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Techical SEO

We are the only Web Company that integrates Technical SEO into all our Website Projects

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Local SEO

Aside from High Organic Rankings on the SERPS, we also provide Local SEO Services in Buffalo NY


Site Audits

We provide Website Audits that will provide invaluable insights as well as a roadmap for your SEO Campaign

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Link Building

We provide Internal and External Link Management services for competitive industries in Buffalo NY

Buffalo SEO

We provide SEO Services to Businesses located in Buffalo, New York.  We have been in SEO for over a decade and in that decade we have come to realize that the best strategy for Search Engine Optimization is a holistic one.   One that includes all facets of your Online activity such as brand consistency and frequency.  Thats definitely one of things we will be discussing with you.

As an SEO Company we provide the following services:

Technical SEO Integration

We integrate Advanced Technical SEO into all our Web Projects. These elements are what enable your website to be Search Engine Friendly. Technical SEO ensures that your website can be crawled, indexed and categorized properly by the Search Engines.

Link Building and Management

We will help shape your backlink and internal linking profile so that search engines can see that you are an Industry leader. Link audits are to be provided regularly and we will advise the best way to move forward in acquiring relevant and trusted links.

Content Strategy

In SEO, “Content is King” but not just any content. Each and every page of your website must have content that is worthy of a first page ranking. What that means is that your content must be informative, easy and fun to read because thats what will make Users stay on your page.  

Bounce-Rate Management

One of the aspects of SEO that we obsess about is Bounce rates. A bounce rate is the rate at which a User enters and site and exits from the same page without making an action. High bounce rates are bad for SEO because it shows that the User is not satisfied with the page. When we do bounce-rate management we ensure that atleast 65% of Users will Click-through.

Website Architecture

One of the signs of the professional website is the way the site architecture is designed. Non-SEO professionals will always design Menu’ based on Industry standards but SEOs will design Menus using a User’s perspective. Finding the balance between is what we do.

Keyword Research for Buffalo SEO Clients

The foundation of any good SEO Campaign is Keywords.  You have to know what keywords your Users are searching for to find your business or service.  Once you know the keywords, you can easily build a Campaign that will target the keywords and permutations thereof.   Some keyword research samples for Buffalo’s Top Industries below:

Top Keywords for Buffalo SEO in the Restaurant Industry

Below are the top keyword searches for the Restaurant Industry in Buffalo, New York

  • restaurants buffalo ny / 8,100 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in buffalo / 5,400
  • restaurants downtown buffalo / 5,400
  • best restaurants buffalo ny / 2,400
  • anchor bar buffalo ny / 1,600
  • dinosaur bbq buffalo / 1,300
  • italian restaurants buffalo ny / 1,300
  • chick fil a buffalo ny / 1,300
  • restaurants near buffalo airport / 1,000
  • buffalo roadhouse / 1,000
  • italian restaurants in buffalo / 1,000
  • restaurants downtown buffalo ny / 880

Top Keywords for Buffalo SEO in the Accommodations Industry

  • hotels in buffalo ny / 27,100 ave monthly searches
  • buffalo hotels / 18,100
  • embassy suites buffalo / 4,400
  • buffalo airport hotels / 4,400
  • hotels downtown buffalo / 4,400
  • hotels near buffalo airport / 3,600
  • hotel henry buffalo / 3,600
  • hotels near buffalo ny / 2,900
  • hampton inn buffalo ny / 2,400
  • cheap hotels in buffalo ny / 2,400
  • buffalo marriott niagara / 2,400
  • marriott buffalo / 2,400
  • hotel lafayette buffalo / 1,900

Top Keywords for Buffalow SEO in the Tourism Industry

  • things to do in buffalo ny / 14,800
  • things to do in buffalo / 5,400
  • things to do in buffalo ny today / 1,900
  • things to do in buffalo this weekend / 1,600
  • fun things to do in buffalo ny / 1,300
  • buffalo events this weekend / 1,000
  • things to do in buffalo ny this weekend / 1,000
  • buffalo things to do / 880
  • buffalo attractions / 880
  • buffalo ny attractions / 880
  • things  to do in buffalo today / 720
  • things to do with kids in buffalo / 720
  • buffalo ny things to do / 590

Technical SEO Integration for Buffalo SEO Clients

We have been integrating Technical SEO into our Website projects for over a decade and thats why its been easy for us to provide a Money-back guarantee.  Technical SEO is the foundation of any good SEO Campaign.  So what is Technical SEO?  

  •  Page Speed — we make sure that your website loads fast.   40% of Users click off within 3 seconds of the site not loading. 
  • Mobile Friendly — half your traffic is from mobile sites, we make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Correct Robots.txt 
  • Correct URL Structures 
  • Site Architecture — we make sure your website is easily to crawl both by Search bots and Humans 
  • Follow all Search Engine Requirements — we ensure that we follow all the requirements required by Google / Bing 
  • We fix duplicate content / common content and thin content issues 
  • We enable structured data / Markup / Schema 

At the end of the day, all the technical SEO considerations will improve the visibility of your website.  If you would like more information about our SEO Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.