Optimized Website Package

optimized web design

We are one of the few Web development Company that develops Optimized Websites. When a client receives their website all they need to do is worry about is their backlink profile, content pages, page titles and descriptions, social media presence and CTR and Bounce rates – everything else we incorporate in the Web development process.

This package is for a new website. If you already have a website and all you need is to optimize it, please contact us for pricing. Below is our pricing and a list of what we incorporate in your website for the Optimized package. Please note that you would have to have a website built on a CMS to get this package price.

Optimized Website Package US$ 6,500

  1. Website Page Speed – we ensure that your website has a page speed of at least 90 / 100 and if we are unable to do so, we will inform you. Most of the time the only hindrance to a 90+ Page Speed is pulling data from 3rd party sites such as a FB page, TripAdvisor or Twitter feed.
  2. Sitemap – search bots actually look for this page so that they can index the rest of your website pages
  3. Semantic Structuring – we ensure your website has the capability of Semantic Structuring so that Search Bots will easily be able to place your website for different keyword permutations.
  4. Information Architecture – we take the time to sit down with you to go through your navigation. We use keyword research so that we know that we are using the most effective navigation to maximize click-through-rates (CTRs)
  5. Canonical URL – we ensure that your website has a canonical URL
  6. Robots.txt Data – we ensure that your website has ample robots.txt to enable search engines to index pages and block unnecessary pages from getting indexed
  7. SEF-URL – this stands for Search Engine Friendly URL (Uniformed Resource Locator)
  8. Our optimized Website Package will cover all the Technical SEO aspects and ensure that you pass all the Search Engine requirements

Basic Vs. Optimized Website Packages


Basic Website

Optimized Website


CMS Integration (WordPress, Joomla)

Live development site

Content transfer (from old site)


Google Analytics

5 Functional Components

Mobile Website

Blog Component


50 Pages (Drop or Manual transfer)


Parent Pages H1

Parent Title

Parent Meta Description

Social Media Integration

Meta Data

XML Sitemap

Training Manual

Site Architecture

Keyword Research

Premium Hosting (1 year)

Server Side Analytics

Site: Search

Online Competitive Research


Canonical URLS

Site Speed

Mobile Speed

Semantic Structure

On Page Optimization

Optimized URLs

5 Major Landing Page Optimization

Site Content Check

Keyword Check

Duplicate Content

Optimized Code

Search Console

Internal Linking Structure

Proper Redirects


CSS/ HTML Minification

Optimized Images for Search

Demographic Tracking




Package Limitations

In as much as we want to accept every website client who wants an optimized website, please note our limitations:

  1. The package above was designed for websites on a CMS such as Joomla and WordPress
  2. The package is only for websites who have less than 50 pages, please ask for a custom quote if your website exceeds the number of pages
  3. If you built your website using off the shelf website design tools such as Weebly, Webs, Wix, SquareSpace, etc., we are unable to Optimize your website without redoing the entire website from the bottom up.
  4. This package does not qualify ecommerce websites who have numerous pages and products, kindly ask for a customized quote.
  5. If your online industry is very, very competitive you will need more than an Optimized Website to get on the first page. FYI. If that is the case, kindly request for a Search Engine First Page Campaign quote — we will be happy to help!
  6. Please note that not all Clients who request for an Optimized Website will get this price range. It depends on your requirements as well. Please request for a free website quote.