Caribbean SEO

Caribbean Tourism SEO

Aruba SEO
Aruba SEO

Oranjestand-based Tourism-based Companies who need SEO Services and who belong in competitive Industries such as Aruba attractions, Aruba scuba diving, Aruba real estate and more

Bahamas SEO
Bahamas SEO

Tourism-based Small Businesses located in Nassau, Lucaya, Freeport, West End, Cooper’s Town, George Town and need SEO Services for competitive Online industries such as activities, scuba diving, real estate, etc

Barbados SEO
Barbados SEO

Bridgetown Tourism-based Small Businesses can now avail of SEO services for competitive Tourism-based Industries such as scuba diving, barbados real estate, barbados hotels, accommodations, restaurants, etc

Cayman SEO
Cayman SEO

Tourism-based businesses in Grand Cayman, Brac and Little Cayman can avail of SEO Services for competitive industries like Cayman real estate, scuba diving, cayman restaurants, cayman hotels and all other Tourism industries

Jamaica SEO
Jamaica SEO

All tourism businesses in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Kingston who want to compete on online searches for “best restaurants,” “top attractions,” “things to do,” “best local jerk chicken,” “real estate,” “scuba diving” and more

Turks and Caicos SEO
Turks and Caicos SEO

If your business is tourism based and is located in Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, avail of SEO services for competitive industries such as Turks and Caicos real estate, scuba diving, jobs and recruitment

Caribbean SEO Locations

We provide Caribbean SEO Services for the Tourism Industry. We’ve done it for clients in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos and we’ve realized that this is the path we want to pursue because this is where we are good at so starting in March of 2017, we will be offering a 20% discount to Companies based in the Caribbean who want to be on the first page of their Search Results. (Promo ends on May 30, 2017)

SEO Packages for the Caribbean Tourism Industry

Here are the the details and types of SEO Campaigns that we provide.
  • First Page SEO — we choose your keywords / key phrases and we ensure that your website is on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  • Top 3 SEO — we choose which keywords you want to target the most and we ensure that your website is top 3 of the SERPs
  • Maximum Visibility — we choose the keywords / key phrases and we make sure that your website is visible. Ideal for companies who aren’t in very competitive Tourism Industries. The competitive industries include: Real Estate, Diving, Accommodations and some Attractions within the Industries.
The difference in each package is the number of hours required to work on your website so it can reach its potential.

More Information Re: SEO Campaigns

There is a reason why no one credible in the SEO Industry can “guarantee” results on SEO. Obviously Google doesn’t share its secrets so SEO Professionals need to figure out what works and what doesn’t and then test them on websites. Thats why our packages are a minimum of 24 months because this will give us the time to test new algorithms as they appear. So a few things to consider when signing up for an SEO Package are:
  • Aside from the SEO Package cost, you must also set aside a budget for Advertising both on popular online newspapers and Social Media, we will recommend which ones to advertise on and when.
  • We will not be accepting all requests for the campaign. We will only accept it if we are confident that we can do it by analyzing your website, its domain strength, your online competition and keyword difficulties. In order for us to properly audit your website and industry, we require a non-refundable payment for the audit. If we take on your website this payment will go into your SEO Campaign and if we decline your project, you will receive a comprehensive list of things to do to help your website increase rank. Its win-win because the audit will advise your website developer on what things to do and improve on.
  • Please read, why websites rank higher than others to understand the limitations of your website. What an SEO Campaign aims to do is to try to overcome these challenges through creative ways and means that are acceptable to the Search Engines.
  • We do not perform black hat SEO techniques on your website. Black Hat techniques use to have immediate effects on websites but then after a few short weeks, Google will penalize the website and it will be more expensive to optimize for it. This won’t work for our money-back campaigns.
  • We will require new content from you on a regular basis both to update your website content or your blog as Search Engines like it when new content is posted regularly, it informs them that someone is updating the website.
  • We will require you to join the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations both locally and internationally, the membership fees from these organizations are additional out-of-pocket expenses. We will coordinate with the different associations regarding your link from their website to yours.
  • Check out Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing for broad definitions of our Caribbean SEO Campaigns.

Caribbean SEO Locations

We provide Caribbean SEO Campaigns for the following Caribbean Islands

Bahamas SEO

— The top keyword in the Bahamas is actually, “bahamas” which, according to Google Planner, gets an average monthly search of 823,000. Now, thats a whole bunch of searches and we will definitely advise if your product or service will benefit from targeting the biggest keyword in the Bahamas. Often times, unless you have a product that has broad consumer appeal, its just not worth it. If you are in the real estate industry, its makes more sense to target, “bahamas real estate,” which gets an average monthly search of 6,600. If you are in the Accommodations industry then tapering down to the kind of place you offer, ie. Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Condo, All-Inclusive will really help in targeting only the folks who are directly searching for you instead of broad-based keywords that are more expensive to target and might not be your direct target market.

Turks and Caicos SEO

— The top keyword in the Turks and Caicos is “turks and caicos,” which gets an average monthly search of 368,000! Thats huge for such a small Caribbean island. Turks and Caicos SEO services would include keyword research so we know which keywords to target and how effective your website will be in converting clicks into clients. Other high volume keyword are,
  • “turks and caicos all inclusive” /22,000 monthly searches
  • “turks and caicos hotels” /18,100 monthly searches
  • “turks and caicos resorts” /49,500 monthly searches
  • “beaches turks and caicos” /74,000 monthly searches

Aruba SEO

— the top keyword in Aruba is “aruba” which gets an average monthly search of 1.5 Million users. In the Caribbean, Aruba and Cuba actually have the highest monthly search volume from Keyword Planner. The problem here is that “Aruba” is also a domain and hosting company in Italy so its not immediately obvious which searches are for the Island and which ones are for the IT Company. Anyway, Aruba SEO will focus on Tourism-based businesses such as the following
  • “aruba hotels” /27,100 monthly searches
  • “aruba resorts” /18,100 monthly searches
  • “aruba vacations” /12,100 searches

Jamaica SEO

— the top keyword in Jamaica is “jamaica” and it gets an average of 1,000,000 searches per month. Other top ranking keywords for the Jamaican Tourism industry that require SEO services are:
  • “montego bay jamaica” /40,800 monthly searches
  • “negril jamaica” /33,100 monthly searches
  • “jamaica resorts” /27, 100 monthly searches
  • “jamaica all inclusive” /18,100 monthly searches
  • “jamaica all inclusive resorts” 14,800 monthly searches

Barbados SEO

— the top keyword in Barbados is “barbados” and it gets an average of 450,000 monthly searches, which isn’t bad. It definitely gets more searches than other islands in the Caribbean. Barbados SEO will focus on the very competitive Tourism industries within the islands. Some examples of keyword searches are below:
  • “barbados map” /22,2000 monthly searches
  • “barbados holidays” /18,100 monthly searches
  • “time in barbados” /14,800 monthly searches
  • “bridgetown, barbados” /14,800 monthly searches
  • “weather in barbados” /14,800 monthly searches
  • “where is barbados” /12,100 monthly searches

Cayman Islands SEO

— the top keyword for the Cayman Islands is “cayman islands” and gets an average of 246,000 searches monthly. There are other searches for the Cayman Islands, namely “grand cayman,” which gets 90,500 monthly searches, “cayman island,” which gets 40,500 monthly searches and “cayman” which gets 60,500 monthly searches but we can’t identify if they are searching for the car company or the Caribbean Island. Below are other high monthly searches for the Cayman Islands
  • grand cayman hotels /6,600
  • grand cayman resorts /6,600
  • cayman islands holidays /2,400
  • cayman isalnds hotels /2,400
  • cayman islands vacation /2,400
  • the cayman islands /2,900

British Virgin Islands BVI SEO

— the top keyword for the BVI is “british virgin islands” and it gets a monthly average of 90,500 searches. The British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory and is located near Puerto Rico. It has 4 main islands namely Tortola, Vrigin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. Tortola is the largest island and hosts the capital, Road town. Below are other keyword searches to help your BVI SEO Campaign
  • bvi /40,500
  • tortola /60,500
  • virgin gorda /22,200
  • tortola bvi /6,600
  • anegada /8,100
  • bvi resorts /1,900
  • british virgin islands resorts /2,900
  • british islands 4,400
Its easy to see that Users search using many permutations of the keywords so its really important to have semantic structuring, which will allow search engines to identify your keywords and permutations thereof.

Puerto Rico SEO

— the top keyword search for Puerto Rico is “puerto rico” and it gets an average monthly search of 1,220,000 — the second highest in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is a US Territory and its capital is San Juan. Here are the other top searches for Puerto Rico:
  • san juan puerto rico /90,500
  • puerto rico vacations /12,100
  • puerto rico vacation /12,100
  • resorts in puerto rico /8,100
  • puerto rico resrots /22,200
  • trips to puerto rico /5,400
  • hotels in puerto rico /18,100
  • where is puerto rico /14,800
Tourism based businesses should know what the major keywords in their industry are as it is the start of a search funnel but more importantly, Business owners should know what their converting keywords are. To avail of our Caribbean SEO Campaign, please complete the fields and give us 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. For any questions / clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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