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Rochester SEO

We provide SEO Services to Companies and Businesses located in Rochester, New York.  We have been providing SEO Services for over 12 years and we have been successful in helping SMBs achieve online success.  Check out some of our Client Testimonials.   Every time we take on an SEO Client, our main objective is to increase your Online Sales Revenues.  We do this by providing the following services:

1. SEO Audit for Clients in Rochester, New York

Audits are the roadmap of any SEO Campaign and Audits provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are my Keywords?
  • Who are my Online Competitors?
  • How many Users find my site on Google / Bing?
  • Does my website load fast enough without losing Users?
  • Do Users trust my website enough to place an order / use my services?
  • How many pages do Users visit before making a decision?
  • What is my position on Google compared to my competitors?
  • What can I do to rank higher than my competitors?

…and many more pressing concerns regarding your Website and Online Revenue.   An SEO Audit will also reveal if there are any technical errors on your website.

2. Technical SEO Integrations for Clients in Rochester, New York

Whenever we take on an SEO Campaign, the first thing we notice is that a lot of websites do not have the correct technical integrations in place.  Technical SEO is the foundation of an SEO Campaign so this is the first thing we will fix on your website. Technical SEO includes the following:

  • Website Crawlability — this is the ability of your website to be crawled by Search Engine Robots
    • SEF-URLs
    • Robots.txt
    • Internal Linking structure
  • Search Engine Indexability — this is the ability of your website to be correctly indexed by the Search Engines
    • Duplicate / Thin / Common Content
    • Canonical URLs
    • 301 Redirects
  • Website Accessibility — this is the performance of your website
    • Server performance
    • Page Speed
    • Code Optimization
    • Site Architecture
  • Website Rank — technical SEO improves your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Website Links — both internal and external link management

3. Comprehensive Keyword Research for SEO Clients in Rochester, NY

One of the first things we do is perform comprehensive keyword research for your industry.  This helps us in determining what your true keywords are and who your online competitors are.  Below we have provided examples of the top keywords for Rochester, NY and specific Industries

Top keywords for Rochester, NY

  • craigslist rochester ny / 301,000 ave monthly searches
  • rochester ny / 110,000
  • zillow rochester ny / 6,600
  • irondequoit / 5,400
  • spectrum rochester ny / 3,600
  • rochester auditorium theater / 2,900
  • remax rochester ny / 2,400
  • auditorium theater rochester ny / 2,400
  • rochester ny county / 1,900
  • howard hanna rochester ny / 1,600
  • airbnb rochester ny / 1,600
  • rochester eye associates / 1,600
  • realtor rochester ny / 1,300

Keywords for SEO Clients in the Real Estate in Rochester NY

  • zillow rochester ny / 6,600 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale rochester ny / 6,600
  • homes for sale rochester ny / 5,400
  • houses for rent rochester ny / 5,400
  • remax rochester ny / 2,400
  • real estate rochester ny / 1,900
  • zillow rochester / 1,900
  • howard hanna rochester ny / 1,600
  • rochester real estate / 1,300
  • realtor rochester ny / 1,300
  • trulia rochester ny / 1,300

Top Keywords for SEO Clients in Hotels and Accommodations in Rochester

  • hotels in rochester ny / 18,100 ave monthly searches
  • hampton inn rochester ny / 2,900
  • hyatt regency rochester / 2,900
  • rochester riverside hotel / 2,900
  • hilton garden inn rochester ny / 1,900
  • hotels near rochester ny / 1,600
  • airbnb rochester ny / 1,600
  • cheap hotels in rochester ny / 1,600
  • holiday inn rochester ny / 1,600
  • rochester airport marriott / 1,300
  • marriott rochester ny / 1,300
  • hyatt rochester / 1,000

Top Keywords for SEO Clients in Restaurants in Rochester

  • rochester restaurants / 18,100
  • restaurants rochester ny / 14,800
  • best restaurants in rochester ny / 5,400
  • chick fil a rochester ny / 2,400
  • dinosaur bbq rochester / 2,400
  • best restaurants in rochester / 1,900
  • good luck rochester / 1,900
  • italian restaurants rochester ny / 1,900
  • restaurants downtown rochester ny / 1600
  • brunch rochester ny / 1,600
  • italian restaurants in rochester / 1,600
  • nosh rochester ny / 1,600

If your Industry is not here, please contact us to request for your keywords, its free.  Our initial SEO consults are also free.

4. SEO Campaigns for Clients in Rochester NY

When you sign up for our SEO Campaign, your business will be assured of 2 things:

  • At the end of your campaign period, your website will be able to monetize itself seamlessly
  • At the end of your campaign period, your website will be one of the most visible websites in your industry and location

We guarantee the above because our SEO Campaign, aside from the elements mentioned above, also  includes the following services:

  • Industry Competitive Analysis
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Site Architecture
  • Siloing
  • Click-Through-Rate Management
  • Bounce-Rate Management
  • Internal Linking Management
  • External Link Management
  • Web Usability
  • Mobile Website
  • Page Speed

… and more!   Because we have been building Websites for over 12 years and managing SEO Campaigns, we know what it takes to be on the first page of Search Engine results.  We even have a money-back guarantee!   For questions / clarifications, please do not hesitate to get in touch.