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WOWebsites is a SEO Company with a strong focus in helping SMBs achieve Online Success. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of enabling your website to be Search Engine Friendly.  We do this by integrating Technical SEO into all our website projects.  Technical SEO enables Search Engines to crawl, index and categorize your website properly.  

We are a Digital Marketing Firm with a focus on building online experiences that are Intuitive and User-Friendly.   We are the only SEO Company that integrates Technical SEO into all our web development projects, including our web packages at the basic level.  Aside from Technical SEO, we also focus on quality content and relevant backlinks — these three elements are the foundation of a solid SEO Campaign.  Because we ensure that your website has the foundations of an Optimized website, your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) will rank be higher than competitors — for the same price.  Aside from visibility on the SERPs we also build web pages to be optimized, this process is called Landing Page Optimization.  Having high visibility and ensuring conversation rates enables your website to increase Online Revenues, your most important metric. 

Maryland SEO Services 

Below are the different SEO Services that we provide for local business located in Maryland.  It’s important to remember that these services are part of an SEO Package.  If you don’t find the specific service that you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.  

SEO Strategy

Let’s face it, you aren’t just building a website for your business. You are building an online service that provides information to your prospective clients so that they can make an informed decision. You will need a strategy.  An SEO Strategy includes knowing your online competitors and what your limitations are, including your budget limitations.  We will take that all into consideration when helping you with your SEO Strategy.

Landing Page Optimization

We find out which landing pages are your most effective and optimize them for keywords and permutations thereof. We ensure that your website has targeted landing pages for each keyword group & that they don’t cannibalize each other.  We also enable your landing pages to be intuitive so that you get more inquiries, reservations and bookings.  Each Landing Page will be meticulously designed to enable high conversion rates

Keyword Research

It’s important to know what your Target Market is searching for as it is the foundation of your SEO Campaign. We provide a comprehensive keyword list so that we can strategize what keywords to target for your business. We also find out what keywords your competitors use.  Here are the types of keywords: Long-tail, Short-tail, Seasonal, Evergreen and fresh keywords

SEO Audit

A site audit provides a starting point for your SEO Campaign.  Its also lets us know what your current keywords are, whats working on your website, what we need to change, etc. Its important to do a site audit before beginning any SEO Campaign. An SEO Audit also lets us know your competitors intimately… what keywords are they vying for, what their backlinks are, etc.  All important metrics going forward

Technical SEO

This is the process of ensuring your website can be crawled and indexed properly by the Search Engines. It something as simple as search engine friendly URLS or duplicate content pages to the more complex HTML coding to enable page speed.  The majority of our time is usually spent in PageSpeed where we enable your website to be fast both in mobile browsing and desktop

Link Management

We take a look at your websites links and analyze if there are any links that could be harmful.  We remove them or whats known as disavow.  We also find out which links are beneficial to the website and try to get more links pointing to the website.  Another area we manage is internal linking strategy, we will ensure that none of your pages are orphaned and that the most important pages have the most internal links

Bounce-Rate Management

We study Users entrances and exits on your website.  If they bounce right away, we analyze the page and adapt quickly to minimize the bounce rates.  Bounce-rates are significant in SEO because it lets the Search Engines know when Users stay on your website.  The longer a User stays, it means that they have found something useful within the pages of the website.  

Click-Through-Rate Analysis

One of the things we do during your SEO Campaign is analyze User flow within your website.  We study the pages that work and change the pages that have a high bounce rate.  Our objective for every landing page is to have Click-Through-Rates by having content that is focused on User-Intent and is relevant to the industry and location of the Company

We provide more than the services above and all these services are part of an SEO Campaign. If you need more information, please contact us.

As an example of keyword research, here are some of the top keywords for Industries in Maryland.

Top Keywords for Maryland 

Its always interesting to see what the Top Keywords are for a state.  For Maryland, below are your top 20 keyword searches: 

  • university of maryland / 201,000 ave monthly searches
  • loyola university maryland / 40,500 
  • stevenson university / 33,100 
  • towson / 27,100 
  • university of baltimore / 22,200 
  • university of maryland baltimore / 18,100 
  • salisbury md / 14,800 
  • towson md / 12,100 
  • salisbury maryland / 8,100 
  • loyola maryland / 8,100 
  • washington maryland / 2,900 
  • mcps md / 2,900 
  • ccbc dundalk / 2,400 
  • maryland university of integrative health / 2,400 
  • university of md / 1,900 
  • maryland day / 1,900 
  • st mary’s city / 1,600 
  • university of maryland online / 1,600 
  • loyola md / 1,600 
  • mica baltimore / 1,300 

Keywords for Maryland Attractions

Below are the top searches for things to do in Maryland.  If your business belongs to the Attractions Industry, it should show up in searches below.  

  • things to do in baltimore / 27,100 
  • baltimore zoo / 18,100 
  • national aquarium baltimore / 9,900 
  • things to do in maryland / 9,900 
  • things to do in ocean city md / 9,900 
  • maryland zoo / 8,100 
  • ocean city beach / 8,100 
  • chesapeake beach water park / 6,600 
  • water parks in md / 5,400
  • baltimore museums / 5,400 

Keywords for Maryland SEO Real Estate

If you are a Real Estate Broker / Owner in Maryland, your website should be on the first page of the keywords below.

  • zillow md / 12,100 
  • houses for sale in maryland / 12,100 
  • homes for sale in maryland / 8,100 
  • redfin md / 4,400 
  • houses for sale in frederick md / 2,900 
  • homes for sale in frederick md / 2,900 
  • condos for sale in ocean city md / 2,900 
  • maryland real estate / 2,400 
  • houses for sale in bowie md / 2,400 
  • trulia md / 1,900 
  • homes for sale in ocean city md / 1,900 

Keywords for Maryland Restaurants

  • restaurants in maryland / 2,900 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in maryland / 1,900 
  • seafood restaurants in maryland / 1,600 
  • ocean city maryland boardwalk restaurants / 1,000 
  • crab restaurants in maryland / 880 
  • best seafood restaurants in maryland / 720 
  • vegan restaurants in maryland / 720 
  • maryland live restaurants / 590
  • german restaurant maryland / 480
  • restaurant association of maryland / 480 

If we haven’t mentioned your industry keywords please get in touch.  Requesting for keywords is absolutely free.  Please note also that we have a money-back guarantee if we don’t increase your website rank.  No other web company provides a money-back guarantee.  Thats how confident we are of our Web design and SEO services.