for sale in fort lauderdale florida /1,300
  • fort lauderdale realtors / 720
  • fort lauderdale homes / 720
  • greater fort lauderdale realtors 590
  • cheap houses for sale in fort lauderdale / 480
  • fort lauderdale houses / 390
  • fort lauderdale mls / 390
  • fort lauderdale florida real estate / 390
  • townhomes for sale fort lauderdale / 320
  • townhouses for sale in fort lauderdale / 260
  • remax fort lauderdale / 260

Keywords for Fort Lauderdale SEO Clients for the Attractions / Tourism-based and Things  to do Industry

  • things to do in fort lauderdale / 33,100
  • fort lauderdale things to do / 6,600
  • fort lauderdale attractions / 2,900
  • things to do in fort lauderdale with kids / 1,900
  • fun things to do in fort lauderdale / 1,900
  • fort lauderdale activities / 1,600
  • things to do in fort lauderdale this weekend / 1,600
  • things to do in fort lauderdale today / 1,600
  • things to do in fort lauderdale florida / 1,600
  • fort lauderdale events this weekend / 1,000
  • things to do in fort lauderdale at night / 880
  • best things to do in fort lauderdale / 880
  • things to do near fort lauderdale / 720
  • kids activities fort lauderdale / 720
  • unique things to do in fort lauderdale / 590
  • places to visit in fort lauderdale / 480
  • fort lauderdale sightseeing / 480
  • top things to do in fort lauderdale / 480

Have a business in Fort Lauderdale but can’t find your industry above?  Please contact us!  We provide keywords at no cost.  We also have an initial free SEO Consultation with an SEO Expert.  Let’s get your website ranking!