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New York is such a competitive Online battleground so we focus on High Conversion rates for all SEO Campaigns.  When we take on an SEO project, we ensure that Landing Pages address User-query so that you achieve higher rankings, receive quality inquiries and increase online revenues. 


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New York SEO

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Update, January 2021 

As the Pandemic continues to ravage New York and the US as a whole, it is now more important than ever for your business to operate and function as an Online Business.  Whether you are doing-it-yourself or hiring a Professional SEO Company, we would love to help your business succeed.  Please check out the SEO Services that we provide and / or hire an SEO Consultant to help you get on the right foot forward. 

One of the updates we’ve done to our New York SEO landing page is provide keywords to top industries located in New York.  You can now compare what Users searched for prior to the pandemic.  We used Google Keyword Planner for the keywords below, but we always recommend using a few keyword tools.  If you don’t find your keywords below, request for them, it’s free.  We also provide an initial 30-min SEO Consultation at no cost, book here.


WOWebsites provides New York SEO Services for local businesses, organizations and non-profits.  We have been serving local and tourism-based businesses for over a decade and are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We help Users understand your product and services by ensuring high visibility on the Search Engines, this translates to high conversion rates for your landing pages.

Currently, there are 3,350,000 average monthly searches for “new york” — what it would mean for your business to have that much online exposure?  When we optimize your website, we choose the right keywords and integrate them into landing pages.  We will also train on how to write content that is focused on the User-Intent.  Our main objective is ensuring that the entire online experience is intuitive for the User.  A seamless online experience is our priority because that enables high conversion rates.  


New York SEO Services

Below are the SEO services that we provide, if there is a particular Service that  you are looking for, please contact us directly  — there are many Digital Marketing Agencies in New York but none of them can deliver the same quality of search traffic to your website.  If you are a local business looking  to increase your Online Visibility, look no further — 

Site Audit

The first steps of an SEO Campaign is a Website Audit. It provides a starting point and helps in figuring out your Optimization Strategy moving forward. We use Industry standard tools in analyzing your website but we also double check all parameters manually. We use the following tools for your audit:  Google analytics, Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed Insights, Google’s Structured Data, SEMrush, Sitebulb, Moz, Copyscape and more depending on the industry and competition

Landing Page Optimization

Every page of your website should be targeting a keyword. Optimizing each page will ensure the maximum amount of online traffic. So, the more traffic your web pages have, the higher the conversion rate if and when your landing pages are optimized.  Some important tips when creating a landing page, ensure your prospect targeting is clear.  Ensure the benefit is clear.  Include social proof to establish trust and finally use contrasting colors to highlight buying buttons.

Site Architecture

Creating the menu structure of your website is like creating the blueprint of your SEO Strategy. It must be keyword rich! For more competitive industries, it must silo competitive keywords.  Its important to remember that your website architecture defines your internal linking structure.  If you can’t get EAT Quality links pointing to you, creating your EAT-quality web pages that link to each other is the second best thing.

Page Speed

Page Speed is one of the top algorithmic requirements of Google. Having a high page speed is always our focus because almost half of Users will leave the site when a page doesn’t load within three seconds. We will integrate best practices for page speed including gzip compression, minifying of javascript, css and html, reducing redirects, removing render-blocking javascript, leveraging browser caching and using a content distribution network. 

Link Building

The Search Engine Algorithm has relied on links since the beginning of time. There has been a long history of links and its persuasions. We will ensure that each and every link going to your website will be important and useful.  Aside from monitoring and adding to external, incoming backlinks, we will also ensure that your entire internal linking structure is beneficial for all pages of your website.  There will not be a single landing page that has only one link pointing to it.

Keyword Research

We provide a comprehensive keyword analysis for our Clients. The first thing that you should know are your keywords and your competitors keywords. We will ensure that your website gets categorized properly according to your target keywords.  Building content around your keywords and User-Intent are focal points in Optimization.  Understanding your long-tail, short-tail, major, evergreen and seasonal keywords are key in maintaining presence on the SERPs.

There are many long term benefits of having an Optimized Website, the most important being free traffic from the Search Engines.  The second and very important benefit is a higher conversion rate because the traffic that you attract from the search engines are already looking for your product and services.

Below are examples of keywords for competitive industries in New York. If you don’t see your industry, pls contact us to request for your keywords.  We provide them at no cost. Initial SEO Consults are free as well. 

Below are the top keywords for competitive industries in New York…

Keywords for New York Real Estate

If your business is in New York Real Estate, you are in a very competitive industry. Understanding Users needs, requirements and expectations can increase the number of quality inquiries for your website. Building content around User-Intent is our focus. Below are the top keywords for the Real Estate Industry in New York.

  • ny zillow / 60,500
  • new york real estate / 22,200
  • new york houses / 22,200
  • nyc real estate / 18,100
  • houses for sale in new york / 18,100
  • new york apartments for sale / 18,100
  • nyc apartments for sale / 14,800
  • new york city houses / 14,800
  • real estate license ny / 12,100
  • houses for sale in rochester new york / 9,900
  • trulia ny / 8,100
  • zillow nyc / 8,100
  • zillow ny / 33,100 ave monthly searches
  • new york real estate / 18,100
  • houses for sale in new york / 18,100
  • new york apartments for sale / 14,800
  • trulia ny / 12,100
  • nyc apartments for sale / 12,100
  • nyc real estate / 12,100
  • manhattan apartments for sale / 8,100
  • manhattan real estate / 5,400
  • houses for sale in queens ny / 4,400
  • brooklyn real estate / 4,400
  • realtor ny / 4,400
  • new york homes / 3,600

Keywords for New York Tourism and Attractions

New York is one of the top tourism destinations in the United States. If your business is in tourism, you need to be able to receive reservations and bookings on a daily basis. Below are the top keywords for attractions, tourism and things to do in New York City

  • new york things to do / 49,500
  • things to do in nyc / 49,400
  • nyc museums / 40,500
  • new york botanical gardens / 33,100
  • city pass new york / 27,100
  • aquariums in new york / 27,100
  • museum of sex nyc / 14,800
  • new york zoo / 14,800
  • visiting places in new york / 14,800
  • guggenheim museum new york / 12,100
  • natural history museum new york / 12,100
  • new york city pass / 135,000 ave monthly searches
  • things to do in nyc / 135,000
  • things to do in new york / 110,000
  • statue of liberty tickets / 74,000
  • central park zoo / 74,000
  • museums in nyc / 49,500
  • madame tussauds new york / 40,500
  • natural history museum new york / 40,500
  • natural history museum nyc / 40,500
  • new york botanical garden / 40,500
  • new york museums / 40,500
  • things to do in nyc today / 33,100
  • new york explorer pass / 27,100
  • things to do in nyc this weekend / 27,100
  • places to visit in nyc / 27,100
  • legoland ny / 22,200

If your Small Business is trying to get more visitors, its going to be difficult to compete against a brand. Difficult but not impossible. If you are a Small Business Tourism Operator in NYC, please contact us if you want to increase your online inquiries.

Keywords for New York Restaurants

One of the biggest industries is the Restaurant and Fine Dinning Industry. Here are the top keywords for the New York Restaurant Scene

  • new york restaurants / 49,500
  • eater new york / 49,500
  • new york pizza style / 49,500
  • best restaurants in nyc / 33,100
  • rooftop restaurants nyc / 27,100
  • restaurants in hell’s kitchen / 27,100
  • carbone nyc / 22,200
  • catch nyc / 18,100
  • best pizza in nyc / 18,100
  • city island restaurants / 18,100
  • outdoor dining nyc / 18,100
  • carmines new york city / 18,100
  • marea nyc / 14,800
  • best restaurants in nyc / 74,000
  • nyc restaurants / 74,000
  • new york restaurants / 49,500
  • nyc restataurant week / 49,500
  • carmines nyc / 40,500
  • manhattan pizza / 40,500
  • times square restaurants / 33,100
  • catch nyc / 33,100
  • best brunch nyc / 27,100
  • steakhouse nyc / 27,100
  • brunch nyc / 27,100
  • carbone nyc / 27,100
  • west village restaurants / 27,100
  • best restaurants in new york / 27,100

Aside from investing in Online Visibility, we would also recommending doing Local SEO as a lot of keywords will probably show the Google Local Directory. We can definitely help in setting this up.

Keywords for New York Hotels and Accommodations

Another huge industry in Accommodations. If you own or manage a hotel and you need more Online bookings, please get in touch. We would love to increase your bookings!

  • new york hotel / 246,000
  • plaza hotel new york / 110,000
  • ny time square / 74,000
  • hudson new york / 49,500
  • the plaza new york / 33,100
  • waldorf astoria new york / 27,100
  • roosevelt hotel new york / 27,100
  • hotel in time square / 27,100
  • new york city times square / 27,100
  • chelsea hotels / 27,100
  • empire hotel nyc / 22,200
  • hotels in manhattan ny / 18,100
  • hotels in times square new york / 18,100
  • grand hyatt new york / 14,800
  • new york hotels / 550,000 ave monthly searches
  • nyc hotels / 450,000
  • hotels in manhattan / 135,000
  • hotels in times square new york / 74,000
  • times square hotels / 74,000
  • hotels in manhattan new york / 74,000
  • brooklyn hotels / 60,500
  • plaza hotel new york / 60,500
  • aparments for rent nyc / 60,500
  • new york new york las vegas / 60,500
  • cheap hotels in nyc / 60,500
  • roosevelt hotel new york / 49,500
  • time square new york / 49,500
  • hotels in midtown nyc / 40,500
  • grand hyatt new york / 40,500
  • new york hilton midtown / 40,500
  • new yorker hotel / 40,500

If you have any questions about keywords and what you can do to help your business rank, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

These keywords are from Google’s Keyword Planner and provide a monthly ave search volume.  

SEO Campaigns for Clients in New York

Our SEO Campaigns for Businesses and Organization located in New York are for a minimum of 12 months. The most drastic changes to your Website happen in the first three months and remaining months are for tweaking and for making algorithmic changes when it is required.

We do not accept Campaigns for less than 12 months because it would be futile. Our goal is to make money for you and its an ongoing process that requires the time and commitment for a successful outcome.

Brooklyn SEO

Did you know that “brooklyn” gets an average of 550,000 searches per month? If you can imagine what kind of opportunities that would bring to your Business, if you were on the first page of the search…

Below are the top keywords for Brooklyn. If you are a business located in Brooklyn and would like to know your keywords, contact us, its completely free!

  • brooklyn / 673,000
  • greenpoint / 201,000
  • brooklyn botanic garden / 40,500
  • brooklyn bridge park / 33,100
  • flat bush / 22,200
  • industry city / 18,100
  • stuy / 18,100
  • brooklyn bowl /14,800
  • brooklyn navy yard / 14,800
  • brooklyn neighborhoods / 12,100
  • cities in brooklyn /9,900
  • brooklyn county / 8,100
  • brooklyn / 550,000 ave monthly searches
  • brooklyn new york / 74,000
  • bushwick / 74,000
  • dumbo brooklyn / 49,500
  • bed stuy / 33,100
  • brooklyn heights / 33,100
  • williamsburg brooklyn / 22,200
  • crown heights / 22,200
  • dyker heights / 22,200
  • bushwich brooklyn / 18,100

Queens SEO

We provide SEO Services to Companies located in Queens, New York. Below are the top keyword searches for Queens…

  • queens ny 90,500
  • flushing ny 22,200
  • astoria ny 22,200
  • astoria queens 18,100
  • jamaica queens / 18,100
  • flushing meadow / 18,100
  • queens flushing / 14,800
  • elmhurst ny / 9,900
  • woodside ny 8,100
  • queens nyc / 6,600
  • long island city / 60,500 ave monthly searches
  • queens new york / 60,500
  • astoria queens / 14,800
  • jamaica queens / 12,100
  • far rockaway / 12,100
  • flushing queens / 8,100
  • rego park / 8,100
  • ozone park / 8,100
  • sunnyside queens / 5,400
  • long island city ny / 5,400

Buffalo SEO

There are 110,000 searches for “buffalo ny” every month. Just imagine if your website was on the first page of that keyword? If you need to be on the first page of your keywords, we are can help!

Below are the top searches for Buffalo, NY…

  • buffalo ny / 110,000 ave monthly searches
  • buffalo usa / 12,100
  • city of buffalo / 8,100
  • buffalo city hall / 4,400
  • nyc to buffalo / 2,900
  • downtown buffalo / 2,900
  • new york to buffalo / 2,400
  • buffalo ny county / 1,900
  • buffalo niagara falls / 1,600
  • buffalo city court / 1,600

… there are many more searches and keywords for New York and we provide SEO Services that are customized for the client, their industry and location. Our focus is in Local Businesses who need high visibility. If you don’t see your keywords above, please request for them, we provide them at no cost. We also provide an initial Free, 30-minute, SEO Consultation with our Inhouse SEO Expert. We love working with passionate business owners who love their business and want to increase their Online Revenues.