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WOWebsites provides Miami SEO Services, we are an SEO Company and we have been building Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Websites for over 12 years.  We are the number 1 SEO Company in Florida.  We build Search Engine Friendly Websites by integrating Technical SEO at the basic level.  We are the only Web Company that provides a basic website package with Technical SEO integration.  That’s the reason why, when we launch a website, it will naturally rank higher than its previous website. 

If you have ever committed to a monthly SEO contract and wondered why it wasn’t increasing your Search Engine Ranking, its because most Outsourced SEO Companies do not integrate Technical SEO on the Website.  Without this, monthly SEO Campaigns will fail without a huge budget for Off-page SEO, also known as, external linking budget.

We are different than other SEO Companies because we are Web Developers too.  From the ground up we will build your website, increase rankings and also, most importantly, we will ensure it delivers conversions and increase online revenues.  High rankings and Conversions are our top priorities in all our SEO Campaigns.

Miami SEO Services 

Here are SEO Services that we provide to businesses in Miami 

We need to know what keywords your Users search for when they are looking for your business and services.  The best way to rank for a keyword is knowing what the User-Intent is behind it. The best way to discover keywords is by using a keyword tool like Google’s keyword planner or Semrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Website SEO Audit

This is when we analyze your current website and analyze the competition within your Online Industry as well.  The SEO Audit acts as a blueprint for your entire SEO Campaign because it lets us know what issues to fix and how to compete with your competitors for the same keywords. Audit tools that I recommend is Screaming frog

Landing Page Optimization

We create landing pages for each major keyword that we want to target. Each landing page is Optimized for high conversion rates. Landing page conversion has a direct correlation with high rankings. The higher your rankings, the higher your conversions and if thats not happening, we will figure out the issue during the course of an SEO Campaign. Landing page optimization is not something that can be figured out right away, it will take a lot of testing.

Website Architecture

We enable your website to have a seamless navigation from page to page and we follow the Users flow. Site architecture is important for two main reasons 1) It is the internal linking structure of your website  2) It determines the User Flow within your website.  Both important metrics in SEO and Usability. The main thing to remember here is to make site navigation intuitive for Users.  Users do not like to think and they do not like to click. Use that knowledge to power your Site Architecture.

The first thing we do on your website is integrate Technical SEO. Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring your website can easily be crawled, indexed and categorized correctly by Google.  Technical SEO includes the following: domain check, IP address, SSL certificate, html and css minification, page speed, schema markup, canonicalization, mobile responsive, amp, and optimized images. Ideally, you want to run a Site audit weekly and correct all errors of the website.  Make sure to check Google’s Search Console for errors as well.

Link Building and Management

We analyze your backlinks and study which ones benefit you the most. We also ensure your internal linking structure is great for Optimization purposes. Link management is more than just increasing the number of backlinks to your website.  Its also about attracting the right links within your industry so that the Search Engine recognize that your website is a Leader in your field.  Managing your internal linking structure is almost as important because this determines how many links are pointing to each page of your website.  Remember, each page of your website is a landing page.

If you don’t find the specific SEO Service that you are looking for, please get in touch.  Part of your Online Marketing Strategy should be SEO.

Did you know that “miami’ gets a monthly search average of 1,220,000?  Thats huge.  Just imagine what it would mean for your business and brand if you had access to that amount of Users.  The good news is that we can help you find your ideal keywords and help your website show up for first page results.  We also enable your website for conversions.   Because knowing your keywords is the first step in an SEO Campaign, below are keywords for top industries in Miami.   

Below are keywords for tourism industries such as Real Estate, Restaurants, Accommodations and Attractions.

Keywords for Miami SEO Clients in Real Estate

  • houses for sale in miami / 14,800 ave monthly searches
  • miami real estate / 9,900
  • miami realtors / 8,100
  • miami homes for sale / 5,400
  • houses for sale in miami florida / 3,600
  • homes for sale miami fl / 2,400
  • buy house miami / 1,600
  • miami luxury homes / 1,300
  • miami mansions for sale / 1,300
  • miami florida houses / 1,00
  • miami luxury real estate / 1,000
  • miami property / 1,000
  • houses for sale in miami lakes / 880
  • real estate agent miami / 880
  • miami florida real estae / 880
  • loopnet miami / 880
  • redfin miami / 880
  • florida realty of miami / 880
  • land for sale in miami / 720

Keywords for Miami SEO Clients in Restaurants

  • miami restaurants / 40,500 ave monthly rentals
  • best restaurants in miami / 33,100
  • miami spice / 22,200
  • nusret miami / 18,100
  • miami grill / 18,100
  • zuma miai / 14,800
  • whole foods miami / 12,100
  • wynwood restaurants / 12,100
  • nobu miami / 12,100
  • versailles miami / 12,100
  • miami spice 2018 / 9,900
  • kyu miami / 9,900
  • south beach miami restaurants / 9,900

Keywords for Miami SEO Clients for Accommodations

  • miami hotels / 301,000 ave monthly searches
  • south beach miami hotels / 110,000
  • south beach miami / 60,500
  • airbnb miami
  • fontainebleau miami / 49,500
  • apartments for rent in miami / 33,100
  • miami florida hotels / 33,100
  • cheap hotels in miami / 27,100
  • intercontinental miami / 22,200
  • eden roc miami / 22,200
  • one hotel miami / 18,100
  • hilton miami downtown / 18,100
  • four seasons miami / 18,100

Keywords for Miami SEO for Attractions 

  • things to do in miami / 110,000
  • miami zoo / 74,000
  • miami seaquarium / 60,500
  • miami children’s museum / 14,800
  • best beaches in miami / 9,900
  • jungle island miami / 9,900
  • miami attractions / 9,900
  • things to do in miami today / 8,100
  • fun things to do in miami / 8,100
  • water park miami / 8,100
  • miami science museum / 8,100
  • things to do in miami with kids / 6,600

If you don’t see your Industry keywords, please let us know.  We provide keywords are no cost.  Our initial SEO Consultations are also free.