Full Stack Developers

Aside from being Full Stack Developers we are also the only Web Company that integrates Technical SEO into all our Web projects.

Full Stack Developers

We are Full Stack Web Developers and have been working with Clients since 2008. Being a Full Stack Developer simply means that we are able to do Front-end Web Design all the way to Back-end Web Development.  Our Dev Stack Comprises of the following frameworks, platforms and technologies:

Front-End Frameworks

We are Open Source Developers, as such we utilize platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  We are experts in HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Javascript. We mainly use Bootstrap, jQuery and PHP.

To facilitate speed and accuracy, we utilize templates and customize each project according to the Client’s requirements.  We have strict delivery timeframes and meet our deadlines 90% of the time.

User Experience

Part of our Front-end Development is understanding and optimizing User Experience. During the course of development our Front-end Devs will be able to assist designers  to meet the objective of ensuring User Satisfaction.

The biggest advantage of using us as your developers is that we are your one-stop shop for your web development project.

Back-End Development

Back-end development or Server-side development is being able to write the code needed to manage databases, scripting and overall architecture of the website.  If the front-end deals with the design’s colors, font style, etc. — the back-end deals with how the content is fetched from a database and rendered on a browser via the server. We are experts in Java as the dev language; MySQL as the database and Apache for Server Management.  We are also proficient in APIs such as REST & SOAP.

Optimized Websites 

Aside from being Full-Stack Devs, we are are also the only Web Company that integrates Technical SEO in all our Website packages, starting with our Basic Website Package.  Essentially that means that as soon as we launch your website, Search Engines will be able to crawl, index, render and rank your website.  Some industries are more competitive than others but if you are a local business, this package will increase your online leverage very quickly, without breaking bank.