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Washington DC SEO

We serve Washington DC SEO clients and we are focused on ensuring that your Website and overall Online Presence is visible and accurately represents your business. There is no other SEO Company that will dedicate its time and resources in ensuring that your business thrives and has the ability to compete online. The first step in ranking well for Search Engines is knowing your keywords, below are the top keywords for Washington DC and for specific industries located in the DC area.

Top Keywords for Washington DC

Below are the top keywords for “washington dc”

  • washington dc / 823,000 ave searches per month
  • dupont circle / 18,100
  • chinatown washington dc / 9,900
  • anacostia / 6,600
  • capitol washington / 6,600
  • smithsonian washington dc / 6,600
  • logan circle / 54,00
  • w washington dc / 4,400
  • washington dc capitol / 4,400
  • visit washington dc / 4,400
  • renaissance washington dc / 4,400
  • prince of petworth / 4,400

Its interesting to me that the “prince of petworth” gets more searches than other industry keywords such as “washington dc real estate” which only gets 2,900 monthly searches.

Washington DC SEO for Real Estate Companies

If you own or manage a Real Estate Company in DC, these are some of the keywords we would optimize you for. Bear in mind that when you require and SEO Campaign, we will meet with you to discuss all options and which keywords we recommend to target.

  • washington dc real estate / 2,900 ave monthly searches
  • washington dc homes for sale / 2,900
  • houses for sale in washington dc / 2,900
  • washington dc condos / 880
  • condos for sale in washington dc / 880
  • washington dc apartments for sale / 720
  • redfin washington dc / 590
  • washington dc condos for rent / 590
  • realtor washington dc / 390
  • century 21 washington dc / 320
  • real estate agent washington dc / 260
  • commercial real estate washington dc / 170
It is interesting to note that the brand, “redfin washington dc” gets about 590 monthly searches on Google and it is the only brand on the top ten of real estate keywords in Washington DC.  For SEO purposes, its great to know that most of these keywords are generic and so your real estate company definitely has a fighting chance.  

Washington DC SEO for Restaurants 

Since Washington DC is a Tourism destination, one of the top industries is Restaurants.   Below are the top keywords for the Restaurant Industry in DC:

  • dupont circle restaurants / 14,800 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in washington dc / 12, 100
  • rasika west end / 8,100
  • district commons / 6,600
  • foggy bottom restaurants / 5,400
  • dupont restaurants / 5,400
  • adams morgan restaurants / 5,400
  • whole foods washington dc / 3,600
  • places to eat in washington dc /3,600
  • restaurants downtown dc / 3,600
  • brunches places in dc / 2,900
  •  founding farmers washington dc / 2,900
It is interesting to note that most of the searches are location-based so obviously if your restaurant is located in Dupont Circle, you want to have “dupont circle” on your title, header and content.  Its interesting to note that there are only three Restaurant brands in the top keywords for the Restaurant industry in Washington DC. 

 Washington DC SEO for the Jobs Sector

I had a conversation with a friend last weekend and she said to me, “Everyone comes to DC to work for the government.” Our of curiosity, I am including the searches for the Jobs Sector: 

  • indeed dc / 14,800 ave monthly searches
  • dc jobs /12,100
  • dc goverment jobs /12,100
  • craigslist dc jobs /9,900
  • jobs in washington dc /8,100
  • dc gov jobs /3,600
  • internships in dc / 2,900
  • dc careers /2,400
  • indeed jobs dc /2,400
  • jobs hiring in dc /2,400
  • washington dc internships /1,900
  • non profit jobs dc /1,600

Washington DC SEO for the Tourism Sector

DC is one of the top tourism destinations in the US so its only fair that we include the searches for tourism: 
  • things to do in washington dc / 49,500
  • things to do in dc /40,500
  • things to do in dc this weekend /27,100
  • events in dc this weekend / 18,100
  • washington dc attractions /12,100
  • events in dc today / 6,600
  • things to do in dc at night /4,400
  • things to see in washington dc /4,400
  • washington dc sightseeing / 4,400
  • fun things to do in dc / 4,400
  • things to do in dc today /4,400
  • washington dc events this weekend / 3,600
 If your business in the tourism sector in DC and you would like to run an SEO Campaign to position your business to be highly visible to targeted searches like the above, please get in touch.