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SEO Truth. The biggest misconception about SEO is that it’s about High Search Engine Rankings when truly, SEO is about increasing your Client base and Online Revenues.  It’s ensuring your Clients engage with your brand / product.


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WOWebsites provides SEO Services for businesses in Irvine, California.  Our focus is in ensuring your website is optimized so that you receive quality inquiries, regularly.  WOWebsites has been building and optimizing websites for over a decade.  Our focus is in the three foundations of SEO, namely:  Content, Links and Technical SEO.  

We are the only Company that integrates Technical SEO in all our website projects.  This ensures that your website ranks as soon as it is launched.  Check out our Simply Basic Website package for more information.  The great thing about this Web + SEO Package is that it lowers your monthly SEO fees as it has already integrated important SEO requirements such as a robust internal linking system.  Keyword integration into pages, content and semantically structured within landing pages.  The best thing about this package is that it only costs $2,500.  

Irvine SEO Services

We’ve been in the SEO Industry for over a decade and we’ve just become really good at doing the following…

Keyword Research and Keyword Discovery

Keyword research is the first step in understanding your industry and competition.  We use three keyword tools namely SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Moz.  We also identify your keywords and we help decide which keywords will bring in the most traffic and conversions. 

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit helps us understand your website, where it went wrong, what can be done to correct it, how much time is needed to update / correct / edit things. It’s such an important first step in any SEO Campaign.

Website Architecture

Your website should be user-friendly and having navigation that supports Users browsing habits / intuitive browsing as well as enabling conversions within two-clicks of a landing page is the objective.

Technical SEO

We are experts in Technical SEO and we integrate Technical SEO in all our website projects. This results in websites that can easily be crawled, indexed and categorized by Search Engines

Link Management

We will take stock of all your external links and internal links and ensure they all help and support your website pages. We will also advise when to pursue links that will be advantageous.

Page Speed

If your website does not load within 3 seconds, you lose 40% of Users. That’s almost half of Users who are looking for your service. We will ensure that this doesn’t happen to your website.

Content Management

We will ensure your content focuses on User-Intent. Websites that don’t understand User-Intent have ridiculously high bounce rates, which is not effective in achieving conversions.

Bounce-Rate Management

If your landing page content adheres to User-Intent then your bounce rates will be low. We will be managing your bounce rates all throughout your main pages and when bounce rates are too high, we will update the content and layout — all within the confines of an SEO Campaign

What would it mean for you business to be on the first page of search results?  It would mean new clients regularly and increased revenues, monthly.  The SEO journey always starts with keywords.  Knowing your industry keywords is paramount in understanding your online target market.  We have provided the top keywords for Irvine below.  If you don’t find your keywords, please get in touch.  We provide them at no cost.

Top Keywords for Irvine, CA

Below are the top keyword searches for Irvine, CA

  • irvine / 74,000 ave monthly searches
  • irvine ca / 49,500
  • irvine park / 12,100
  • irvine marriott / 8,100
  • irvine spectrum center / 8,100
  • irvine regional park / 8,100
  • marriott irvine spectrum / 6,600
  • los olivos irvine / 3,600
  • park palce irvine / 2,900
  • hilton irvine / 2,100
  • embassy suites irvine / 2,400
  • craigslist irvine / 2,400

Keywords for Irvine SEO Clients in the Hotel and Accommodations Industry

Below are the keywords for the Accommodation’s Industry.  Please note that we have removed the branded keywords and only included keywords that will help independent business owners / boutique hotels in the category.

  • hotels in irvine ca / 5,400 ave monthly searches
  • hotels near irvine ca / 590
  • hotels near uc irvine spectrum / 480
  • cheap hotels in irvine ca / 390
  • hotels near irvine / 390
  • motels in irvine / 320
  • cheap hotels in irvine / 320
  • motels in irvine ca / 210
  • uc irvine hotels / 140
  • best hotels in irvine / 110

These keywords are from Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

Keywords for Irvine SEO Clients in the Restaurant Category

If you own a restaurant in Irvine, CA, below are your keywords

  • irvine spectrum restaurants / 14,800 ave monthly searches
  • habana irvine / 4,400
  • javier’s irvine / 3,600
  • best restaurants in irvine / 1,900
  • habana irvine spectrum / 1,900
  • ruth chris irvine / 1,900
  • food in irvine / 1,900
  • korean bbq irvine / 1,900
  • irvine spectrum food / 1,900
  • sushi irvine / 1,900
  • sam woo irvine / 1,600
  • panini cafe irvine / 1,600

Included in this list are branded searches.  It’s always good to know who is who in the restaurant category.

As mentioned above, if you would like your keywords, we provide them at no cost.  We also provide an initial free SEO consultation for Irvine-based businesses.

Photo by Roger Howard via Flickr