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Our first office in Australia is in Sydney and are so excited to be here. We are the #1 SEO Company in the US and the Caribbean and have been serving local businesses and organizations for over a decade.


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SEO Australia

WOWebsites is now an SEO Australia Company!  We are proud and excited to announce that we are partnering with a local business in Sydney to provide SEO Services in Australia.  Our new regional office is opening third quarter of 2020 in Sydney, but we are starting to optimize for keywords, right away.  As should any business pursuing online ranking.  On average it takes about 3 months to optimize for a keyword.

WOWebsites the #1 SEO Company serving local businesses in the US and the Caribbean.¬† ¬†We follow Google’s QRG (Quality Raters Guidelines) as well as all of Google’s SEO recommendations when building your website.¬† We are the only company in the world that includes Technical SEO in all our Web projects, including our basic website package, that’s why, as soon as we launch your new website, it will naturally rank.¬†¬†

We are so proud to be in Australia and providing the same World-Class SEO Services.   Because we integrate Technical SEO at the basic level, this enables websites to rank for its keywords as soon as it is launched.  How do we do this?  Aside from integrated Technical SEO, we also include the following elements within the Web development process.

Australia SEO Services

  • Keyword Research — there are no developers that will insert your keywords into your website.¬† First because they are developers, not SEO professionals.¬† Our Team is a combination of SEO and Web Professionals so we are able to deliver high search engine results, even for basic web packages.
  • Website Navigation — it is very rare for a developer to deliver keyword-rich navigation.¬† Simply because that’s not the job of a developer.¬† That’s the jobs of an SEO professional.¬† Our internal SEO process ensures that your website navigation is Search Engine Friendly as well as User-Friendly
  • Pagespeed Inclusions — if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, almost 40% of Users bounce-off.¬† We make sure your website loads faster than your competitors both on mobile and desktop.
  • Content Management — part of Optimization is ensuring that your content competes well with your Industry.¬† We will assist in helping you understand how Google uses content in ranking websites.¬† This process helps ensure that your content is at par with Industry standards and User expectations.
  • Backlink Audit — we find out what your top links are, if any, and utilize them properly.¬† If you have no links, we help you get the best links necessary for your keyword, location, and industry.
  • Technical SEO — we are the only web company to provide Technical SEO as an added-value service for no additional costs.¬†

Below are the top keywords for Australia and its main Cities.  If you would like your keywords, get in touch, we provide it at no cost.  Remember, SEO starts and ends with knowing, understanding keywords keywords.

SEO Australia’s Top Keywords

Below are the highest keyword searches in Australia

  • australia / 3,350,000 ave monthly searches
  • sydney / 823,000
  • brisbane / 450,000
  • adelaide / 301,000
  • canberra / 301,000
  • capital of australia / 301,000
  • kangaroo island / 135,000
  • new south wales / 201,000
  • sydney australia / 165,000
  • rottness island / 110,000
  • booking com au / 90,500
  • phillip island / 110,000
  • alice springs / 90,500
  • things to do in melbourne / 90,500
  • adelaide australia / 74,000

It is of note that “kangaroo island” only use to have an average of less than 100k searches per month.¬† But in Jan 2020, the searches sky-rocketed to 823,000 because of the wildfires that engulfed the island.

SEO Australia:  Top Keywords for the Accommodations Industry

Below are the top keywords for the accommodations industry in Australia 

  • sydney hotels / 60,500 ave monthly searches
  • sydney accommodation / 33,100¬†
  • perth hotels / 27,100¬†
  • adelaide accommodation / 18,100¬†
  • adelaide hotels / 18,100¬†
  • cairns accommodation / 18,100¬†
  • trivago australia / 18,100¬†
  • ritz carlton perth / 14,800¬†
  • hamilton island accomodation / 14,800¬†
  • cairns hotels / 14,800¬†
  • perth accommodation / 14,800¬†
  • port douglas accommodation / 14,800¬†
  • margaret river accommodation / 14,800¬†
  • darwin acommodation / 12,100¬†

SEO Australia:  Top Keywords for the Tourism and Attractions Industry 

 Here are the searches of real customers looking for things to do and attractions in Austrlia 

  • things to do in melbroune / 90,500¬†
  • things to do in sydney / 60,500¬†
  • things to do in brisbane / 40,500
  • sydney museum / 33,100¬†
  • things to do perth / 33,100¬†
  • gold coast theme parks / 33,100¬†
  • things to do in gold coast / 27,100¬†
  • things to do in adelaide / 22,200¬†
  • coogee beach / 22,200
  • movie world gold coast / 18,100¬†
  • parliament house canberra / 12,100¬†
  • melbourne attractions / 12,100¬†

If you are looking for an SEO Company that has been serving businesses and organizations and helping them grow, look no further.  We also provide an initial free SEO Consultation by our Inhouse SEO Expert.