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Our UK SEO Sales offices is located in Stamford. Our focus is in helping Local UK Business increase online sales revenues by building Search Engine Friendly and User Friendly Websites.


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SEO Company UK

WOWebsites is an SEO Company with Sales offices in the UK.  We have been in the SEO Industry for over 12 years and understand all algorithmic requirements as well as Google’s Quality Guidelines. Our first UK Sales offices is located in Stamford and will be expanding to Peterborough, Leicester, Cambridge and Oxford within the year.  We expect to be fully rolled-out in the UK within the next 12 months.   As the current #1 SEO Company in the US and the Caribbean,  with the most #1 ranking positions, we are excited to be part of the UK-SEO scene.  

The only SEO Company in the UK that integrates Technical SEO for no additional cost

What is Technical SEO and how does it help your Search Engine ranking?  To answer that question, it’s important to know that SEO is primarily about 3 things:  Content, Links and Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the ability of the Search Engines to index and categorize your website so that it is able to rank your website appropriately.  This means, your website shows up for intended search results and not just your business name.  

We are the only SEO Company that integrates Technical SEO in a basic web package for no additional cost.  There is no one else that is capable of delivering these results. 

Other UK SEO services we provide are…

UK SEO Services 

SEO Audit

The start of any SEO Campaign is a Site Audit.  This provides us with vital information such as your existing online presence, who your target market is and what type of SEO Strategy you need to achieve high converting results

Keyword Research

We provide your keywords, permutations and key phrases that Users search for to find your business and service.  This is the one of the first steps of your SEO Campaign and one of most important aspects as well.  Knowing your keyword, understanding User query and, satisfying the query is the objective of every landing page. 

Site Architecture

No one knows the importance of site architecture until you see user-flow within your website.  Was your website architecture designed with the User in mind?  If yes, you will see your click-through-rates (CTRs) increase and if not, you will see your bounce rates increase.  Site architecture is also an important consideration when it comes to internal link design and ensuring there are no orphaned pages.

Content Writing

Content is one of the foundations of a solid SEO Campaign.  Without quality content meeting the stringent requirements of E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority and Trust) it will be difficult to achieve high ranking pages.

Technical SEO

We are experts at Technical SEO and include this in all websites that we build.  Technical SEO is enabling search engines to be crawled, indexed, rendered and ranked correctly.  Without Technical SEO, your website won’t be able to attract your target market. 

Link Building

SEO is one part content, one part technical SEO and one part links.  Links that are high quality and relevant to your industry are what we will aspire to.  If you have any spammy links we can assist with disavowing them.  If you need a better backlink profile, we can assist in finding out what your competitors links are. 

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of the SEO Services that we provide. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Top Searches for the UK

Since the start of any SEO Campaign is knowing and understanding your Keywords, below are the top keywords for the UK.For this data we used Google’s Keyword Planner

  • uk / 2,240,000
  • vaccinations uk / 301,000
  • uk travel / 246,000
  • uk us travel / 165,000
  • uk gov travel / 110,000
  • uk green list / 90,500
  • public health england / 90,500
  • worldometer uk / 90,500
  • uk red list / 90,500
  • travel to france from uk / 90,500
  • rightmove uk / 673,000 ave monthly searches
  • google maps uk / 550,000
  • london / 450,000
  • gumtree uk / 368,000
  • uk / 301,000
  • skyscanner uk / 301,000
  • youtube uk / 165,000
  • shein uk / 135,000
  • uk top 40 / 135,000
  • tripadvisor uk / 110,000
  • gumtree london  / 74,000
  • sky garden london / 74,000
  • swindon / 74,000
  • england flag / 60,500

SEO Company UK:  Top Searches for Hotels and Accommodations

Below are the top keywords for the accommodations industry in the UK

  • hotels in london / 301,000
  • hotels edinburgh scotland / 135,000
  • bristol hotels / 110,000
  • premier inns london / 90,500
  • trivago uk / 60,500
  • cheap hotels in london / 49,500
  • travelodge london / 40,500
  • hotels in central london / 27,100
  • london student accommodation / 27,100
  • hotels in the cotswolds / 27,100
  • london hotels / 201,000 ave monthly searches
  • trivago uk / 90,500
  • travelodge london / 74,000
  • manchester airport hotels / 49,500
  • cheap hotels in london / 49, 500
  • spa breaks uk / 22,200
  • windermere hotels / 18,100
  • cotswolds hotels / 18,100
  • hard rock hotel london / 14,800
  • holiday inn london / 14,800
  • luton airport hotels / 12,100
  • spa hotel london / 12,100

SEO Company UK:  Top Searches for Restaurants

  • restaurants london / 135,000
  • best restaurants london / 90,500
  • michelin star restaurants london / 33,100
  • italian restaurants london / 33,100
  • gordon ramsay restaurants london / 22,200
  • tim hortons uk / 18,100
  • best italian restaurants london / 18,100
  • japanese restaurant london / 18,100
  • restaurants glasgow city centre / 18,100
  • vegan restaurant london / 18,100
  • michelin star restaurants london / 22,200 ave monthly searches
  • best indian restaurant london / 14,800
  • rainforest cafe london / 14,800
  • indian restaurant london / 12,100
  • japanese restaurant london / 12,100
  • top restaurants in london / 12,100
  • shake shack london / 9,900
  • restaurants glasgow city centre / 9,900
  • best burger in london / 9,900
  • korean bbq london / 9,900
  • tim nortons uk / 8,100

It’s amusing to me that one of the top 10 restaurants searches in the UK is Shake Shack.

If you would like your keywords, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We provide them at no cost.  We also provide an initial free SEO consultation to see if we are the right SEO company for your business and/or organization.