Additional Services

Below are the additional services that we provide as a Digital Marketing Company.  Please request for a quote by contacting us.  Pls note that you can get discounts if you plan on doing Campaigns instead of one-off Ads.  

Additional Services

Fully Customized CMS

For seriously easy Website Updating on every aspect / section of the website. 

Mobile Website 

For faster mobile surfing.  Pls note, we provide discounts if you decide to get it with your website contract. Should you decide to get the mobile website at as a separate cost, please request for quotation.

iPhone/iPad App 

Get your very own iPhone/iPad App available on the iTunes store. Please note that price is subject to functional specifications. Current price only includes information pages plus photos, videos and with direct form field reservation.

Monthly bounce rate and CTR analysis

This will give us the proper metrics in studying the behavior of Users on your new website for an initial 6 months. This will advise if the new design is working and what changes we can do to increase the CTR, Included cost of a rework of your design to accommodate a higher CTR if the bounce rates are higher than 35%  (Valid for Optimized Website Packages)

Customized Training Manual

Client is provided a training manual with screen shots of every section of the website. This provides real-time guidance for clients who are hands-on with their websites.

Customized Facebook Page, Twitter and Linkedin Page

Branding of strongest social media presence will help increase your brand awareness. Having customized Social Media sites help in increasing brand awareness.  It will also help in making your business look professional.