Page Speed

We make fast websites. Thats not a marketing spiel, thats a promise. Our website speeds are probably twice if not thrice as fast as any other developer’s website because we understand that users don’t wait for websites to load.
It is estimated that your website only has 3 seconds to start loading before a user clicks off. 3 seconds and then you lose half your users! That’s a lot of pressure but don’t worry, our average click-through-rates are at 65% and that means that 6.5 out of 10 Users will click through to your website when they find it. Those are pretty stellar stats and we are proud of our work.
Some important information before we begin. Not everyone needs speed so please ensure that you inform us that this is important to you and your business. In order for us to enable your website to be fast, your server needs to accommodate the speed. Our dedicated server hosts a lot of the top ranking websites. And yes they are all fast. Not all servers can deliver the speed at which our website load so this is important.
A couple of years ago, maybe more, Google integrated Page Speed into the Search Engine Algorithm.  It was when they launched Google Caffeine, one of the earlier algorithms.  They also launched the Page Speed Checker which is a really helpful tool.
We decided to integrate Page Speed into our Development process because not only do the Search Engines require it but so do Users.  It is estimated that half of users don’t wait longer than 3 seconds before clicking off your website if it hasn’t loaded yet and that’s why its important to have Page Speed in your Web development Contract.