Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Services for Businesses who need to be #1 on Adwords.  We provide a comprehensive and holistic PPC Campaign that includes the creation of Landing Pages and updating your website’s page speed for higher quality scores

Pay Per Click Campaign

We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management for major Search Engines such as Google through Adwords and Bing through the Microsoft Ad Center.  In order to have a successful PPC Campaign, your landing pages must be as Optimized. Almost as optimized as if you had an SEO Campaign. In PPC, Quality Score is so important because it determines how much Google is going to charge you per click and how often your Ads are served. The higher your quality score, the lower your cost per click and the more often your Ad is visible . When we launch your PPC Campaign, we will create landing pages that are sure to get high-quality scores to save you money.

In our latest blog, we discussed the synergistic relationship between PPC and SEO.

Cost-Effective Campaign Management

  • Thorough keyword research and analysis

    We don’t just create a campaign based on keywords that we ‘think’ will be beneficial. We actually research and study keyword trends and ensure that we are using keywords that have a high traffic value and not too many competitors.

  • Landing page development

    A PPC campaign is incomplete without a landing page and we ensure that your landing page is effective and receives high Click-Through-Rates (CTRs). The user must also perform an action on the landing page for it to be effective.

  • High-Quality Scores

    A high-quality score means that your keywords are targeting the correct landing page. We ensure that all your keywords have a high-quality score to save you money

  • Bounce-Rate Management

    We make sure your Ads complement your website and we manage bounce-rates by ensuring that the landing page on your website has relevant and current content relating to your copy.

  • Bid Management

    We ensure that your bids are competitive for ideal placements on the Sponsored results.

  • Smart Copy Writing

    We ensure your copy is smart and will attract your target market for your products and services

  • Conversion Tracking & Reporting

    We deliver a comprehensive report and monthly updates of your PPC campaign.

  • Budget Recommendations

    Even though you think you are only paying 100 dollars per month on your PPC campaign, you might actually just be throwing that money away if you don’t know what you are doing. PPC might seem simple enough for anyone to do, but in reality, it is probably more difficult to maintain a PPC campaign than an SEO campaign because it has so many parameters that you have to be continuously watching. If you set up your campaign and provided a budget of 100 dollars per month and up to now you haven’t checked how you are doing then you have probably just given that money away.

  • Click-Fraud Monitoring

    Are you paying 100 dollars per month on a PPC campaign? If yes, how much traffic is your website getting? Have you set up your Analytics and Web Master tools to work in conjunction with your PPC Campaign? If you have answered yes to all these questions then you probably know what you are doing. If you answered no to the last question then you have been wasting your money.