Page Speed

Pagespeed is now part of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.  This means that if your website doesn’t load within X seconds.  Google will demote your ranking.  That doesn’t matter as much as 40% of Users bouncing off your site when it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.  Pagespeed is vital to ranking

Why do you need Page Speed?

It is estimated that your website only has 3 seconds to start loading before a user clicks off. 3 seconds and then you lose almost half your users! That’s a lot of pressure but don’t worry, we prioritize Page speed during web development. We also recommend plugins / components that won’t affect your pagespeed too much. The other reason you need to be concerned about PageSpeed is because Google has made it a ranking factor. Essentially this means that if your website is slow, you probably won’t rank for very competitive keywords unless your content is compelling enough. Here are tools to test your Pagespeed…

Your page speed will differ depending on where you are testing from. Latency and network connection are things to bear in mind when testing. Here is a more indepth article.

We decided to integrate Page Speed into our Development process because not only do the Search Engines require it but so do Users, which makes it vital for higher conversion rates. It is estimated that half of users don’t wait longer than 3 seconds before clicking off your website if it hasn’t loaded yet and that’s why its important to have Page Speed in your Web development Contract.

Server Response Time

In order for us to enable your website to be fast, your server needs to accommodate the speed. Our dedicated server hosts a lot of the top ranking websites. And yes they are all fast. Not all servers can deliver the speed at which our website load so this is important. We’ve optimized our Server for TTFB or Time to First Byte.

Content Distribution Network

A Content Distribution Network or CDN helps increase your page speed tremendously because it stores copies of your website in data nodes located everywhere. This increases the speed of your website because instead of traveling all the way to your server, the data simply comes from the nearest node so you see your information as quickly as possible. My personal favorite CDNs are the following

Other things to consider for Page Speed

  • Compression
  • HTML, Javascript and CSS Minification
  • Reducing Redirects
  • Removing render-blocking Javascript
  • Leveraging Browser Caching
  • Optimizing Images and Graphics

Here are my favorite articles on Page Speed

Page Speed and Website Conversions

Alexa’s data shows that fast loading websites rank much higher than slow loading websites. High ranking websites tend to have more views than those who don’t rank at all and more views will equate to increase inquiries for a service or product / company or brand.

It is our strong recommendation that our clients focus on Page Speed more than any other plugins that they may want us to install. That is assuming you want to be #1 of your industry.