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SEO Company: SEO Expert and Consultant for Boston, MA

WOWebsites provides  Boston SEO Services to Local Businesses who want to increase their Online Revenues.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is the process of ensuring your Website is found,  indexed, categorized and ranked accordingly.  We have been in the SEO Industry for over 12 years and understand how the Search Algorithms work.  We follow Google’s web development recommendations as well as Quality Raters Guidelines (QRG) when building your website.  We are the only SEO company that builds websites with technical SEO integration for no additional cost.  We strongly believe that websites should be Search-Engine-Friendly as well as User-Friendly and that’s why our SEO process vastly differs from competitors.  

Our focus is Online Marketing Services include  SEO, Pay-per-click (PPC) and Web Development.   We strongly believe that Web Design has to be built with SEO and that PPC needs SEO in order to thrive.  There is a holistic strategy in ensuring all three online marketing tools are working together to provide better online visibility and experience for your brand and Company.  Our most important metric is conversion rates. Everything we do is focused on one thing:  increasing your bottom line!

Boston SEO for Local Business

We specialize in SEO for local businesses that want to be on the top of Search Engines.  If you no longer want to see industry aggregators above your website ranking — then having to pay the aggregates for advertising, then we can definitely help!  We have been in the SEO Industry for over a decade and this has enabled us to create an SEO process that works. Here are the Online Industries where SEO can really make a difference in your bottom line:

  • Restaurants
  • Accommodations
  • Real Estate
  • Attractions
  • Car Rentals
  • Medical Practices
  • Law Firms
  • Recruitment Companies
  • Local Businesses
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Leisure
  • Professional Services

Let’s take the Restaurant Industry as an example.  Did you know that that “boston restaurants” receives an average of 60,500 monthly searches?  For PPC, Google’s keyword planner suggests a bid of $3.53 for a top of page bid.  If you multiply 60,500 by $3.53, that over $200,000 (per month) on that one keyword alone.

Don’t worry, your SEO Campaign will not cost anything like that at all. Not even close!

We will discover your ideal keywords and ensure your website is highly visible for relevant and targeted searches.  As SEO professionals we can never guarantee your SERP positions  (Search Engine Ranking Pages) but because we have been doing this for so long, most of our clients normally get on the first page of Search results within a couple of months of an SEO Campaign.  We work tirelessly to make this happen because our reputation is on the line.  Below are the SEO Services that we provide for Boston businesses and organizations.

Boston SEO Services

The three most important aspects of  Optimization are Quality Content, Relevant Links and Technical SEO.   Other aspects are On-page SEO, Page Speed, User Experience, Domain Authority, and Security.  There are over 200 ranking signals.  Some industries are more competitive than others.  Below are the SEO Services that we provide. We can provide these SEO Services within an SEO Campaign or Ala-carte.

Content Writing and Management

Content Writing and Management addresses quality content — gone are the days of writing just to write and keyword stuffing.  Nowadays, content needs to be written by an expert in your industry. Preferably written by you, the business owner, or a Team Member with relevant credentials.  The content needs to be relevant, timely, descriptive and include latent semantic indexing (LSI).   Don’t forget to include E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness)

Link Building, Audit and Management

Link Management addresses relevant links — a fundamental of SEO — but not just external links, we also include your internal linking design.  It’s important for your web pages to have links pointing to it and to prevent orphaned pages.  When you have a strong domain, it’s important to remember that internal links pointing to internal pages are equally important as external links.

Technical SEO

Because we have been doing this for over a decade, we are Technical SEO Experts.  When we build websites, we integrate technical SEO considerations to it so that when we launch the website, it automatically ranks for its keywords.  Technical SEO includes the following:  crawlability, indexability, robots.txt file, meta robots tag, minimal 404s, proper uses of 301 redirects, minimal duplicate content and thin content, secure website, XML sitemap, and structured data.   In my experience, a lot of websites are hindered by really bad technical SEO.   Once you fix the technical SEO aspect, its fairly easy for them to rank.

On-Page SEO

We will ensure that your entire website navigation, page titles, page headings, meta-descriptions and page content are all keyword-rich without crossing the line of keyword stuffing.  We will also ensure that your pages have all the semantic keywords needed to fulfill search engine requirements.  

Keyword Research

The beginning of SEO is always keyword research.  Knowing what keywords to target and rank for is probably what will help your SEO Strategy the most.  There are many types of keywords, the most important ones that I personally consider are major keywords, evergreen keywords, and long-tail.   For keyword research requests, we also provide seasonal keywords.

Below are some of the keywords for Boston-based businesses.

Keywords for Restaurants

If your business is in the restaurant industry in Boston, below are your top keywords

  • boston restaurants / 60,500 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in boston / 40,500
  • seaport boston restaurants / 22,200
  • legal seafood boston / 18,100
  • north end restaurants / 18,100
  • north end boston restaurants / 14,800
  • back bay restaurants / 12,100
  • brunch boston / 12,100
  • restaurant week boston / 12,100
  • best brunch in boston / 9,900
  • yvonne’s boston / 9,900

The most expensive keyword here (according to Google’s Keyword Planner Tool) is “north end boston restaurants that go for $12.26 for a top of page bid.  You would be saving a lot more money for an Organic Campaign, for sure.

Keywords for Accommodations

Below are the keywords for the hotel and accommodations industry in Boston.  I’ve removed the branded searches for obvious reasons.

  • boston hotels / 110,000 ave monthly searches
  • hotels in boston ma / 18,100
  • cheap hotels in boston / 9,900
  • downtown boston hotels / 8,100
  • boston airport hotels / 6,600
  • hotels near fenway park / 6,600
  • hotels in cambridge ma / 6,600
  • best hotels in boston / 6,600
  • logan airport hotels / 5,400
  • hotels near boston airport / 4,400
  • hotels near boston / 3,600
  • hotels near logan airport / 3,600

The hotel with the highest branded search is Boston Park Plaza that receives 22,200 average monthly searches.  The cost per click of a top of page bid is $2.91

Keywords for the Attractions Industry

Below are the top tourism keywords for Boston

  • things to do in boston / 90,500 ave monthly searches
  • boston museum of science / 40,500
  • museum of fine arts boston / 33,100
  • things to do in boston this weekend / 22,200
  • boston museums / 14, 800
  • things to do in boston today / 8,100
  • boston beaches / 8,100
  • boston attractions / 6,600
  • best things to do in boston / 6,600
  • things to do in boston ma / 6,600
  • things to do in boston with kids / 5,400
  • boston sightseeing / 4,400

The most expensive keyword, cost per click-wise is “museum of fine arts boston” that costs $8.85 per click.

When we do your keyword research for you, it will be more comprehensive than the above examples.  We will also be using three keyword tools for reference. We provide keywords at no cost, please request for them by using our contact form.   We also provide an initial free SEO Consultation with our Inhouse SEO Expert.