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Aside from High Organic Rankings on the SERPS, we also provide Local SEO Services in Brooklyn NY


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We provide Website Audits that will provide invaluable insights as well as a roadmap for your SEO Campaign

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We provide Internal and External Link Management services for competitive industries in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn SEO

We provide SEO Services to Businesses located in Brooklyn, NY.  As one of the most populous boroughs of New York,  the Online Competition is fierce. If you would like to dominate the Online Market, we can help.  

Below are the following Search Engine Optimization Services that we provide:

Brooklyn SEO Services 

Here are the SEO Services we provide for Brooklyn SEO Clients. Please note that all this is included in an SEO Campaign.  

Keyword Research

We have to know what keywords we are targeting and how competitive it is

Site Audit

It’s important to understand the current website, its industry and competitors.  The site audit is also a blueprint of the entire SEO Campaign

Site Navigation

The website navigation is very important both for Users and Search Engines. It needs to be User-Friendly and Search-Engine-Friendly

Page Speed

We minify all our backend codes and the results are an extremely fast website. Speed is also part of the Search Engine Algorithm.

Technical SEO

We make sure that we integrate all the Search Engine requirements such as the ability to be indexed, crawled and categorized correctly.

Link Management

We analyze your links to make sure that they are all working to benefit your ranking. We disavow links that are not relevant and beneficial.

Keyword Research for SEO Clients in Brooklyn NY

One of the foundations of a comprehensive SEO Campaign starts with your keywords. Knowing your keywords, understanding why Users search for these keywords as well as how they use them to buy either your product or service is what will help you win this online battle.  We will do your keyword research and ensure that you have an overall picture of your online marketplace.   Some examples of keyword searches below.

Keywords for Brooklyn SEO Clients in the Accommodations Industry 

Below are the top keywords for the Accommodations industry in Brooklyn, NY.  These keywords are from Google’s Keyword Planner and are a monthly average.

  • hotels in williamsburg brooklyn / 9,900 ave monthly searches
  • cheap hotels in booklyn ny / 3,600
  • airbnb brooklyn ny / 2,900
  • hotels in brooklyn nyc / 2,400
  • boutique hotels brooklyn / 1,300
  • cheap motels in brooklyn / 1,300
  • hotels in bay ridge / 590
  • airbnb nyc brooklyn / 480
  • airbnb williamsburg brooklyn / 480
  • hostel brooklyn nyc / 480
  • best places to stay in brooklyn / 390
  • luxury hotels in brooklyn / 320

If you belong to this Hotel and Accommodations industry in Brooklyn, NY and would like to increase your Search Engine Results. We would be happy to help!

Keywords for Brooklyn SEO Clients in the Restaurant Industry  

Below are the top keywords for the Restaurants industry in Brooklyn, NY.

  • brooklyn restaurants / 27,100 ave monthly searches
  • best pizza in brooklyn / 18,100
  • park slope restaurants / 8,100
  • best brunch in brooklyn / 8,100
  • greenpoint restaurants / 8,100
  • brooklyn heights restaurants / 4,400
  • fort green restaurants / 4,400
  • bay ridge restaurants / 4,400
  • restaurants in willamsburg brooklyn / 4,400
  • bushwick restaurants / 4,400
  • restaurants downtown brooklyn / 3,600
  • best restaurants in park slope / 2,900
  • restaurants in brooklyn ny / 2,900

If you are a restaurant in Brooklyn and you need more customers, we would be happy to get you to the first page of any of these search results.

Keywords for Brooklyn SEO Clients in the Job Industry 

Below are the top keywords for the Jobs Industry in Brooklyn, NY

  • jobs in brooklyn / 3,600 ave monthly searches
  • jobs in brooklyn ny / 1,900
  • jobs hiring in brooklyn / 1,600
  • part time jobs in brooklyn / 1,300
  • brooklyn job corp / 720
  • brooklyn public library jobs / 720
  • jobs in brooklyn hiring immediately / 480
  • brooklyn nets jobs / 480
  • indeed brooklyn / 480
  • brooklyn hospital jobs / 480
  • jobs hiring in brooklyn ny / 390

If you are a jobs, recruitment and employment agency and would like to be the most visible recruiter in all of Brooklyn, we would be happy to help!

Keywords for Brooklyn SEO Clients in the Tourism Industry 

Below are the top keywords for the tourism industry in Brooklyn, NY.

  • brooklyn children’s museum / 22,200
  • things to do in brooklyn / 18,100
  • coney island aquarium / 14,800
  • coney island beach / 12,100
  • coney island rides / 3,600
  • things to do in brooklyn today / 2,900
  • things to do in brooklyn ny / 2,400
  • things to do in williamsburg brooklyn / 2,400
  • brooklyn attractions / 1,600
  • best things to do in brooklyn / 1,600
  • fun things to do in brooklyn / 1,600
  • things to do in brooklyn this weekend / 1,600
  • brooklyn things to do / 1,600

If you don’t see your industry but would like to get  sample of your keywords, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We would be happy to provide them at no cost.

Details of Technical SEO Integration for Brooklyn SEO Clients

Aside from a comprehensive keyword analysis, we will also be providing Technical SEO integrations to the Clients website and this include the following:

  • Ensure your website is indexable by Search Engine Crawlers
  • Check Robots.txt
  • Follow strict guidelines in writing URLS
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Search Console
  • Secure URLs
  • Semantically Structure your Website Code
  • Check duplicate pages
  • Remove low value pages
  • Insert Canonical Tags
  • Mobile Website
  • Manual Site Audit

Page Speed for SEO Clients in Brooklyn NY

One of the most important metrics in SEO is Website Page Speed.  Page Speed can be measured using the following SEO Tools:

The tools will also provide a guideline of what to fix to increase your page speed, these include:

  • Minifying javascript
  • Minifying CSS
  • Increasing Server load time
  • Using an efficient cache policy
  • Avoiding multiple redirects

…and more!  Page Speed helps determine bounce rate so its very important that we pay attention to how fast your website loads.  If its slow, Users will click off and your bounce rate increases.  It is our job as your SEO Consultant to decrease your bounce rates and increase your CTR or Click-Through-Rates.

Link Management for SEO Clients in Brooklyn NY

A big part of SEO is backlinks and we provide link management services for SEO Campaigns for our clients.  Link Management includes the following:

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Backlink Research
  • Link Building

Links are what fuel the Search Engines so the more relevant and trusted links pointing to your website, the higher your rank for target keywords will be.  Part of our job will be to manage the links pointing to your website, removing ones that are harmful and acquiring links that are beneficial.

If you have any questions about our SEO Services, please get in touch.  We are always happy to help!