WOWebsites is a Digital Marketing Firm providing Search Engine Optimization to Companies in New York City.  If you are looking for an NYC SEO Consultant, we provide the following services:

NYC SEO Services

Note that all these services can be done on a one-off basis but usually works well in the confines of an SEO Campaign.  We throw in all these Services plus all other algorithmic-inclusions.

Below are keyword searches for New York City.  Bear in mind that we provide keywords at no cost so if you don’t find your industry below, feel free to get in touch.

Keywords for NYC SEO Clients in the Restaurant Industry

These keywords are from Keyword Magic Tool.  Please note that when doing keyword research, we normally use three different tools but for the purpose of showing our prospective Clients potential traffic they are missing out on, we are just using this one tool.  These searches are cross-referenced and refined when we provide keywords to a Client.

According to Semrush, NYC Restaurant Industry gets a total volume of 1,793,710 searches annually and the average difficulty is 8.48%. Below are the top ten searches…

  • best restaurants in nyc / 74,000 annually
  • nyc restaurants / 60,500
  • nyc restaurant week / 49,500
  • best italian restaurants nyc / 22,200
  • italian restaurants nyc / 22,200
  • rooftop restaurants nyc / 18,100
  • vegan restaurants nyc / 18,100
  • restaurants in midtown nyc / 14,800
  • top restaurants in nyc / 12,100
  • mexican restaurants nyc / 9,900

Keywords for NYC SEO Clients for the Hotel Industry

According to Semrush, NYC Hotels gets a total volume of 1,558,180 searches and the average difficulty is 9.37%.  Below are the top ten searches for Hotels in New York City…

  • nyc hotels / 368,000 annually
  • cheap hotels in nyc / 49,500
  • hotels in midtown nyc / 33,100
  • best hotels in nyc / 18,100
  • public hotel nyc / 18,100
  • dream hotel nyc / 14,800
  • empire hotel nyc / 12,100
  • w hotel nyc / 12,100
  • warwick hotel nyc / 12,100
  • lexington hotel nyc / 9,900

Keywords for NYC SEO Clients in the Real Estate Category

Semrush notes that there is a total volume of 60,210 searches with an average difficulty of 4.63%. Below are the top ten searches for real estate in New York City…

  • nyc real estate / 8,100 annually
  • nyc real estate taxes / 2,900
  • real estate school nyc / 1,600
  • nyc real estate market / 1,300
  • real estate agent salary nyc / 1,000
  • commercial real estate nyc / 880
  • nyc real estate news / 720
  • real estate classes nyc / 720
  • real estate companies nyc / 720
  • real estate jobs nyc / 720

Whatever your Industry in NYC, we can help set you become the most visible.  If your website was the high ranking in the top searches in your industry — what kind of traffic and inquiries would you be receiving?  Well, we will know the answer when you get there.