Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the part of Optimization that helps Users understand your product, position and marketing efforts.  It’s an aspect of SEO that is vital to conversion rates and branding. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been around for awhile  — I am going to define content marketing as any activity that promotes and shares your website, business, service and product freely. Content Marketing is very different from Copywriting because Copywriting only deals with copy. Content Marketing encompasses copy and goes into video and graphics and anything that you can share online that enhances you/yours.
Social Media allowed for individuals and groups (ie Ad agencies) to get creative with Content and the more creative content becomes, the more shared and the more probability that it becomes Viral. Below are a few types of Content Marketing activities that a company can engage in…

Information research-image/ Educational / Research
The Internet is such a useful tool because it can answer any question you have in a few clicks. Its one thing to create content that answers a question but can you create content that Users love and want to share? That is your (our) challenge! The good news is that we live in the Information age and everyone including their mothers all want to know whats going on at any given time.


price guide comparison content marketingPrice Guide / Comparison
I usually use the Search Engines alot when I want to check out a price and love it when Im presented with a price guide. An example of this was when I sent a bill for a client for an SSL certificate. (She said to me “Why are you expensive? I can get one on Godaddy for 69 bucks! I sent her the GeoTrust Comparison guide and told her that the Godaddy was not a business certified SSL certificate. Question answered, problem solved!) If GeoTrust had not created the price comparison page then I would not have “shared” their page and I would’ve taken the time out to answer my clients question. The fact that Geotrust did that for me as a client makes me and my clients confident in them.


video-content-marketingVideo (instructional, interviews)
Having a video that explains what you do or presents your product/service in an interesting manner is probably my favorite content. Probably everyone’s favorite content as well since Youtube is now the 2nd largest Search Engine in the world.

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