Best Practice in SEO

We believe in transparency and integrity.  In all the years that we have been in business, our staying power has been to ensure that we were honest with our clients.  Our clients have been with us for over a decade.  That’s because we only practice Ethical SEO. 

Top 10 in all Caribbean SEO and Web Design Keywords

Our Google Ranking for Caribbean Web Design is as follows

Our online rankings speaks volumes about our dedication to our craft. Website + Technical (and Ethical!) SEO = Visible Websites

When we started our business in the Caribbean, over 10 years ago, there were no other SEO Companies on the island. A year after we opened shop, other businesses also started providing SEO services. What was interesting about one business in particular is that they started using Black-hat SEO practices to increase their online ranking. Essentially they were using their client’s website to increase their website rank. We saw pages within clients website all clicking to their website promoting their keywords. It was mind-blowing to say the least. It was also unethical. That Company was blatantly inserting over 3 links going to different websites they owned and even had one internal page from the client’s website! None of their clients knew what they were doing and that such actions affected their website in a negative way.

Ethical SEO Experts

Over 10 years ago, Google’s ranking algorithm was primarily links pointing to your website. Even if we knew that having footer links pointing to our website was advantageous, we always inserted a “robots=nofollow” in all our footer links because that was the right thing to do. We didn’t want our clients potentially losing out on high ranking because of our footer link so we made sure that all our links from our client’s website had the nofollow attribute. Fast forward to today, after the Penguin and Panda Update, after RankBrain’s AI we are now no. 1 for our keyword! And not only that, we are the most visible SEO and Web Design Company in the Caribbean ranking in the top 10 for every Caribbean Island.