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There is absolutely no point in building a website without Technical SEO and that’s why we ONLY build websites with Technical SEO. Expect to receive quality inquiries and achieve high Search Engine Rank

Web Design Services

Order a web package or Order per service, you have complete control

WOWebsites only builds Websites that have Technical SEO Integration, otherwise there is no point. You wont achieve high search rankings. You wont get any visibility, you won’t get any quality inquiries. With that in mind, please note that we are very conscious of our Clients budget limitations so we have create this pay per service kiosk. If you want your web design done by someone else and simply want us to include Technical SEO or if you simply want to migrate your domain. Below are our services. Please note that not all our services are featured below. Click to purchase Service instantly and expect turn around to be 24 hours except on Weekends / Holidays. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email us directly at [email protected]

Cost $2,500

The most comprehensive Web + Technical SEO Package ideal for Small Businesses.Up to 35 pages of content transfer. 3 Optimized Landing pages. Once we launch your website, it will rank higher than your previous site. That’s a promise. Please email us to see if you qualify for this package.

Cost $99

Keyword Tools include Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMRush’s Magic Keyword Tool and Moz Keyword Explorer.This should provide a comprehensive Keyword analysis for your Business and Industry.  Keyword is also included in an SEO Campaign.

CMS Integration

Cost $1000

When you have a design and simply want us to integrate a CMS (Open Source Only) to your website.We can definitely help. We will integrate the latest CMS release as well as find optimized plugins. We will also debug the entire system so you receive a functional website.  (Technical SEO not included in CMS Integration)

Cost $2,000

This includes all the Technical SEO Considerations. Includes, SEF-URLs, XML sitemap, H1 to H6, meta data on all parent pages, robots.txt, semantic structuring, duplicate content check, linking structure, 301 Redirects, 404 error pages, canonicalization, image optimization, caching, breadcrumbs, mark-up, ssl and https, pagination and desktop speed includes css/html minification 

Custom Web Design

Cost $500/page

If you would like us to customize your web design from scratch the cost is $500 per page.  For a CMS website, you only need about 4 to 5 unique pages and the rest are internal pages that can be duplicated.  Please note illustrations are not included in this quote.  For more information, please email

Website Migration

Cost $350 / less than 50 pages 

When you are migrating a dev site to a live site.  When you need to map each and every URL to ensure that all URLs are in order.  We also provide QA to ensure all URLs and links are working properly. If your website has more than 50 pages please request for a custom quote.

SEO Rescue

Downpayment $1,000

If your website has suddenly lost ranking and you want to know what happened, this service is for you. The $1,000 is a downpayment and includes 8 hours of our time sleuthing through your website and figuring out the issues and providing recommendations. If we need more than 8 hours, you will hear from us

Domain Transfer

Cost $250 / less than 50 URLS

If your website is changing domains and would like the assistance of an SEO Expert to ensure that none of your URLs lose rank during the transfer.  Please note that we bill for all URLs that need 301 redirects. You will get the final bill once the domain transfer is final.  All steps will be approved by you before hand 

Graphic Illustration

Cost $250 / design

When you custom graphics design we can help.  Please make sure you submit your design pegs / creative brief prior to paying for the service so we can advise if we can do it in the timeframe required.  Normally takes 1 week for an illustration to be completed

Cost $350 / page

When you want your landing pages to be able to convert Users into clients you need to have an optimized landing page.  We will create your landing pages and enable it to have high conversions.  We will ensure it loads fast and is User-Friendly

Cost $1200 / website

The most comprehensive Web audit that provides details of every issue your website has plus recommendations of how to fix it from an SEO Expert.  This also acts as the blueprint of your SEO Campaign and if you decide to pursue a campaign, amount will be deducted from the total 

Cost $1200 / CMS Website

If your website doesn’t load in 3 seconds you lose a third of your Users. Imagine that.  And half your traffic comes from Mobile phones.  Speed is also one of the ranking factors that Search Engines take into consideration when prioritizing ranking.  This service is for both Mobile PageSpeed.

Web Design for Businesses 

Whenever we take on a web design project, we only have one objective in mind and that is to make money for you. We are happy to have been making money for our clients for over 10 years.  Now, our clients are some of the most successful Small Businesses in the Cayman Islands and we are proud to have served them by building websites that make money.

Here are some of the ways we make money for you…

Web Design with Strong Online Visibility

We create your Company website by ensuring that its visible on the Search Engines: Online Visibility is so important now more than ever because Users search for your product / service and decide based on their online experience if they are going to use your service. Essentially they already know before they walk into your physical store if they are buying your service. Most web companies build websites and leave it at that. We build websites that are visible on the Search Engines and we advise you on how to increase your Search Engine rank throughout the years. We help you make money by being visible wherever your Users are searching for you.

Web Design with Strong Online Branding

We ensure that your website looks Trustworthy: By ensure your web design looks and feels trustworthy, we are increasing the amount of Online Sales /Bookings / Reservations through your website. There are time tested techniques on how to ensure that Users trust your website.

Web Design and Fast Websites

Our web design procedures ensure that Users find what they are looking for, quickly. Aside from making fast websites and fast mobile-sites, we sure that Users find the product or service from the Search Engines within a click of the landing page. We have been building the fastest websites in the Caribbean for the past 5 years.

If you are just starting out, we have flexible payment plans that will suit any budget with a small down payment  — with our service though, you can be sure its going to be done professionally and in the right direction. We also have a money-back guarantee thats unheard of in our profession.  Thats how confident we are.  

Recent Web Design Projects

Living the Dream Divers

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Cayman Auto Rentals

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Our very small enterprise experienced significant growth when we decided to enlist the help of White Oak Websites in 2010. In addition to developing our ScootenScooters site, White Oaks Websites has helped us learn how to maintain the site and has linked us to social media. The team is creative and the turnaround time is impressively quick.

We have trusted Fevi and her team for over 5 years. With White Oak Websites partnership we have built and maintained our web site. They are the best in the business. 24 hour friendly support.

We are a small boutique hotel that achieved big league status with Fevi’s SEO skills and her team’s assistance in keeping our web site looking fresh, current and relevant. She provided answers and guided us to take advantage of the best options available.

I found the process of finding a good, affordable website developer daunting. I found WOW because I liked a diving operator website they had done. WOW created a great website for my combined medical practice and clinical research enterprise. I regularly receive complements from sophisticated pharmaceutical company officials. I update the site myself monthly with the tools provided by WOW – and for a couple of more complex modifications, they performed the work quickly at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended without any reservations.

We have come to rely on the WOW team for all of our internet related issues over the past 5 years, including using Web 2.0 tools and social media. We trust them implicitly for expert advice and guidance and the team is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to interact with. We highly recommend working with them.