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We are an Hawaii SEO Company w/ a focus in Tourism SEO.  We help increase Online Reservations and Bookings by making your website more visible on the Search Engines as well as increasing Conversion rates.


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Hawaii SEO

WOWebsites is an SEO Company that serves businesses in Hawaii.  We have been in the SEO Industry since 2008 and understand all of Google’s Algorithmic requirements.  Understanding the needs and requirements of the Tourism Industry and delivering beyond expectations, without breaking bank, is part and partial of our Online Strategy.

We are the only company that provides Web and SEO Package for only $2,500 — check our our basic website package to see if its the right fit for your business or organization.  Below are the SEO Services that we provide…

Hawaii SEO Services 

Each of our SEO Services provide a different facet but all together provide a cohesive SEO Campaign with the goal of increasing your Market Share and Online Revenues

  • Technical SEO  — this is one of the most important aspects of Optimization as it is the ability of your website to be crawled, indexed, rendered and ranked by the Search Engines. 
  • Link Building — the other important aspect of SEO is links.  Links are one of the foundations of Optimization.  Search Engines are able to tell the importance of a website by the virtue of relevant links pointing to it.  Our job here is to ensure that every link is working for you and to source other links that may be beneficial for your SEO campaign.
  • SEO Strategy — a successful online campaign has an SEO Strategy that works for and is aligned with the Company’s Marketing team.  Their goals, objectives and limitations. 
  • SEO Site Audit — this document is prepared by an SEO Consultant and it provides a blueprint of your entire online presence.  It lets us know everything that is wrong with your current website, everything that is right with your competitor’s websites.  What backlinks they have and what you need to acquire.   Its the best way to knowing where you need to go with the 12 month timeframe of an SEO Campaign.
  • SEO Consultation — if you already have SEO Professionals working on your website but need confirmation or if you have an internal web development and marketing team and simply need guidance, SEO Consultations is our recommended strategy  
  • Keyword Research — Keywords are probably one of the most overlooked part of any online presence, which shouldn’t be the case. Knowing and understanding your keywords and being able to satisfy User Query for each keyword or key phrase is one of our main objectives 
  • SEO Rescues — whenever the Search Engines update an algorithm, some business owners lose ranking. An SEO rescue is a site audit as well as fixing all the issues found in the SEO audit.  This should help restore your rankings.  Some websites will need a complete overhaul whereas others just need keyword integration.  
  • Web + SEO Packages — if your business is just starting out, this is the best Web package you will find in the market today.  In fact, even Google thinks its the best packages as we are a top listing for the keyword, “basic website package”  

Other SEO Services we provide are the following:

  • SEO Campaign
  • SEO Packages (monthly, no contracts)
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Content Management 
  • Internal Linking Management  

Other Online Marketing Services that we provide are: 

If you are looking for keywords within your industry, we’ve provided keywords for three of the top industries in Hawaii, namely Attractions, Restaurants, and Accommodations.  If you would like your industry keywords, please get in touch. 

Keywords for Hawaii SEO Clients in the Attractions Industry

  • things to do in maui / 49,500 ave monthly searches
  • hawaii things to do / 33,100
  • things to do in honolulu / 27,100
  • things to do in oahu / 27,100
  • things to do in kauai / 22,200
  • things to do big island / 8,100
  • things to do in waikiki / 6,600
  • things to do in kona / 6,600
  • kauai things to do / 5,400
  • kauai things to do / 5,400

Keywords for Hawaii SEO Clients in Restaurants

  • hawaii restaurants / 40,500 ave monthly searches
  • hawaii food near me / 27,100
  • pizza hut hawaii / 22,200
  • duke waikiki / 22,200
  • maui restaurants / 18,100
  • mama’s fish house maui / 18,100
  • poke bowl hawaii / 18,100
  • hawaii bbq near me / 18,100
  • best restaurants in maui / 14,800
  • waikiki restaurants / 14,800

Keywords for Hawaii SEO Clients in the Accommodations Industry

  • hilton hawaiian village / 74,000 ave monthly searches
  • hawaii hotels / 60,500
  • maui hotels / 60,500
  • honolulu hotels / 49,500
  • four seasons maui / 40,500
  • all inclusive resorts hawaii / 40,500
  • wailea grand / 40,500
  • kauai hotels / 33,100
  • hawaii resorts / 33,100
  • waikiki hotels / 33,100

Keywords for Hawaii SEO Clients for Electricians

  • electrical companies in hawaii / 5,400 ave monthly searches
  • hawaii electricians / 390
  • electrician honolulu / 320
  • electrician maui /260
  • oahu electrician / 260
  • hawaii electrical contractors / 170
  • electrician hilo / 140
  • kailua electrician / 90
  • electrical contractors maui / 40
  • electrician kona / 30

As a Hawaii SEO Company, our priority is to ensure that your website is highly visible on the Search Engines.  We also ensure that Users are able to convert easily. Within the first couple of weeks after launch you will notice a dramatic increase of Online Inquiries.   If you have any questions or concerns, we provide a free 30 minute SEO Consultation with our Inhouse SEO Expert.