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DC Web Design

We are a DC Web Design and SEO Agency for Business Owners who expect more from their Online efforts. Our focus is in building websites that helps you start a relationship with your clients and increases the value of your business. The objective of the websites that we build is to generate revenue for your business even while you sleep. In that respect, we don’t just build websites. We build sales tools that help you “close-a-sale” as many times as possible.

Web Design + SEO

Whenever we build a website, we always integrate Technical SEO aspects to it so that it ranks highly and above your Online Competitors. The biggest peg of our success is looking through the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and seeing your ranking increase, day after day.

Web Design + Usability

A User will use your service if the User Interace is easy to use and if the User Experience is amazing. We know and understand this thats why we integrate tried and tested methods when creating landing pages on your website. We take User Experience very seriously.

The first step in creating your website is understanding your audience and what keywords they search for when they are looking for your business. Below are the top keywords for sectors / industries located in Washington DC. If you don’t find your industry and would like your keywords, please request them from us. We provide keywords at no cost to you.

Web Design for the Healthcare Sector

One of the most important sectors is Healthcare and there are quite a few searches for it in DC. If your business belongs in Healthcare or you are Doctor with a practice, below are top 20 keywords for the healthcare sector in Washington DC:

  • dc health link /12,100 ave searches per month
  • my eye dr dc / 2,900
  • dr alan mandell / 2,400
  • dc doctor / 2,400
  • eye doctor dc / 1,000
  • travel clinic dc / 880
  • eye doctor washington dc /590
  • opthamologist dc /590
  • optometrist dc / 590
  • my eye doctor dc /590
  • dc health /590
  • dc health insurance /480
  • podiatrist dc /480
  • primary care physicians dc /320
  • dc healthcare /320
  • podiatrist washington dc / 260
  • primary care physician washington dc /260
  • gastroenterologist dc / 260
  • vision source dc / 260
  • best doctors in dc / 210

If you are a Doctor and Business owner and you are a primary care physician, your website should definitely have “primary care physician dc” on the title, header and content of your website. When we build your website for you, we will do a comprehensive keyword search and we will make sure that your website shows up for your keywords. We eve have a money-back guarantee, thats how confident we are in our ability to ensure your website ranks.

DC Web Design for Politicians

If you are a politician and need a campaign website, you’ve come to the right place. When we build your website, you can be sure its not going to look like the standard political website and it will be able to attract your constituents as well as be highly visible for searches pertaining to your location.

Below are the Top 10 searches for the Democratic* Politicians:

  • al franken / 450,000 ave monthly searches
  • kamala harris / 368,000
  • elizabeth warren / 368,000
  • nancy pelosi /301,000
  • maxine waters / 246,000
  • cory booker / 246,000
  • dianne feinstein / 201,000
  • stacey abrams / 135,000
  • chuck shumer / 135,000
  • tammy duckworth / 110,000

Below are the Top 10 searches for the Republican* Politicians:

  • paul ryan / 450,000 ave monthly searches
  • senator john mccain / 201,000
  • rand paul / 201,000
  • ana navarro / 110,000
  • orrin hatch 110,000
  • newt gingrich / 74,000
  • duncan hunter /74,000
  • lisa murkowski / 74,000
  • grassley /40,500
  • lindsey graham gay / 40,500

The only real assumption that you can make from these searches is that this data shows what people are searching for and not which candidate can win an election. Also, please note, this search is not accurate because it’s a result of one keyword search and not a comprehensive keyword analysis.

When we build your Political Website you can be sure that we will be comprehensive and we will know what your opponent is targeting every step of the way and we will make sure your website will rank higher and be more visible.

Web Design for Law Firms

If your Law Firm is located in Washington DC and you need a website, you have come to the right place because we will ensure that your law firm will rank high and be very visible for searches. Here are the top 12 keywords for lawyers in the DC area:

  • wiley rein / 3,600 ave monthly searches
  • dc law / 3,600
  • dc law firms / 1,600
  • hogan lovells dc / 1,600
  • covington and burling dc / 1,000
  • washington dc law firms / 1,000
  • wiley rein llp / 880
  • venable dc / 880
  • sidley austin dc / 880
  • arnold and porter dc / 880
  • morgan lewis dc / 720
  • jones day dc / 720

If I was advising a Law Firm client in DC, I would definitely tell them to invest in PPC (Adwords) since most of these keywords are branded.

Whatever your business industry or sector, when we build your website for you, you can be sure of two things:

  1. Your website will be able to find new clients for you
  2. Your website will be able to keep your old clients for you

For more information about our DC Web Design services, please contact us.

*These searches were done on December 2018, this list changes frequently since searches tend to change as frequently as the news cycle.