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We are a Los Angeles SEO Agency focused on increasing your Website’s Search Engine Ranking and Conversion Rates.

Did you know that “los angeles” gets an average of 1,830,000 searches per month on Google?   What would it mean for your business to be on the first page of  Los Angeles search results?  Well, for one thing, it would mean an increase in online traffic.  What happens to that traffic is determined by your website’s pages ability to convert them into Clients. Thats why it’s imperative to have optimized landing pages that convert Users into Clients.  Thats what we do and this is our focus… here are the foundations of an SEO Campaign

  1. We understand User-Intent and build content around their needs and expectations.
  2. We manage your links, because links are what Search Engines use to determine your website’s importance.
  3. We also integrate Technical SEO into your website. Technical SEO is what helps Search Engines easily crawl and index your website.

Aside from the three foundations, there are, however, over 200 signals that Search Engines look for when ranking a website.

Aside from Organic SEO, we also provide PPC Campaigns and other Online Marketing Services such as Remarketing and Social Media Campaigns.

Restaurant Keywords for Los Angeles SEO Clients

If your business is a restaurant located in Los Angeles, below are your top keywords.

Here are your keywords if your belong to the Restaurant industry in Los Angeles

  • best restaurants in los angeles / 33,100 ave monthly searches
  • los angeles restaurants / 22,200
  • downtown la restaurants / 22,200
  • la restaurants / 14,800
  • best restaurants in la / 14,800
  • west hollywood restaurants / 14,800
  • westwood restaurants / 12,100
  • avra beverly hills / 9,900
  • la live restaurants / 9,900
  • best restaurants in downtown los angeles / 9,900
  • margot culver city / 8,100
  • spago beverly hills / 8,100

Tourism Keywords for Los Angeles SEO Clients

If your business is in Tourism, here are a list of keywords for attractions, activities and things to do. Having your activity show up for these keywords would mean an increase in online and offline traffic.

  • things to do in la / 135,000 ave monthly searches
  • things to do in los angeles / 90,500
  • los angeles beach / 22,200
  • natural history museum los angeles / 18,100
  • things to do in la this weekend / 18,100
  • things to do in la today / 18,100
  • fun things to do in la / 14,800
  • los angeles attractions / 12,100
  • places to visit in los angeles / 12,100
  • things to do in downtown la / 9,900
  • la zoo tickets / 9,900
  • things to do in la this weekend / 8,100
  • best things to do in la / 8,100
  • venice beach los angeles / 8,100
  • things to do in los angeles with kids / 6,600

Removed from this keyword list are keywords for Universal Studios and Disneyland, which predominantly make up the list. If you are neither of these companies then this keyword list is for you!

Accommodation Keywords for Los Angeles SEO Clients

If you are in the accommodation industry in Los Angeles, here are your keywords.

  • hotels in los angeles / 135,000 ave monthly searches
  • beverly hills hotel / 90,500
  • hotels in la / 49,500
  • hotel bel air / 33,100
  • downtown la hotels / 33,100
  • lax hotels / 27,100
  • hotels near lax / 22,200
  • intercontinental los angeles downtown / 18,100
  • west hollywood hotels / 18,100
  • the beverly hills hotel / 18,100
  • venice beach hotels / 14,800
  • waldorf astoria beverly hills / 14,800
  • freehand los angeles / 14,800
  • cheap hotels in los angeles / 14,800
  • hilton los angeles airport / 12,100

These keywords are from Google’s Keyword planner. If you don’t see your keywords below and would like to request for them, please get in touch. Its completely free. We also provide the first initial SEO Consultation at no cost.