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Customized Template Design




CMS Integration (WordPress, Joomla)




Live development site




Content transfer (from old site)








Google Analytics




5 Functional Components




Mobile Website




Blog Component








50 Pages (Drop or Manual transfer)








Parent Pages H1




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Social Media Integration




XML Sitemap




Training Manual




Site Architecture




Keyword Research




Server Side Analytics




Site: Search




Online Competitive Research








Website Backup




Meta Data




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Mobile Speed




Semantic Structure




On Page Optimization




Optimized URLs




5 Major Landing Page Optimization




Site Content Check




Keyword Check




Duplicate Content




Optimized Code




Search Console




Internal Linking Structure




Proper Redirects








CSS/ HTML Minification




Optimized Images for Search




Demographic Tracking




CMS Training (1 hour)




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* Indicates website prices but does not include functional requirements that you may need for your website ie. If you need a database for an ecommerce site or a customized booking enging. This would be an additional cost as it isn’t part of web design and instead falls under programming. To get a better idea, complete the Request for Free Quote. If your website does not have functional requirements then these prices will stick.