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Over 10 years of building Optimized Websites for Cayman

WOWebsites has been serving the Cayman Islands Business Community for over a decade. Because Cayman is a Tourism-based Industry, we prioritize building websites in the Tourism Industry.  We know your website needs to be highly visible so we’ve created practical website packages that will suite every package. 

When building your website, our main priority is ensuring that it is visible to your target market. Designing a website is a fusion of the client’s preference and taste with the developer’s knowledge of function, navigation and usability. When the objectives of the website are clear and have a long term goal, then the chances of the client and developer agreeing on the design elements are much higher. The development process is made easier for both parties. It is imperative that both client and developer are on the same page when it comes to building your Cayman web design.

Cayman Web Design Standards and Best Practices

There is simply no point in building a Business Website that doesn’t generate revenue. If you have a website and if it hasn’t generated sales for your company, there is definitely something wrong. Below are Web design Standards …

User-Centric Web Design

Providing a great experience for users is an ongoing process and something that evolves through time. Just remember this when you are helping build your website: because you helped build it, you may forget how other users might view it. Ask someone who is less inclined to know about navigating websites to test your website before launching. In that way you can at least understand where they could get lost and create a solution before it becomes an issue.

Website Navigation

There are three questions to ask yourself when you are creating the website menu: where am I? where have I been? where can I go? If these questions are answered throughout your navigational experience then you are doing a great job. Of course this does not apply to smaller websites but usually to websites which have more than 50 pages. Make sure that your navigation bar is placed on the same module on every page so that users will automatically know where to look. A horizontal menu bar is preferred over vertical ones.

Content Management

The website content is a very important aspect of Web Design. We will ensure that your website has the content that Users are looking for in order to make a decision to buy or use a company or service before they arrive on island.

Bounce-Rate Management

It’s very important to ensure that Users don’t bounce off the landing pages of your website. Ensure the website is fast because 40% of Users bounce off when a page doesn’t load within three (3) seconds. Make sure the information that the User is looking for is found very quickly and that the website is intuitive. The worst thing to happen to your website is when pages get abandoned because a User cannot find the information they need.

User Experience

The User Interface of your website must be intuitive. Do not expect the User to think hard in order to understand your website. Remember, there are thousands of websites vying for their business so you have to ensure that your website needs to stand out. We ensure that the Usability of your website meets the standards and expectations of your Users.

Search Engine Friendly Websites  

Being invisible on Google is no longer an option. If you are not acquiring new clients through your website then your website is not working. If you are in the tourism industry you should be getting a a lot of inquiries daily. If you are not getting that number of emails then something is really wrong.

Here are the elements we integrate into your website to make it Search Engine Friendly
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Architecture
  • Technical SEO
  • Responsive Mobile Site
  • SEF-URLs
  • Optimization Training

Its one thing to be Search Engine Friendly and its another thing to be User Friendly. It’s easy to attract and repel Online Users.
Here are a few reasons Users would leave AKA bounce-off your website:

  • Outdated Website — if your website looks outdated, it will be very hard for Users to trust your website and business
  • Unresponsive Design — 50% of your Users are Mobile visitors and if your website is not responsive to all the screen sizes, they will bounce off.

Essentially, it’s important to remember this: there are way too many choices for a User to care about staying on your website. If your website is fast, mobile responsive, updated frequently with relevant content then you are giving Users a good reason to stick around.