Local SEO

Local SEO is the local version of Google.  Its important for local business to be on the top three of this result because it helps Users within proximity find them easier than having to scroll through the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)

Local SEO

How to rank local business in Local SEO?

Local SEO takes up a huge part of the SERPs
Local SEO takes up a huge part of the SERPs

Local SEO is important for local Small Business because its a search category specifically designed for local businesses.  Personally, I think that Google created the category because they were feeling guilty about investing in Thumbtack, but thats a personal opinion.

Local SEO is for Local Businesses

The first thing you need to do is to claim your business on Google My Business.  Make sure that all the information that you submit is correct.  Some important things to remember

  • Use high resolution photos for banners and sample products, using anything else might be detrimental to your business
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate category for your business
  • Make sure your business address is the same and consistent in all platforms
  • Complete the Google My Business information as accurately as possible, don’t leave out anything
  • Pro Tip:  Get real reviews from Clients, don’t make them up
  • Use Schema Markup for Local Business to get highly qualified traffic
  • Use a Google Map on your Location page and make sure you embed the map
  • Complete your Search Engine snippets and make sure its relevant
  • Ensure that website is mobile-friendly
  • Get listing on local directories and make sure you have consistent business citations on other directories

Directories and Citations for Local SEO

  1. Yelp — its very easy to get a business listing on Yelp and its free too.  Make sure you are putting the correct address and information on Yelp as you did on Google My Business.
  2. Thumbtack — same as yelp, easy and free listings.
  3. Yellow Pages — same as the two above, easy to get free listings.  Make sure your phone is near you so you can quickly confirm your business listing.
  4. Angielist.com — also free listing directory and it asks you for a description, which is great.  Don’t be lazy and try to write something longer.

Get more website citations on this list by Moz.
Local SEO should be something that every Small Business owner can do but if you want it included in your website package, let us know.

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