Keyword Research

The first step in your SEO Audit and SEO Campaign is keyword research.  Keywords are vital in all Search Engine Marketing efforts because it serves as the starting point and provide goal posts during the course of an online campaign

Keyword Research

The beginning and the end of all successful PPC Campaigns is a comprehensive keyword research.  Keywords set up your entire blueprint for both SEO and PPC campaigns.  Keywords are also Pegs as to how successful your campaign is going because your ranking should be increasing rank every single day.

Keyword Research Tools

Below are Tools that are used for Keyword Research.  You could also do their trial periods to see if the tool is what works for you. When doing keyword research for a Campaign, these 3 tools are what I use so that the Campaign doesn’t miss any important keywords.   I also cross reference the amount of searches and double check monthly search averages.

  • SEMRUSH — Minimum cost is $99 per month.  This tool was reviewed by PC Mag and they mentioned that one of the issues was the lack of a keyword list management tool.   Another website that posted verified User reviews can be found in G2Crowd.  The general like the tool and had a lot of positive feedback.   Personally, what I like about SEMRUSH is its ability to track keywords with my site and my competitors website.  They also provide visuals so you can really see how well you are doing compared to your competitors.
  • Google Keyword Planner — This is a free tool provided by Google Adwords.  This keyword tool is made by Adwords so the accuracy is there compared to other keyword tools.   You will need an Adwords account in order to see the actual averages.   The learning curve here is low so anyone can understand how it works.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer —  This is a great tool for gauging how difficult the keyword will be for a Campaign. Whether for SEO or PPC, Moz Keyword Explorer is great for that kind of research.  I also like that this tool provides Page Authorities of the Competing sites so I know what Im up against.  The tool also provides keyword suggestions!   PCMag Pro’s review says that the con of this tool is the depth of it, meaning, there is just so much data that an SMB might have issues understanding and comprehending all the data provided.

Order your Keywords

If you don’t have time to do your own Keyword Research, please get in touch.  We provide the first 10 keywords to you at no cost.  Simply let us know the following:

    Keyword RequestUrgent Keyword Request

    And we will have your keywords for you in about a week.  If it’s rush, please select “Urgent Keyword Request” in the subject.