SEO Leicester

As a Leicester SEO Company, we can increase your rankings on Google and the other search engines, ensuring you emerge from COVID not just a survivor but a thriver. A winner sticking out like a sore thumb to the throes of eager and excited, passionate fans keen to visit and soak up all you have at such a bizarre time of frustration and isolation.

While some brands are having to cut their marketing spend, there’s one thing that doesn’t stop: organic search.  Yes I know it’s very tough out there right now, especially since Leicester has suffered another local lockdown. It’s a weird and uncertain time, but we know one thing for sure: people are online more than ever before and still spending. So let’s get them spending their money with you!

Here’s the short version:

  1. We get that you want your website to pop up in front of them once they’ve entered keywords related to your offering: for that to happen your website must be visible (and we don’t just mean look good)
  2. For your website to be visible, the spiders (search engine bots) that crawl the net with the goal of getting you the best result, have to be able to find, categorise and index it easily. That takes SEO
  3. Businesses in Leicester that do well and score more highly on the search engines get that SEO is vital because they understand natural, organic search is by far the most cost-effective sales and marketing tool around
  4. The companies in Leicester that have weathered the storm and continue to prosper recognise SEO as crucial for increasing and maintaining their search engine positions, bringing them new business while helping them stay top dog in their field

We are that confident that we can help you get fantastic results from our websites and SEO campaigns that we’ll give you your money back if we don’t. We’ve been going for 12 years now and so far it hasn’t happened!

While historically famous for decades as being the home of Walkers crisps, it was the discovery of King Richard III’s body in a car park in 2012 that put Leicester firmly on the cultural radar. This amazing find boosted the local leisure economy by almost £500 million in just one year with almost a million extra visitors and continued to grow, until of course very recently.

Another legendary day for Leicester was the 2nd May 2016: when the Foxes (or LCFC, Leicester City Football Club), made football history by winning the Premier League with preposterous odds of 5000-1, such was the lack of faith in their ability to succeed. The blaze of glory and the huge boost in spending of £7 million that followed this incredible achievement put Leicester right on the map, creating a cultural renaissance in a rejuvenated centre with high end shopping at High Cross and new bars and restaurants around the Curve theatre. The delights of the Space Centre and of course the UK’s first and longest running comedy festival combined make Leicester a wise choice for a visit or stay.

All of the Leicester success stories named above use SEO, so what is it?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation; the method of maximising your website and its content:

  1. What is written
  2. How it is written
  3. When it is written
  4. How your site is built

The infrastructure of the website must be smooth and accessible, allowing the spiders to digest and act upon their findings in order for them to suggest you as the most precise and trusted response to the query made by the end user.

In order for them to categorise and index your website as best as they can and make you get on their list of trusted suggestions, it has to contain and make available a plethora of signs that align with the published rules and regulations, guidelines and updates to the algorithm of the search engines.

We get that you want your products and your services found ahead of the others when people are out there searching for what you have in Leicester. SEO done properly makes this happen.

So with around 400 websites being launched every minute and around 2 billion in total already on the web, how the heck can we get yours to where you want it to be – slap bang in front of that searcher looking for what you want to give them? It’s easy – we start with Local SEO for Leicester.


Your Local Leicester SEO Agency

COVID has caused a huge increase in searches for Leicester businesses so your site needs to be up to date in order for us to catch them! We can create local, Leicester SEO campaigns that will ensure your business can be found by those potential clients in your local area. 

Here’s my 3 top reasons why you should let us take care of your Leicester SEO:

  1. Cost: You’d be spending a fraction of what your own internal team or agency could cost
  2. Time: You can focus on what’s important to you
  3. Proficiency: You want excellent results: we are very good at making money for our clients as you can see here

So, back to these spiders….

Picture the scene, your ideal new client is fed up with staying in and not being able to go and enjoy themselves in downtown Leicester. SEO connects them with what you have. They are keen to get out and enjoy themselves so they start by entering keywords and terms related to your offerings in Leicester. You may well have exactly what they are looking for and you may feel you’re the best show in town with fantastic value, but if your site is not built as well as it could have been and has obstructions that you had no idea about, the spiders’ journey is cut short and your chances of being one of the 90% of pages that gets ZERO traffic from Google goes through the roof.

Google has a 92% market share so going forward I will focus on them. Their goal with search is to empower those searching with the most accurate answers to their questions in milliseconds, hence the algorithm is frequently updated in order for it to be as close to authentic human interaction as possible. We pride ourselves on studying each update and what it means for our clients, then act accordingly to maintain their excellent positions and market share.

When it comes to the question of how can we get people to your site, there’s no mystery to SEO. Leicester websites score highly on Google, as well as the other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) with ease by merely following the guidelines, rules and updates which are published for all to see.  The spiders have over 200 ‘signals’ – things to  consider in order to rank your website but here’s my top 3 reasons:

  1. On-page SEO: Also called on-site SEO, this is about optimising the content of your site in order to best attract the end user via the search engine with terms and phrases (keywords) that match their intent
  2. Off-page SEO: Also called off-site SEO, this is about actions committed external to your site that can increase your rank and relevance to the search’s subject (domain authority)
  3. Technical SEO: This is about forging a firm base and maximising a strong infrastructure that will best attract and entertain the search engines

Our Leicester SEO team recognise that you want to emerge from COVID a winner. You want to be on page one of Google, who doesn’t! We don’t make promises but we know how to get you there. This is why we keep up to date with the updates so you don’t have to.

Search Engine Optimisation for Leicester


SEO is something many believe and say they don’t need or care about; they are happy with their website or they’re focusing their ever decreasing spend on other areas of marketing. That’s all well and good, but you can’t just expect the crowd and their money to show up if your website is just sitting there silently. You are competing with other businesses, venues and attractions for that precious spending money of your ideal audience. More than ever they are going to be specific about where they want to go and why.

Whenever I am told why SEO is not necessary, I think back with fond memories of when I had left the UK and was hearing the very same objections in 2012 when we started an SEO agency in Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands. So, here we are 8 years later having similar conversations but it’s cool, you are here reading this because you are curious and need answers. Long story short, without traffic and custom what’s the point of your website?

Benefits for your site from SEO:

  1. Increased attraction, categorising and indexing by the search engines
  2. Improved rankings on the search engines
  3. Enhanced visibility to the end user
  4. More traffic
  5. More leads
  6. More sales

Let’s imagine you are looking for “Entertainment in Leicester”; so you enter these words into Google, and before you can say “Victoria Park”the spiders have combed the net looking for the right matches for you and will present them to you in the order they see fit, ie based on their accessibility and relevance.

So how do we make sure your website scores higher  rankings on Google than your competitors when your potential audience is looking for (insert your offering here) in Leicester? We take care of several areas. The SEO services we deliver are:

SEO Services:

  1. SEO Audit for your Website

    We start here; we will perform a thorough technical SEO audit of your site, checking how friendly it is to the search engines via a series of tests. We look at how it is indexed and categorised by the spiders. Following the guidelines and latest updates we will be in a better position to share our views on where you are and what action should be taken to get you where you want to be.

  2. Keyword analysis and research for SEO

    This is the most important factor that Google ranks for. The success of your website and any SEO campaigns depend largely on which keywords you choose to focus on. We will take the time to understand you, your business and your offerings in order to select the very best keywords and terms that are the most significant. It is vital we get this right so that we can deliver the traffic and interest you want.

  3. Link Building for SEO

    After we’ve checked your site and decided upon your keywords, the next thing we need to do is build links. We do this by creating a backlink (otherwise known as an inbound or incoming link) from another site to yours. This is like a vote of confidence, which signals to the spiders that your content is worthy. Some links are worth more than others, so it’s ideal to get them from popular and high-authority sites, as having multiple sites linking back to you from trustworthy sites can increase your position and visibility on the web. It’s not good having loads of low quality links, instead it’s better to have fewer links of higher quality – ie they link to popular, renowned sites.
    Yes there are companies out there that can offer you high numbers of links, but as always = quality over quantity.
  4. SEO Spider- Friendly Infrastructure

    At Wowwebsites, we create your site based on how your end user and the search engine spiders need it to be for them to choose you over the others. We ensure the site is built so that when they crawl it for information, it’s as easy as possible for them to navigate through and return to the searcher with you as the main suggestion for their quest instead of the competition. We will build and coordinate your site in alignment with the search engine algorithm’s latest update, so that you stand the best chance of being ranked highly.
  5. Local, Leicester SEO

    90% of consumers are using the web to find local businesses and lately more than ever before, thanks to COVID your potential customer is trying to reach you online as opposed to offline.
    Of course your site is global, anyone in the world can see it. However, we need to focus on your Leicester audience and their queries. You may have a bricks and mortar business, in which case we have to make sure you are visible on the local Google Maps in order to reach more Leicester customers and bring you more money.
  6. SEO for Mobile

    In a study last year, it was discovered that 63% of Google searches are done on  mobile phones so it’s absolutely vital that your site is mobile friendly, moreso now that Google uses your mobile site as the default when categorising and ranking it. We will ensure that your site is easy to navigate, making sure you stand a better chance that they remain on the site and don’t just bounce off for negative reasons and choose your competitor instead.

  7. Competitor Analysis SEO

You tell us who your competition is and we will tell you what they are doing right and wrong in order to place them where they are. We will show you how your site measures up in comparison and come up with suggestions for a campaign that will increase your rankings and rise above them.

  1. Content Marketing for SEO

    What really gets your site rising up the search engines is fresh, steady and good quality content. It’s been said a million or more times but “Content is King”. Content Marketing is SEO, just not so technical. It’s more extensive and universal, fulfilling the demands of SEO. To rank higher you need content that will gratify the searcher’s quest. We can help you do this using keywords within it, but making sure it’s top drawer, super relevant and not just a bunch of keywords stuffed together in a crappy article else it will fail.

  2. Business Start up Kit for SEO

    Are you looking to start your own business and need something strong but inexpensive to generate new business and gain a visible online presence? Get in touch with us and we can give you a great head start. No other SEO agency integrates SEO into their website builds with no extra charges.

    Improve your rankings, traffic and online engagement today by dropping us a line here

Why you should employ SEO to increase your business

Take a minute to picture how you yourself act and react when you are online looking for something specific. You type your terms into Google and your eyes are naturally drawn to the top results: the results that get the most traffic are #1, 2 & 3. Yes there are ads at the top, but they are artificially inserted and marked clearly as “Ads”; not naturally selected as they don’t have that organic, perfect-match content that the end user is seeking.

As may be the case with your own behaviour, most people don’t go as far as page 2 or beyond unless they are really determined. Also most content (90%) doesn’t even get ranked by Google – and as such get ZERO traffic, hence it is vital you improve your SEO to be even considered.

The benefits of SEO for your business

  1. Increased traffic means increased awareness
  2. Increased exposure and visibility
  3. Open 24/7
  4. Return On Investment: We can give you data; measurable & trackable results
  5. Increased conversions: Having your site built properly increases the chances of the searcher staying with and buying from you
  6. Value: Maximum exposure, minimum wastage

FAQ’s: Frequently asked Questions about SEO

  1. Can you guarantee me the top spot on Google?

    No, we can’t and don’t make promises like that and anyone with any salt would say the same. Before that conversation we need to dig deep into your site and understand you, your business, your industry and the clients you want

  2. How much are your SEO campaigns?

    As above, we would need to do some detective work first. We can’t just fire off numbers, it all depends on the state of your site and how it appears to the search engines. From then we need to talk about what you want and what your goals are.

  3. Why do I need a Local Leicester SEO campaign?

    By creating a robust local SEO strategy for your business in Leicester we can help you be found more easily by those closer to you. We will make sure you appear on local Maps and searches.

  4. Can I do my SEO myself for free?

    Of course! By all means if you have the time and patience or maybe you can’t afford to pay someone, there are lots of free resources. My favourite is Moz.

  5. Why should I choose a local Leicester SEO company to do my SEO?

    Because you will get a personal service by a Leicester-born bloke who will keep it simple and not bamboozle you with lingo. I keep it simple. I want you to be happy. I want you to get results and tell your friends about me. We are proud to be in the mid-range when it comes to cost – yes you could go cheaper and risk a badly worded, naff looking site, or take the more expensive route and have your budget hoovered up for the sake of aesthetics.

  6. Who are you?
    My name’s Nick Pitman. My goal is to deliver the best SEO services in
    Leicester and help to make Wowebsites one of the top SEO companies in
    the world!


    I was born in Leicester, raised in Stamford and spend lots of my time
    in Leicester as I have lots of family and friends there. In 2012 I
    came home after spending 20 amazing years in London and the Cayman
    Islands where I met Fevi – the founder of Wowwebsites. 

    I am the proud and silly Daddy of Bo (4) and when I am not working or
    with her I study Law (LLB) via the OU, and study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    at Impulse BJJ in Peterborough. When I can I like to have fun with
    electronic music production and video editing.

    While not the technical SEO geek, I pride myself as an effectual
    translator and middleman between you and our team. I have over 20 years
    experience in digital and print media, content writing, event
    management, marketing, proof-reading, SEO and social media.

    I’d love to help you with any issues you may have. Click here to contact me for an SEO website check. Wowebsites are dedicated to becoming the best SEO company in Leicester.

WOWebsites has been serving Businesses since 2008.  We provide SEO Leicester services and focus on three main aspects of Search Engine Optimization, namely:  Content, Links and Technical SEO.  

The start of an SEO Campaign is usually with keyword research.  Below are the top keywords for Industries in Leicester.  

Keywords for SEO Leicester Clients in Hotels

  • hostels in leicester / 590 ave monthly searches
  • fosse park premier inn leicester / 590
  • bed and breakfast leicester / 480
  • b&b leicester / 480
  • spa hotels in leicester / 480
  • jury inn leicester / 390
  • castle park hotel leicester / 320
  • 5 star hotel leicester / 260
  • aparthotel leicester / 170
  • leicester uk hotels / 170

Keywords for SEO Leicester Clients in Restaurants

  • leicester restaurants / 12,100 ave monthly searches
  • indian restaurant leicester / 4,400
  • curry in leicester / 3,600
  • nando leicester / 3,600
  • places to eat in leicester / 2,900
  • best restaurants in leicester / 2,900
  • giggling squid leicester / 1,900
  • kfc leicester / 1,900
  • pizza hut leicester / 1,900
  • halal restaurants in leicester / 1,900

Keywords for SEO Leicester Clients in Real Estate

  • house in leicester for sale / 14,800 ave monthly searches
  • property sale leicester / 2,900
  • house auction leicester / 880
  • flat for sale in leicester / 880
  • leicester auction property / 720
  • repossessed houses for sale in leicester / 480
  • cheap houses in leicester for sale / 480
  • houses for sale anstey leicester / 260
  • auction properties leicestershire / 170
  • zoopla house for sale leicester / 170