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WOWebsites is an SEO Company.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of enabling your website to be prioritized by the Search Engines so that it becomes highly visible for keyword searches in your industry, sector and location. As an SEO Company, we are focused on User Experience and centered on User queries. We are a Digital Marketing Firm and have been in business for over a decade.  Our core service is building Optimized websites that are Search Engine Friendly (SEF) as well as User Friendly. Aside from high rankings, the objective for all our projects is to increase online revenues.  Below are the Services that enable your website to be Optimized. 

SEO Services 

Keyword Research for Industries located in California

The starting point of your SEO Campaign is keyword research. Here are the different types of keywords:

  • Major keywords — these are the searches that most Users search for at the top of the funnel. They get searched for, the most, but do not easily convert as this is where online research usually begins.
  • Long-tail keywords — this is where the funnel usually ends and is probably more important than major keywords. Although bear in mind that if the User sees your brand all throughout the funnel, you can be sure that by the time they get down to decision making, they would have already trusted your brand.
  • Minor keywords — searches that are still important but if you don’t have time and have budget limitations, you can neglect. At the same time, if you don’t have a budget at all, you should target minor keywords or, as I like to call them, “low hanging fruit” keywords
  • Geographical keywords — queries that have a location within the keyword phrase. This is important for destinations / tourism-based businesses. You definitely want to target this group and throw your money here.
  • Permutations or LSI keywords — these are keywords that are semantically similar to your keyword, you want to target them as well.
  • User-Intent keywords — this is when you have to understand which part of the journey they are on, ie. research, comparison buying or transactional.

When we perform your keyword research, we will have a better understanding of your Industry and Online Competitors.  Having a comprehensive keyword list will enable a broader online presence. 

Technical SEO Inclusions

We are the only Company that integrates Technical SEO at the basic level. Our philosophy is simple: There is no point in building a website that cannot be found or indexed properly by Search Engines and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to build only Search Engine Friendly websites. Even our basic package has Technical SEO Integration and you can take that to the bank! Below are elements of the Technical SEO Inclusions.

  • Site Architecture
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Duplicate Content
  • Thin Content
  • Common Content
  • Semantic Structuring
  • Canonical and Pagination
  • Content Management
  • XML Sitemap
  • Crawl Budget
  • 301 Redirect and 404 Errors
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Mobile Speed
  • Page Speed
  • SSL and HTTPS

Link Management and Authority Building 

We coined the term, ‘Link Management’ but in the SEO Industry, its commonly known as “Link building” — in our case, based on experience, sometimes its simply a matter of managing the current links that the website already has and optimizing each link so that they all help achieve increased ranking. Here are the things that we do to manage your links…

  • Siloing — this is a technique that I learned from the great SEO Guru, Bruce Clay. It’s an old technique that still works today.
  • Enabling Internal Links — ensuring all Important pages have a lot of internal links pointing to them
  • Footer Links — inserting a section on the footer to make sure all important pages have links
  • Section Links — inserting sections with relevant links pointing to each other
  • Competitive Link Research — we find out what links your competitors have and ensure that have them too
  • Authority Building — discovering links that will increase the value of the page

If you are interested in what we can do for your business, initial SEO consults are free. We also provide the following Marketing Services:  PPC or Pay Per Click Campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns Social Media Marketing. 

Top Keywords for California 

The first step in an SEO Campaign is knowing your keywords. Below are the top keywords for California in 2019. This keyword list is curated from Keyword Magic Tool. For a more comprehensive and updated list for your business and industry, please get in touch.  

  • california fires / 1,000,000 ave monthly searches
  • california / 823,000
  • california earthquakes / 823,000
  • california lottery / 450,000
  • time in california / 450,000
  • what time is it in california / 301,000
  • california dmv / 246,000
  • califronia minimum wage / 246,000
  • california pizza kitchen / 246,000
  • california wildfires / 246,000

Branded keywords are included in these top searches.

Keywords for the Accommodations Industry

Below are the top keywords for the Accommodations industry. This includes Hotels, Motels, BnBs and Condo rentals. It also includes all the major cities in California

  • hotels in los angeles / 201,000
  • santa barbara hotels / 110,000
  • santa monica hotels / 90,500
  • palm sprints hotels / 90,5000
  • anaheim hotels / 60,500
  • san jose hotels, 60,500
  • monterey hotels / 60,500
  • catalina island hotels / 60,5000
  • santa cruz hotels / 60,500
  • long beach hotels / 49,000

It makes sense that the cities within California receive the most searches in the accommodation industry.

Keywords for the Restaurant Industry

  • sushi california / 33,100 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in los angeles / 27,100
  • palo alto restaurants / 18,100
  • monterey restaurants / 14,800
  • carlsbad restaurants / 12,100
  • california grill / 12,100
  • walnut creek restaurants / 12,100
  • burbank restaurants 9,900
  • irvine restaurants / 9,900
  • restaurants in fresno

If you own a restaurant in California, and would like to increase your foot traffic. Request for an SEO Audit and your keywords. Both are provided for free.

Keywords for Tourism

Below are the top keywords for California that are Tourism related such as things to do, activities, places to visit, etc. If you would like us to provide your keywords, please get in touch. We provide them at no cost.

  • things to do in los angeles / 90,500
  • things to do in california / 33,100
  • things to do in palm springs / 33,100
  • things to do in sacramento / 27,100
  • san diego attractions / 18,100
  • things to do in orange county / 14,800
  • los angeles attractions / 14,800
  • things to do in santa monica / 12,100
  • things to do in monterey / 12,100
  • fun things to do in san diego / 9,900

Los Angeles SEO

WOWebsites provides Los Angeles SEO Services for Businesses who want to achieve top ranking. Did you know that the keyword, “los angeles” receives 1,830,000 searches per month? It’s one of the highest searches for cities in the United States. Now imagine being on the first page of that search result. My first suggestion would be to ensure your server can handle that kind of bandwidth! Second suggestion would be to ensure that you check our your User-Intent and Bounce rates. Below are the other keywords for Los Angeles

  • los angeles / 1,830,000 ave searches per month
  • venice beach / 201,000
  • things to do in la / 110,000
  • silver lake / 90,500
  • los angeles california / 74,000
  • downtown la / 60,500
  • northridge / 40,500
  • san fernando valley / 40,500
  • van nuys / 33,100
  • koreatown / 33,100

For Los Angeles Businesses who want to know keywords for your specific industry, please request for them. It’s free.

San Jose SEO 

WOWebsites provides San Jose SEO Services to businesses and organizations who want to be number one. The top keyword for San Jose is, “san jose” and receives 368,000 monthly searches on Google. Below are the other keywords for San Jose

  • san jose / 368,000 ave searches per month
  • san jose california / 110,000
  • city of san jose / 14,800
  • downtown san jose / 12,100
  • willow glen / 6,600
  • san jose center for the performing arts / 5,400
  • alum rock partk / 5,400
  • rose garden san jose / 5,400
  • house for sale in san jose / 3,600
  • san jose museurms / 3,600

San Francisco SEO 

WOWebsites services San Francisco SEO Clients who are looking for an SEO Agency to assist with their Online growth. The keyword, “san francisco” receives 1,500,000 searches per month! Below are the other keywords for San Francisco

  • san francisco / 1,500,000 ave monthly searches
  • things to do in san francisco / 165,000
  • fisherman’s wharf / 74,000
  • golden gate park / 60,500
  • union square san francisco / 49,500
  • chinatown san francisco / 49,500
  • haight ashbury / 33,100
  • twin peaks san francisco / 33,100
  • san francisco california / 33,100
  • san francisco bridge / 33,100  

If you would like keywords for your business and industry, please get in touch. We provide it at no cost.  We also provide a free initial SEO Consultation with our Inhouse SEO Expert.