Yonkers SEO

WOWebsites provides SEO Services to Businesses located in Yonkers, New York.  Our focus is building Websites that rank high on the Search Engines so that it is able to generate revenue for business owners.  Your website should be working as hard as you!

Did you know that “yonkers” gets an average of 60,500 searches per month and that “yonkers ny” gets an additional 22,200 searches per month as well? If your website showed up for relevant searches, there is no doubt that you would get an increase in quality inquiries as well.  But wait, please don’t waste your time showing up for keywords that are not targeted to your Industry.

Whether you need a new website or want to improve your current website’s SEO, we can definitely help.  Below are SEO Services that we provide.

SEO Services for Yonkers

Whenever we build a new website or take on an SEO Contract, below are the elements of SEO Services that we provide.   We provide these services within the confines of an SEO Campaign.

Our SEO Services extend to much more than the above and if you want to know more information, please email info@wowebsites.com

Keywords for Yonkers SEO Clients for Restaurant Owners

Below are the keywords for Restaurants Owners in Yonkers NY.  If you are interested in getting to the first page of any of these search results, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our initial consultations are always free.

  • pizza barn yonkers / 2,900 ave monthly searches
  • yonkers restaurants / 2,400
  • dunwoodie pizza / 880
  • yonkers diner / 880
  • x20 yonkers / 880
  • chinese food yonkers / 720
  • la lanterna yonkers / 720
  • zuppa yonkers / 720
  • rancho grande yongkers / 720
  • caridad yonkers / 720
  • carlos restaurant yonkers / 590
  • best restaurants in yonkers / 590

So there are already a lot of branded searches for restaurants in Yonkers, as a new restaurant what should you be doing to get your brand established?  This is just one of the questions we will be addressing within your SEO Campaign.

Keywords for Yonkers SEO Clients for Accommodations

Below are keywords for the Accommodations Industry, we’ve included branded searches as well as hotels and motels.

  • hotels in yonkers / 3,600  ave monthly searches
  • hotels in yonkers ny / 2,900
  • hampton inn yonkers / 1,900
  • yonkers motel / 1,300
  • hyatt yonkers / 880
  • courtyard marriott yonkers / 720
  • residence inn yonkers / 720
  • marriott yonkers / 590
  • hotels near yonkers ny / 390
  • cheap hotels in yonkers ny / 320
  • motels in yonkers ny / 260
  • cheap hotels in yonkers / 170
  • hotels near yonkers / 110

Keywords for Yonkers SEO Clients in the Real Estate Industry

Below are the keywords for the Real Estate Industry in Yonkers, New York.  If you are a Real Estate Broker and would like your website to appear in these searches below, we would be happy to help!

  • yonkers homes for sale /  1,000 ave monthly searches
  • houses for sale yonkers ny / 1,000
  • yonkers real estate / 880
  • multi family homes for sale in yonkers ny / 480
  • real estate yonkers ny / 390
  • shingle family homes for sale in yonkers ny / 210
  • zillow yonkers ny / 210
  • multi family homes for sale in yonkers / 170
  • yonkers realtors / 140
  • realtors yonkers ny / 110
  • yonkers commercial real estate / 70

If you don’t see your industry and would like your keywords, please get in touch.  We are happy to provide your keywords at no cost and your first SEO Consultation is always free.