SEO Campaign

A Search Engine Optimization Campaign is a process of increasing your search engine rankings, naturally and organically, within a set period of time. The minimum of which is 12 months and renewable yearly.

SEO Campaigns FAQs

Why is an SEO Campaign a year long?

There are so many SEO Companies who provide SEO Campaigns and for us, personally, it takes us a minimum of 12 months to properly and extensively execute an SEO Campaign because there are so many aspects and metrics involved, its impossible to do it for less than 12 months.  I mean, it’s possible, but rankings and keywords won’t last as long or be as effective.  Also, Google updates the search engine algorithms frequently.  In 2020 alone, Google updated the algorithm 4,500 times (or 12 times /day).  In the same year, Google ran 600,000 experiments. 

What do I have to do during an SEO Campaign?

If you are a business owner, we will periodically send emails and ranking reports.  Sometimes, we will ask you to sign up for your Industry organization, etc.  You will also be asked to provide us content if you haven’t already.  We will also be asking you to make decisions based on current results of your SEO Campaign.  Whatever it is, we will guide you in the process.  We also our best not to take up too much of your time so that you can keep growing your business and client base.

How much does an SEO Campaign cost?

It depends on the Online Industry competition and Location.  So it varies.  Our overall campaign cost average range is  from $800 /month to $3,000 /month.   The $800 is a minor campaign that is design to ensure you don’t fall out of your current ranking.  The more hours we spend on your website, the higher the monthly cost, the higher your search engine ranking.

I’m ready to do an SEO Campaign on my website, how do we start?

We start your campaign by doing a Website Audit.  Its like a starting point for all SEO Campaigns. The Audit provides us your current search engine ranking, informs us of the strength of your competitors and what your transactional keywords are.  Interestingly enough we also discover what your most important pages are and what pages need work. Complete the form below and we will get back to you:

SEO Campaign Inquiry