Belize Web Design

We are a Belize Web Design Company focusing on Tourism-based Businesses.  If your local Business is in Belize and needs a website, we are the only Web design and development Company that integrates Technical SEO into all our web projects.  Our basic package starts at $5,000 and is the best value for Web and SEO.  We guarantee that when we launch your new website, it will rank higher than your previous website or your money-back. 

We understand that your clients and customers will search online and book your services even before they arrive on Belize so it is imperative that your website represents your business on your website.  We build your website so that it is User-Friendly and Fast.  No other Web Dev Company integrates as many factors into understanding User-Query. 

Below are the top keywords for Belize, these keywords are what Users are search for prior to arriving on Belize.

Top 10 Belize Website Searches

Here are the top searches for Belize, if you belong to the Tourism Industry, this is particularly helpful. Remember to integrate these keyword searches into your website using titles and headings.

  • belize / 301,000 ave monthly searches
  • belize map / 40,500
  • belize resorts / 27,100
  • where is belize / 22,200
  • belize city / 18,100
  • belize weather /14,800
  • belize vacation / 14,800
  • belize all inclusive resorts / 14,800
  • san pedro belize / 12,100
  • belize all inclusive 12,100

Its important to note that not all company websites should optimize for major keywords as it is expensive and might not net the number of clients / customers for your business. Instead seek out keywords that are directly searching for your business, service or product. Below are more targeted keyword searches.

Belize Web Design for Real Estate Companies

  • belize real estate / 12,100 ave monthly searches
  • homes for sale in belize / 3,600
  • property for sale in belize / 1,900
  • houses for sale in belize / 1,600
  • belize property / 1,300
  • ambergris caye real estate / 1,300
  • belize condos for sale / 880
  • land for sale in belize / 880
  • belize real estate for sale / 720
  • buying property in belize / 590

These are the top keywords for the real estate industry in Belize. If you want your website to show up for these keywords, you should integrate them into the titles, headers and content of each page. Please do not put these keywords randomly, as many times as possible, because there is a penalty called “keyword stuffing” — which will cause your website to be penalized and decrease in rank.
Here are the top US States where these searches are coming from:

  1. California 12.8%
  2. Texas 9.4%
  3. Florida 6.6%
  4. New York 6.4%
  5. Colorado 2.3%
  6. Other States 62.4%

The locations are helpful so you can pinpoint them when doing your Social Media Campaign. Instead of targeting the entire US, which would cost a lot more, you can target the specific states down to specific cities and towns. This will save you a lot of money.

Belize Web Design for the Accommodations Industry

If your website belongs in the Accommodations industry in Belize, below are keywords that should be found within your website header, title and page content. For more guidance on this, please contact us.

  • belize resorts / 27,100 ave monthly searches
  • belize hotels / 14,800
  • belize all inclusive / 12,100
  • belize all inclusive resorts / 14,800
  • belize vacation rentals / 880
  • best resorts in belize / 2,400
  • belize beach resorts / 1,600
  • where to stay in belize / 1,900
  • belize city hotels / 5,400
  • ambergris caye resorts /1,900
  • belize luxury resorts / 1,300
  • ambergris caye hotels /4,400

Take note that there are hundreds of thousands of searches in the accommodation industry. You want to drill down to your specific keyword so that you are not wasting your marketing resources. For example if you are a beachfront resort in Ambergris Caye, you want to find a keyword that directly searches for you like “ambergris caye resorts” instead of targeting “belize resorts,” which would cost more money but not necessarily bring in more customers.

Belize Web Design for Scuba Diving

Since Belize is the Caribbean’s top destination for Scuba Diving, here are keywords that Users search for when looking for a Scuba Diving Operator in Belize:

  • belize scuba diving / 1,900 ave monthly searches
  • belize diving / 2,400
  • belize dive resorts / 1,000
  • belize scuba / 590
  • best diving in belize / 260
  • belize scuba diving packages / 40
  • belize scuba diving resorts / 210
  • blue hole belize diving / 590
  • belize dive shops / 590
  • belize dive trips / 110
  • belize scuba resorts / 110
  • belize dive sites / 90
  • amberrist caye dive shops /320
  • belize dive vacations / 50

If your business is in the diving industry in Belize and you want to be the most visible Dive Company, we can make it happen by ensuring that you show up for the relevant keywords in your industry.

If you would like your keywords, we provide them at no cost. We also provide a free 30-min SEO Consultation to see we are a good fit.  If you would like to get a web design proposal or if our basic web package meets your requirements, we are happy to help!