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Havanna, Cuba Web Design and SEO serving businesses in the Tourism industry, Real Estate and Accommodations. The keyword “cuba” receives 1,200,000 keyword searches a month making it one of the highest searches in the Caribbean. If you belong in the Tourism industry, you need a website that shows up for pertinent searches.
Below are other high volume keywords for Cuba:

  • varadero / 135,000 ave monthly shares
  • varadero cuba / 90,500
  • havana cuba / 74,000
  • havana / 165,000
  • holguin cuba / 18,100
  • santa clara cuba / 22,200
  • holguin / 18,100
  • cuba havana / 12,100
  • santiago de cuba / 33,100
  • cuba destination / 1,900
  • santiago cuba / 5,400

Cuba Web Design for Real Estate Companies

If you are a Real Estate Company in Cuba, here are the keywords that you should be visible for…

  • cuba real estate / 1,300 ave monthly searches
  • real estate in cuba / 480
  • houses for sale in cuba / 720
  • real estate cuba / 480
  • property for sale in cuba / 390
  • homes for sale in cuba / 390
  • buying property in cuba / 590
  • cuba houses for sale / 320
  • houses in cuba / 390

Essentially, there are over 50,000 keywords and keyword permutations for “Cuba Real Estate” so when you have a website, it has to be visible for all these keywords and permutations thereof otherwise you might be missing on online traffic. Aside from online visibility, its also important to have branding.

Cuba Web Design for Tourism-based Small Businesses

If your business in the tourism business, please make sure you take advantage of knowing your industry keywords and the current positions of your website. Below are sample keywords for tourism-based businesses

  • cuba vacations / 33,100 ave. monthly searches
  • travel to cuba / 33,100
  • all inclusive cuba / 22,200
  • cuba travel / 18,100
  • holidays to cuba / 14,800
  • trips to cuba / 12,100
  • things to do in cuba / 5,400
  • cuba trips / 5,400
  • cuba things to do / 1,000
  • cuba attractions / 880

If you belong to the tourism industry, it may very well be worth your time to invest in your Website so that it shows up for these searches at the very beginning of the search funnel. There are many more keywords for the tourism industry in Cuba, everyone of them are important for Small Businesses.

Cuba Web Design for Scuba Diving

If your business is scuba diving in Cuba, then here are the keywords that your website should show up for:

  • scuba diving in cuba / 720 ave. monthly searches
  • diving in cuba / 880
  • scuba diving cuba / 880
  • diving cuba / 880
  • cuba divin / 1,300
  • cuba scuba diving / 590
  • scuba in cuba / 110
  • scuba cuba / 260
  • best scuba diving in cuba / 110
  • scuba diving in cuba prices / 70

Definitely a competitive industry as most Adwords competition are high. There are of course ways to ensure that your website is the most visible and thats to build websites that incorporate technical SEO requirements as well having a user-friendly interface.
If you are interested in having us build your website, please contact us or start here.

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