24/7 Website Support

We provide 24/7 Web Support.  Please see the details below. For all urgent support please email urgent@wowebsites.com

24/7 Website Support

Please note that we do not collect monthly fees for maintenance and all support is on an as-needed basis.  Website support rates are found below.  Please note that there is a minimum of one (1) hour for maintenance. If you have an URGENT issue please send us an email at urgent@wowebsites.com

Website Support Rates for Existing Clients

  • Maintenance Support US$ 120 / hour (48-72 hours wait time)
  • Emergency Support US$ 150 / hour (24 hours wait time)
  • Programming and Server Support US$ 170 / hour
  • SEO Consultation US$ 175 / hour

Website Support Rates for Non Clients

The support rates below are for websites that WOWebsite didn’t personally build and are not hosted on the Company Server 

  • Maintenance Support US$160 / hour (48 – 72 hours wait time)
  • Emergency US$175 / hour (24 hours wait time)
  • Programming and Server Support US$200 / hour
  • SEO Consultation US$220 / hour
For Non Clients, payments are due as soon as the invoice is received.

If your issue is not urgent, you can either create a support ticket or email support@wowebsites.com