High Conversion Rates

We focus on high conversion rates when managing your PPC Campaigns.¬† There is simply no point in running online ads if you don’t see conversions¬†¬†

PPC Conversion Rates

Part of our PPC Campaign set up is to ensure high Conversion rates via Conversion Tracking.¬† Its one thing to set up your campaign but it’s another thing altogether to set up conversion tracking.¬† We will create landing pages for each conversion and the Search Engines will be able to count how many Users used your service or purchased your product.¬† ¬†We will ensure that your web page always has a high conversion rate.

Adwords enables conversion tracking via numerous avenues including web page, mobile or tablet, phone calls, third-party apps.  We will sit down to decide which one works for you best and why.

Conversion Rates Across Industries

The average conversion rate is 2.35% — this isn’t fantastic.¬† The top 25% of Adwords Account average 5.31%, this is very attainable but our average is actually above 10%.¬† We guarantee that your PPC Ad Conversion Rate is going to be closer to 10% than 5%.

Here are ways we increase our Conversion Rates:

  • Create unique landing pages per Ad group
  • Do a comprehensive keyword research and group them accordingly
  • Create Ads that are focused and don’t cannibalize keywords
  • Setup ad groups to target different keywords
  • Create landing pages that are optimized
  • Ensure all our landing pages are faster than our competitors
  • Ensure that all our landing pages are have conversion tracking

For more information about our Conversion Rates and PPC Campaigns, please get in touch.