Meet the Team

Fevi Yu

Fevi is Head of Search and Inhouse SEO Expert. She has been in the Search Engine / Internet Marketing Industry for over 12 years and has held SEO Seminars for the Chamber of Commerce, Radio Cayman, Cayman Small Business Association and more. She has attend leading Conferences in the Search Industry including Bruce Clay, SMX & Usability under Jacob Nielsen.

Martin Mercado

Martin is our Inhouse Lead Website Developer with a focus on Technical SEO Integration in all our Web Design Projects. Martin is a passionate developer with a knack for making everyone smile and fixing every bug and issue out there. For all your website issues, you can be sure this guy will fix it. Martin can build a Website with Technical SEO Integration within a 6-week timeframe.


Claire Carey Deering

Claire has been writing professionally since 2005. In addition to holding a master’s degree in English, she has worked as a staff writer and editor at a FORTUNE 500 company and is the recipient of several writing awards. She currently works on projects, ranging from SEO copy to structural editing and enjoys the challenge of working with diverse clients.

Jacob Hodara

Jacob is a hard core Joomla developer and hacker with over 15+ years of experience. He customizes Joomla scripts and debugs systems to make them work for each unique website. Jacob is not only an amazing developer but an all around nice guy.

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