Information Architecture

When building a Website, you need to consider your Internal Linking architecture.  We will help you design your internal linking pages so that you will never have to deal with orphaned pages that are powerless

Information Architecture

The way that information is presented on your website is called Information Architecture – it is the foundation of your Website and should be considered one of the most important important part of the web development process. In the Web Development workflow, Information Architecture for Websites is probably the single most important aspect as it paves way for the entire web development process. After finalizing the information architecture of your website, you will have a better idea of what content to write, what images you need for each landing page and yes, what platform to build on.

Information Architecture Process

Even before any design takes place, the Information Architecture of the website needs to be mapped out. This involves doing a comprehensive keyword search and presenting the findings to the business owner and advising them on which landing pages will need the most visibility. The landing pages should have the objective of selling the product and closing the sale.

This process usually takes atleast 1 to 2 hours and after we have mapped out your entire company and we are both satisfied that we have completely saturated every aspect of your company, product and service (aside from both having a terrible headache) we will both feel very happy with it.

Information Architecture or mapping out your entire Sitemap in one seating is not an easy task because it forces the business owner to understand what users are looking for and what is missing from their online pages. Any developer can make a website but not just any developer can make a structured, usable Information Architecture.

Keyword-rich Website Architecture

When creating your site navigation, we will be using a keyword tool to help us determine your menu items.  The worst thing you can do is create navigation such as “Services” or “Products”  because that doesn’t help the Search Engines determine the keyword relevance of the page.