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Fairfax Web Design

We are a Web Design Company located in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia and we have been serving the Small Business Community for over 10 years. We build websites that are Search-Engine Friendly and User-Friendly enabling your business to increase online traffic and revenues. We also have the most competitive web design packages available on the market today.

Fairfax Web Design for Real Estate

If you are a Real Estate Broker or Agent and you need Web Design services please check us out. We have websites for every budget and requirement. Our bonus is this: We build websites according to Search Engine Requirements and User Expectation. That means that it has the ability to increase your online visibility and revenue. Websites that are not built according to these requirements often lose out. For example if you are an Agent in the Fairfax, VA your website should show up for the following keywords on Google:

  • fairfax real estate / 390 monthly searches
  • homes for sale in fairfax va / 880
  • fairfax a homes for sale / 320
  • houses for sale in fairfax va / 720
  • homes for sale fairfax va / 480
  • fairfax homes for sale / 320
  • fairfax va real estate / 260
  • townhouse for sale in fairfax va / 210
  • real estate fairfax va / 110
  • fairfax houses for sale / 210
  • fairfax homes / 140
  • fairfax county real estate / 880

Whats interesting to note is that the keyword, “fairfax county real estate” has 880 searches per month but has low competition on Adwords or PPC at only $1.09 per click, which is very reasonable since these are direct customers looking for your service. If we were doing your website for you, we would definitely recommend vying for this keyword via PPC as well.

Fairfax Web Design for Law Firms

If you are a law firm located in Fairfax, VA you want your website to show up for the following keywords:

  • lawyer fairfax ca / 110 monthly searches
  • fairfax criminal lawyer / 390
  • criminal defense lawyer fairfax va / 140
  • criminal attorney fairfax va / 170
  • fairfax lawyers / 170
  • criminal lawyer fairfax va / 170
  • fairfax va lawyer / 70
  • divorce lawyer fairfax va / 90
  • family law attorney fairfax va / 110
  • personal injury lawyer fairfax va / 110
  • lawyers in fairfax va / 90

There are quite a few keywords with low online competition so I would definitely target those keywords for your website initially and see how it goes from there. If you want immediate traffic and can’t wait for regular optimization to kick-in, we can always recommend a PPC Campaign on Adwords. For your Adwords Campaign to be successful, you will need a website that exudes trust from people viewing your site. In the 10+years of building websites, building trust is what we do best.

Fairfax Web design for Hotels

If you belong to the accommodation industry in Fairfax, your website should be visible for the following keywords

  • fairfax hotel / 1,600 monthly searches
  • hotels in fairfax va / 2,400
  • fairfax va hotels / 1,300
  • hotels fairfax va / 1,600
  • hotels near fairfax va / 880
  • fairfax virginia hotels / 320
  • hotels in fairfax virginia / 210
  • hotels in fairfax / 320
  • hotels fairfax / 320
  • hotel in fairfax / 70
  • hotels fairfax virginia / 90

There are quite a few keywords that have low competition so we would definitely target those keywords when doing your web design, in SEO thats what we call “low hanging fruit.” When you order an Optimized Package you can sit back, relax and let your website find your customers for you. When your website is built to standard, the results are quick.

Fairfax Web design for Gym Owners

If you are a gym owner in Fairfax, VA, your website should be on the first page of the following keyword searches:

  • fairfax gym / 320 monthly searches
  • gyms in fairfax va / 390
  • gold’s gym fairfax station / 720
  • gym fairfax va / 260
  • gold’s gym fairfax / 320
  • gyms in fairfax / 140
  • lifetime fitness fairfax / 1,000
  • gyms near fairfax va / 90
  • fairfax va gyms / 90
  • fitness fairfax va / 30
  • fairfax fitness center / 30
  • gym fairfax / 140

Even if some of these searches are branded, you should still target trying to be on the first page of those keyword searches the people searching for these brands are searching for your business.

Web Design Fairfax, VA

We build websites for Businesses located in Fairfax County, VA. Our priority is ensuring that your website shows up for relevant searches in your industry allowing your website to increase your revenues. If you have any questions or simply need to know what your keywords are for your industry in Fairfax, please send us an email via the contact form. We are always happy to help! We also provide free consults for the first 30 minutes so please feel free to each out to us. 

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